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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
19780723415701A Colour Atlas Of Equine DermatologyR.R.Pascoe1989$ 65
29780723415596A Colour Atlas Of Small Animal EndoscopyM. Sullivan1991$ 65
39780684835310A Perfect The Interwining Lives Of Animals And Humans Throughout HistoryRoger A. Caras1996$ 12
49780643066588Acarology Proceedings Of The 10th International CongressM.J.Colloff2001$ 125
5387554890Advances In Comparative & Environmetal PhysiologyAcept1993EUR 45
6851996914Advances In Stored Product ProtectionCogan Highley2003$ 195
78171412181An Introduction To Animal BehaviorE.G.Boulenger2005IRs. 150
8063200892XAn Introduction To Marine EcologyR N Hughes1982$ 35
99780878930173Animal Behavior 5edJohn Alcock1993$ 40
109780072349030Animal Diversity 3edRobert Larson2002$ 25
11019550643XAustralian Animal Toxins 2edJames Tibballs2001P 85
129780643068650Australian Fish Farmer A Practical Guide To AquacultureRic Fallu2004$ 59
139780534420291Basic Concepts In Biology 6edCecie Starr2005$ 125
149780697242518Biology 3edRaven & Johnson1994$ 65
159780072982541Biology 6edRaven & Johnson2002$ 145
169780534392475Biology 7edSolomon Berg2004$ 77
179780534504441Biology A Human Emphasis 3edCecle Starr1996$ 45
189780133681505Biology Life On Earth 4edGerald Audesirk1995$ 80
198171417396Biology Of InsectsManju Yadav2003IRs. 195
20387519009Biology Of The Vespine WaspsSeiki Yamane1990EUR 65
219780495015994Biology Th Unity And Diversity Of Life 11edStarr Taggart2005$ 165
223540554890Comparative & Environmental PhysiologyBall2000$ 175
233540974881Comparative Analysis Of Ecosystems Patterns Mechanisms And TheoriesStuart Findlay1991EUR 120
24851992196Comparative Avian NutritionKirk C. Klasing1998$ 125
25817627855Comparative Molecular NeurobiologyY. Pichon1992EUR 65
26044451516XComprehensive Molecular Insect Science 7 Vol SetSarjeet S. Gill2005$ 45000
27085238226XControl Of Fish Quality 4edJ.J.Connell1995$ 49
289781920843182Coral Reefs Nature`S WondersJean Deas2005$ 35
29084934509XCrc Global Bioconversions Vol IiDonald L. Wise1987P 15
30849329795Crc Handbook Of Animal Models Of Pulmonary Disease Vol IiJerome O. Cantor1989P 45
31849336546Crc Handbook Of Natural Pesticides Vol Iii Insect Growth Regulators Part AN.Bhushan Mandava1988P 65
32849336627Crc Handbook Of Natural Pesticides Vol Vi Insect Attractants And RepellentsN. Bhushan Mandava1990P 85
331863201726Detection And Treatment Of Mineral Nutrition Problems In Grazing SheepC.L.White1996$ 25
349780195511628Ecology An Australian PerspectiveBarbara Wilson2004P 65
359781559633918Ecosystems And Human Well- Being Vol 2 ScenariosAssessment2005$ 65
363718652056Embryonal Stem Cells Introducing Planned Changes Into The Animal GermlineMartin L. Hooper1992$ 44
379780313299773Encyclopedia Of Animal Rights And Animal WelfareMarc Bekoff1998$ 65
388171417566Environmental BiologyMishra2004IRs. 625
399788170353690Essentials Of Plant Taxonomy & EcologyS.G.Abbas2005IRs. 1500
409780495125792Evolution Of Life Biology The Unity And Diversity Of Life 11edStarr Taggart2005$ 29
41851992609FasciolosisJ.P.Dalton1999$ 190
42817035210XFeeding Dairy Cows In The TropicsRene Sansoucy1998IRs. 495
439788183562713Fish EndocrinologyManju Yadav2008IRs. 825
441863202692Haemorrhagic SepticaemiaDe Alwis1999$ 35
45195530705Handbook Of Australian New Zealand & Antarctic Birds Vol 3F. Davies1996P 80
469780080422879Handbook Of Small Animal Dentistry 2edSusanna Pennman1994$ 35
479780876055663Holistic Care For BirdsLeis Higdon1998$ 24.95
483540975438Hores And Grasses The Nurritional Ecology Of Equids And The Inpact On The CamarguePatrick Duncan1992EUR 49
499780697136794Inquiry In To Life 7edSylvia S. Mader1994$ 75
509780073041506Inquiry Into Life 11edSylvia S. Mader2004$ 115
519780643069039Insects Of Stored ProductsDavid Rees2006$ 35
529780632038527Introduction To EcotoxicologyRichardson1999$ 45
539780471549134Introduction To Wildland Fire 2edRichard D. Laven1997$ 95
549780195049008Invertebrate Zoology 3edFrederick R. Schram1991P 45
559780195072068Juvenile Primates Life History Development And BehaviorLynn A. Fairbanks1993P 45
569780471399728Liaisons Of LifeTom Wakeford2001$ 32
579780072437188Life 5edHoefnagels Parker2003$ 65
589780643095014Life In The Cape York RainforestMichael Cermak2008$ 29
599780716733256Life The Science Of Biology 5edHeller Sadava1998$ 85
609780716732747Life The Science Of Biology Vol 1 The Cell And Heredity 5edHeller Sadava1998$ 35
613540978534Mammal Phylogeny PlacentalsMalcolm C. Mckenna1993EUR 65
629780070121973Marine Biology 3rd EdCastro Huber2000$ 121.46
639780072933567Marine Biology 5edMichael E. Huber2004$ 125
64081380289XMarket Demand For Dairy ProductsZuhair A. Hassan1992$ 45
65817650792Methods In Comparative PsychoacousticsW.C.Stebbins1995EUR 75
668170352231Modern Fishing Gear TechnologyBoopendranath2000IRs. 495
679788120327344Molecular And Cellular Physiology Of NeuronsGordon L. Fain2005IRs. 495
683540961607Neural Transplantation And RegenerationRobert B. Wallace1986EUR 45
69824780302Neuronal And Cellular OscillatorsJon W. Jacklet1988P 15
709780123504449Nitrogen ExcretionPaul Anderson2001$ 115
71387504168Ovarian Follicles In Reptiles And BirdsS.S Guraya1989EUR 45
729780195062892Oxford Surveys In Evolutionary Biology Vol 7Janis Antonovics1991P 49
739780195084924Oxford Surveys In Evolutionary Biology Vol 9Janis Antonovics1993P 15
74387184767ParameciumH.D.Gortz1988EUR 95
759780124939516PlateletsAklan D. Michelson2002$ 195
769781559635448Practical Approaches To The Conservation Of Biological DiversityHaufler1998$ 25
77851994385Principles Of Cattle ProductionC.J.C.Phillips2001$ 45
789780407011632Recent Advaces In Animal NutritionD J A Cole1987$ 49
799780408009713Recent Advances In Turkey ScienceTc Grey1989$ 85
803540977325Reproductiv Biology Of South American VertebratesWilliam C.Hamlett1992EUR 59
819788183562737Reptilian EndocrinologyManju Yadav2008IRs. 500
829780120883851Rinderpest And Peste Des Petits RuminatsWilliam P. Taylor2005$ 85
839780643092754Running A Small Flock Of Sheep 2edDavid G. Hinton2006$ 45
849780643091344Sankes Lizards And Frogs Of The Victorian MalleeSimon Watharow2005$ 19.95
85817623604Sensory Systems And Communication In ArthropodsA.V.Popov1996EUR 102
869780750635998Small Animal Paediatric Medicine And SurgeryJohnny D. Hoskins1998$ 65
873540975853Structure And Function Of Invertebrate Oxygen CarriersOscar H. Kapp1991EUR 65
88471148296Sustainable AquacultureJohn E. Bardach1997$ 95
899788176488204Teaching Of ZoologyY.K.Singh2008IRs. 175
908171419704Textbook Of Applied ZoologyPradip V. Jabde2005IRs. 950
913014175924The Arabian Sea Living Marine Resource And The EnvironmentNasima M. Tirmizi1995PKR 850
929780387988795The Behavioral Neuroscience Of The Septal RegionRobert Numan1999EUR 80
939780121055455The Biology Of Calanoid CopepodsJ Mauchline1998$ 35
94851993184The Biology Of Terrestrial MolluscsG.M.Barker2001$ 175
959789382423041The Dbs Handbook Of Animal BehaviourAnil Kumar Yadav2014IRs. 5995
969780632049172The Diversity Of Living OrganismsR.S.K. Barnes1998$ 69
979780716728153The Economy Of Nature 4edRobert E. Ricklef1996$ 69
98851994733The Encyclopedia Of Arthropod-Transmitted InfectionsM.W.Service2002$ 185
999780849325670The Laboratory CatBrent J. Martin1997P 15
1009780849325663The Laboratory Hamster & GerbilAmber L. Sibold1998P 15
1019780632030484The Making Of A Fly The Genetics Of Animal DesignPeter A. Lawrence1992$ 45
10246798160380The Manual Of Marine InvertebratesSue Wells1995$ 20
1039780070506336The Nature Of Life 2edJanet L. Hopson1992$ 95
1041955616The Veterinary Clinics Of North America Small Animal PracticeMichael Schaer1998$ 45
1059780521425988Tracking Dinosaurs A New Look At An Ancient WorldMartin Lockley1992P 15
106087605646XTropical Freshwater FishDavid Alderton1997$ 25
1079780412607509Urban EntomologyW.H. Robinson1996$ 45
1089780071188661Vertebrate BiologyDonald Linzey2001$ 65
1099780520035935Vertebrate EmbryologyRichard M. Eakin1978$ 15
1109780851998138Welfare Of The Laying HenG.C.Perry2004$ 195
1119780957747104Wild Places Of Greater MelbourneRobin Taylor1999$ 19
1129780865421448Wildlife Ecology And ManagementAnthony R.E.Sinclair1999$ 45
1139788176254809Wildlife In Central India Vol 3S.K.Tiwari2004IRs. 850
1149780643067073Zoological Catalogue Of Australia 17.2 Mollusca Aplacophora Polyplacophora Acaphopoda CephalopodaA.Wells2001$ 115
1159780643068759Zoological Catalogue Of Australia 27.3b HemipteraA. Wells2002$ 125
1169780643069015Zoological Catalogue Of Australia Crustacea Malacostraca 19.2aW.W.K.Houston2002$ 125
1179780643069022Zoological Catalogue Of Australia Crustacea Malacostraca Peracarida 19.2bP.L. Beesley2003$ 135
1189780643067004Zoological Catalogue Of Australia Volume 31.6: Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea, PapilionoideaA.Wells2001$ 115

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