Pak Asia Book Corporation is one of the largest book supplier, stockiest and importer in Pakistan. We serving the National Academic Libraries, Medical colleges journals, Public Libraries, Technical / Special Libraries by providing them latest and up to date reading materials covering all fields of subjects since many years. Our mission is to serve the nation by providing best quality books. We are a Books & Journals selling company having a huge stock of over Two million books & journals on all fields of subjects in our ready stock.

Sir, we also deal in all Research Journals and Periodicals. If you have any query regarding Journals/ Periodicals then don’t hesitate to contact us. We feel pride to serve you. We will be very thankful to you if you gave us an opportunity to serve you in this regard and call a quotation of BOOKS & JOURNALS from us.

Library rules regarding Purchase of international Journals, According to National library of Pakistan (WWW.NLP.GOV.PK) on serial #6 (Library Rules Copy Attached), Library rules says in Journals supply no need of 100% Advance payment mean not provide payment to Vendors one times. Booksellers in Pakistan claim 100% advance payment to Public Sector universities/Public sector Medical colleges/Hospitals/ all private sector institutions for supplying of international journals which is violations of library rules. National library of Pakistan which makes journals/Books purchase rules, it depend upon institutions how much they pay advance to booksellers/Vendors against international journals supply. Many institutions Pay100% Advance payments to booksellers it is therefore advised to institutions/Librarians not to pay 100% Advance to booksellers/Vendors until supply of international journals complete ,to avoid complications and difficulties at the end of year in case missing/complete issues of international journals. Some vendor’s utilized 100% Advance payment Whole years of institution Even they not place order of international journals at the end of years they try to refund institutions payments without penalty, this is real truth that I sharing information to institutions/Librarians, I advised all professionals Librarians only implement National library of Pakistan purchase rules during purchase of international Journals read carefully Library Purchase rule on serial #6.

National library of Pakistan rules says as the subscription of Journals/Periodicals/Society publications and CD-ROM databases are not one time payment, so the same may be paid in advance in case of extreme necessity, provided subscription agency is reputable and gives undertaking to refund the amount paid in case of failing to supply in to

Sir Pak Asia Book Corporation also offers a package for the purchase of Journals. Sir we demand 50% Advance payment for the supply of Journals / Periodical besides the 100% Advance payment as other vendor do in Market. The remaining 50% amount you will release at end of year when we will complete the supply.

Sir further more for the safety of Institute and Librarian staff we also provide a security check against the 50% paid amount. Sir we also supply Journals / Periodicals on controlled Prices/ Rates which you can compare with the rates of any other vendors. Hope you will give us a chance to participate in journals quotations and play a vital role to develop and strengthen your institute. Sir you may be orders the Books, Journals and Periodicals by E-mail or through officially supply orders by post. If you order the book which is not available in our ready stock we feel pride to solve your query within 8 days. We import books from all over the world. We feel pride to serve you in this regards.

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