Political Science Two

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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
19781591586999100 Most Popular Thriller and Suspense AuthorsDrew2009$65
2978027599416712 Going on 29 Surviving Your Daughter's Tween YearsClark2007$64
3978031336605513 Persistent Economic FallaciesMishan2009$38
497815735660872004 Guide to the Evalution of Educational Experiences in the Armed ServicesACE2004$66
597802759935808 Ways to Run the Country A New and Revealing Look at Left and RightMitchell2006$44
69780313321344A Broad and Ennobling Spirit Workers and Their Unions in Late Gilded Age New York and Brooklyn, 1886-1898Mendel2003$51
79780275984717A Clash of Cultures Civil-Military Relations during the Vietnam WarSchwab2006$55
89780275989576A Companion to the United States Construction and its Amendments Fourth EditionVile2006$55.95
99780313302176A Comprehensive, Annotated Bibliography on Mahatma Gandhi Volume 2Pandiri2007$139
109780313351075A Field Guide to the Culture Wars The Battle over Values from the Campaign Trail to the ClassroomMcGough2008$49
119781594690051A Guide for Beginning Elementary Teachers From Getting Hired to Staying InspiredDonoghue2005$25
129780275977429A History of Organized Labor in ArgentinaAlexander2003$69
139780275977382A History of Organized Labor in BrazilAlexander2003$75
149780275977405A History of Organized Labor in Panama and Central AmericaAlexander2008$76
159780275977412A History of Organized Labor in Peru and EcuadorAlexander2006$76
169780275977436A History of Organized Labor in the English- Speaking West IndiesAlexander2004$78
179781591583721A Kaleidoscope of Models and Strategies for Teaching English to Speakers of Other LanguagesNorland2006$25
189781142157937A Maunal Of EthicsJohn Stuart2010$16
199780313323348A Mickey Spillane CompanionGale2003$69
209780313321900A Midsummer Night's Dream A Guide to the PlayHalio2003$71
219780275985059A Military History of ItalyPaoletti2007$69
229780275993573A Military History of Modern Spain From the Napoleonic Era to the International War on TerrorBowen2007$70
239780275981587A Never-ending Conflict A Guide to Israeli Military HistoryBar-on2004$42
249780275976996A New Season Using Title IX to Reform College SportsPorto2003$48
259780313316838A Noble Calling Character and the George H. W. Bush PresidencyLevantrosser2004$82
269781591584414A Picture Book Primer Understanding and Using Picture BooksMatulka$56
279780275980023A Proslavery Foreign Policy Haitian-American Relations during the Early RepublicMatthewson$112
289781567506402A Race Against Time The Crisis in Urban SchoolingCibulka$108
299780275977627A Reader for the Politically IncorrectZilbergeld$105
309780275981310A Short History of Taiwan The Case for IndependenceDavison$70
319781846450082A South-Asian History of Britain Four Centuries of Peoples from the Indian Sub-ContinentFisher$70
329780313309731A Storied Singer Frank Sinatra as Literary ConceitGigliotti$144
339780275975128A Story of America First The Men and Women Who Opposed U.S. Intervention in World War IISarles$122
349781591580744A Teacher's Guide to Using Technology in the ClassroomIvers$30
359780313316807A Theodore Dreiser EncyclopediaNewlin$161
369780313329982A Voice from the Civil Rights EraRegis$55
379781586830342ABCs of an Author/Illustrator Visit, 2nd EditionMcElmeel$52
389780313314025Abortion from the Religious and Moral Perspective:An Annotated BibliographyJohnston$140
399780275958626Abused Men The Hidden Side Of Domestic ViolenceCook$47.95
409781573563727Academic Ethics Problems and Materials on Professional Conduct and Shared GovernanceHamilton$49.95
419780313323270Acculturation and Psychological AdaptationCastro$119
429780275980542Action Speaks Louder Violence, Spectacle, and the American Action MovieLichtenfeld$62
439780275978129Adopting Maternity White Women Who Adopt Transracially or TransnationallyMoosnick$85
449781598840292Adoption A Reference Handbook, Second EditionMoe$77
459780313323713Adventures Abroad North American Women at German-Speaking Universities, 1868-1915Singer$119
469780313358586Advice from the TopCampbell$56
479780313334153Affirmative Action Now A Guide for Students, Families, and CounselorsBeckman$77
489780313337970African American Chronology Chronologies of the American MosaicKinshasa$63
499780313362958African American FolktalesGreen$70
509781563089312African American Literature A Guide to Reading InterestsDawson$91
519780275971274African American Women and HIV/AIDS Critical ResponsesGilbert$122
529780275972745African Families at the Turn of the 21st CenturyOheneba-Sakyi$210
539780534567699African Politics And Society A Mosaic In Transformation 2edPeter J. Schraeder$85
549780275969653After the Breakup of a Multi-Ethnic Empire Russia, Successor States, and Eurasian SecurityBirgerson$48
559780897899253Aging and Adult Development in the Developing World Applying Western Theories and ConceptsEyetsemitan$119
569780275986841Aging China The Demographic Challenge to China's Economic ProspectsEngland$45
579780313363184Aging with AttitudeLevine$28
589780275981730Aging with Attitude Growing Older with Dignity and VitalityLevine$62
599781851095735Aircraft Carriers An Illustrated History of Their ImpactFontenoy$119
609780313282249Alaska History An Annotated BibliographyFalk$175
619780275981365Amateur Soldiers, Global Wars Insurgency and Modern ConflictFowler$73
629780313312922America and the WorldGirard$105
639780313308833America in Quotations A Kaleidoscopic View of American HistoryLanger$139
649780275990886American Babies Their Life and Times in the 20th CenturyReedy$56
659780275966584American Capitalism and the Changing Role of GovernmentShaffer$39
669780275948580American Cultural Pluralism And Law Second EditionNorgren$35
679780275986926American Cultural Pluralism and Law Third EditionNorgren$137
689780313323362American Geographers, 1784-1812 A Bio-Bibliographical GuideSmith$139
699780495130697American Government And Politics TodayShelly Bardes$35
709780313323478American Indian and African American People, Communities, and Interactions An Annotated BibliographyBier$85
719780313338205American Indian Chronology Chronologies of the American MosaicWhite$63
729781591581673American Reference Books Annual 2004 Edition Vol.35Dillon$135
739781591582878American Reference Books Annual 2005 Edition Vol.36Hysell$135
749781591583790American Reference Books Annual 2006 Edition Vol.37$125
759781591585251American Reference Books Annual 2007 Edition Vol.38$125
769781851097036American Revolution People and PerspectivesFrank$119
779780275973544American Soldiers Overseas The Global Military PresenceBaker$70
789781567205596American Sports Empire How the Leagues Breed SuccessJozsa$122
799780313308284American Statesmen Secretaries of State from John Jay to Colin PowellMihalkanin$155
809780275996352Americans and Asymmetric Conflict Lebanon, Somalia, and AfghanistanLowther$105
819780313353123America's Natural Places: East and NortheastDreese$119
829780313353185America's Natural Places: Pacific and WestSapp$119
839780313352690America's Natural Places: South and SoutheastKowtko$119
849780275978518America's Oil WarsPelletiere$55
859780275978273Amici Curiae and Strategic Behavior in State Supreme CourtsComparato$112
869780275978310An Eternal Struggle How the National Action Party Transformed Mexican PoliticsArd$112
879780275967864And a Time for Hope Americans in the Great DepressionMcGovern$175
889780275979249Anglo-American Shipbuilding in World War IILindberg$133
899780313317477Anglophone Caribbean Poetry, 1970-2001 An Annotated BibliographyWilliams$122
909781598841916Animal Rights A Reference Handbook, Second EditionSherry$77
919780313312311Animal Rights A Subject Guide, Bibliography, and Internet CompanionKistler$81
929780313322914Ann Petry's Short Fiction Critical EssaysArnett$108
939780072861518Annual Editions Global IssuesRobert Jackson$21
949780275987022Apollo Moon Missions The Unsung HeroesWatkins$59
959780275978419Applied Anthropology Domains of ApplicationKedia$221
969780313319709Applied Informetrics for Information Retrieval ResearchWolfram$95
979780275991869Arab-Israeli Military Forces in an Era of Asymmetric WarsCordesman$126
989781591581628ARBA In-depth Children's and Young Adult TitlesDillon$84
999781591581611ARBA In-depth Philosophy and ReligionDillon$84
1009781567205824Arbitrage, Hedging, and Speculation The Foreign Exchange MarketClark$105
1019780275975876Arbitrary and Capricious The Supreme Court, the Constitution, and the Death PenaltyFoley$88
1029780275992248Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? The Nine Inner Strengths You Need to Overcome Self-Defeating Tendencies at WorkWatson$49
1039781851099863Argentina A Global Studies HandbookEdwards$77
1049780275990763Argentina What Went WrongMaclachlan$70
1059780313324673Art, Glitter, and Glitz Mainstream Playwrights and Popular Theatre in 1920s AmericaGewirtz$108
1069780313345869Artificial ParadiseCourrier$56
1079780313321535Artists of World War IIMcCloskey$88
1089780313330421Asian American Children A Historical Handbook and GuideTong$85
1099780313362972Asian American FolktalesGreen$70
1109780275925246Asian Contributions to PsychologyParanjpe$20.95
1119780313345364Astronomy and CultureHetherington$65
1129780275988272Atlantic Convoys and Nazi Raiders The Deadly Voyage of HMS Jervis BayWatson$59
1139781591583219Authors in the Pantry Recipes, Stories, and MoreMcElmeel$45
1149780275990336Avoiding the Abyss Progress, Shortfalls, and the Way Ahead in Combating the WMD ThreatSchneider$70
1159780275980436Backwaters of Global Prosperity How Forces of Globalization and GATT/WTO Trade Regimes Contribute to the Marginalization of the World's Poorest NationsDowlah$133
1169781591581031Basic Research Methods For Librarians Fourth EditionPowell$66.95
1179781567503388Basic Research Methods For Librarians Third EditionPowell$49.95
1189780313309526Basketball A Biographical DictionaryPorter$133
1199781851094103Battleships An Illustrated History of Their ImpactSandler$119
1209780313310768Bearing Witness A Resource Guide to Literature, Poetry, Art, Music, and Videos by Holocaust Victims and SurvivorsRosen$88
1219780313345647Beating the OddsSnodgrass$105
1229780275978990Becoming Human New Perspectives on the Inhuman ConditionSheehan$122
1239781846450051Becoming Winston Churchill The Untold Story of Young Winston and his American MentorMcMenamin$70
1249781598841312Belligerents, Brinkmanship, and the Big StickDobson2009$93
1259781563087226Benchmarks in Distance Education The LIS ExperienceBarron$84
1269781591584117Best Books for Middle School and Junior High readers Supplement to the First EditionGillespie$40
1279780275976330Between the Lines Banditti of the American RevolutionWard$88
1289781845426637Beyond Conventional Economics: The Limits Of Rational Behaviour In Political Decision MakingBonnie Wheeler£ 65
1299780275971298Beyond Intifada Narratives of Freedom Fighters in the Gaza StripGordon$77
1309781591583370Beyond Survival Managing Academic Libraries in TransitionWood$63
1319780897899161Beyond the Boundaries A Transdisciplinary Approach to Learning and TeachingKaufmann2003$82
1329780275977252Beyond the Enlightenment Lives and Thoughts of Social TheoristsSalerno$48
1339780313328046Bibliographic Guide to Gabriel García Márquez,1992-2002Gonzalez2003$76
1349781591586302Big Book of Animal Rhymes, Fingerplays,and SongsLow$56
1359780275992835Big Pictures on the Small Screen Made-for-TV Movies and Anthology DramasMarill$70
1369780275991340Big Sports, Big Business A Century of League Expansions, Mergers, and ReorganizationsJosza$63
1379781567505863Black Colleges New Perspectives on Policy and PracticeBrown2004$84
1389780313324390Black Populism in the United States An Annotated BibliographyAdam$77
1399780275990015Blossoms on the Olive Tree Israeli and Palestinian Women Working for PeacePowers$63
1409780275989071Blue Water Patriots The American Revolution AfloatVolo$70
1419780313225192Blues People Negro Music in White AmericaJones$77.95
1429781591582625Bob Barner and YOUBarner$49
1439780275973933Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and American SongSmith$77
1449780275979393Bonds and Bondholders British Investors and Mexico's Foreign Debt, 1824-1888Costeloe$122
1459780313314339Books on Early American History and Culture, 1951-1960 An Annotated BibliographyIrwin2006$87
1469780313314322Books on Early American History and Culture, 1961-1970 An Annotated BibliographyIrwin2007$86
1479780313314315Books on Early American History and Culture, 1971-1980 An Annotated BibliographyIrwin2005$85
1489780313314292Books on Early American History and Culture, 1981-1985 An Annotated BibliographyIrwin2004$87
1499781591584667Booktalks and Beyond Promoting Great Genre Reads to TeensSchall$56
1509781563089824Booktalks and More Motivating Teens to ReadSchall$56
1519780313345449Boom and Bust in the Alaska Goldfields A Multicultural AdventureLevi$70
1529781567206371Bordering the Future The Impact of Mexico on the United StatesAdams$56
1539780275982041Borders and Bridges A History of U.S.-Latin American RelationsBrewer$70
1549781573565400Bosworth Field to Bloody Mary An Encyclopedia of the Early TudorsWagner$133
1559781567205053Bottom Line Competitive IntelligenceMcGonagle$125
1569781576072875Brazilin Music Norteastern Traditionas and the Heartbeat of a Modern NationCrook$80
1579780275981679Breaking Free, Starting Over Parenting in the Aftermath of Family ViolenceDalpiaz$62
1589780275980221Breaking the China-Taiwan ImpasseZagoria$52
1599781598840254British Colonial America People and PerspectivesGrigg$119
1609780275972967British Strategy and Politics during the Phony War Before the Balloon Went UpSmart$144
1619781851097821Buddhism in World Cultures Comparative PerspectivesBerkwitz$119
1629780275992200Building Community in Buildings The Design and Culture of Dynamic WorkplacesKemp$70
1639780275983260Building The Academic Deanship Strategies for SuccessKrahenbuhl$49.95
1649780313324109Bulwark of the Republic The American Militia in Antebellum WestRowe$122
1659780313254543Bureaucracy Against Democracy and SocialismGlassman$119.95
1669780230115156Buried Alive: The True Story Of The Chilean Mining Disaster And The Extraordinary Rescue At Camp HopePino Toro$25
1679781598844474Camp Summer Read How to Create Your Own Summer Reading CampGooch$42
1689780275989033Campaign Craft The Strategies, Tactics, and Art of Political Campaign Management, Third EditionShea$97.95
1699780275990046Campaign Craft The Strategies, Tactics, and Art of Political Campaign Management, Third EditionShea$29.95
1709780313332852Campus Legends A HandbookTucker$81
1719780275989583Can God Intervene? How Religion Explains Natural DisastersStern$56
1729781588292407Care Of The Aged (Biomedical Ethics Reviews Ser. )Robert F. Almeder$24
1739780275985578Carriers in Combat The Air War at SeaHearn$73
1749780313328312Cars and Culture The Life Story of a TechnologyVolti$70
1759780313312120Cartoonists, Works, and Characters in the United States through 2005 An International BibliographyLent2006$79
1769780275975302Case Studies In Sport CommunicationBrown$122
1779781567205411Case Studies of U.S. Economic Sanctions The Chinese, Cuban, and Iranian ExperienceAskari$129
1789781591580522Cataloger's Judgment Music Cataloging Questions and Answers from the Music OCLC Users Group NewsletterWeitz$73
1799789004128095Central Eurasia In Global Politics Conflict Security And DevelopmentHenk Houweling$59
1809780275983970Centuries of Silence The Story of Latin American JournalismFerreira2006$87
1819780275984106Centuries of Silence The Story of Latin American JournalismFerreira$42
1829780275981853Change and Renewal in Children's LiteratureVan der Walt$133
1839781855675384Changing Security Agendas And The Third WorldStephen Chan$85
1849780275993719Chaotic Markets Thriving in a World of UnpredictabilitySamli$70
1859780275979300Charitable Words Women, Philanthropy, and the Language of Charity in Nineteenth-Century DublinPreston2004$79
1869781845922399Charity Administration Handbook 4edKate Kirkland$89
1879781591580737Charleston Conference Proceedings 2001Strauch2001$43
1889781591583394Charleston Conference Proceedings 2004Strauch2004$52
1899781591586227Charleston Conference Proceedings 2006Strauch2006$46
1909781591589334Charleston Conference Proceedings 2008Strauch2008$46
1919780275979270Checking Executive Power Presidential Impeachment in Comparative PerspectiveBaumgartner$48
1929780313331404Children and Consumer Culture in American SocietyJacobson$70
1939780275976521Children in the Digital Age Influences of Electronic Media on DevelopmentCalvert$88
1949780897898416Children of Intercountry Adoptions in School A Primer for Parents and ProfessionalsMeese$73
1959780275976743Children of Victory Young Specialists and the Evolution of Soviet SocietyRuffley$112
1969781586831196Children's and Young Adult Literature by Native Americans A Guide for Librarians, Teachers, Parents, and StudentsYork$52
1979781591583042Children's Book Award HandbookMarks$56
1989781591580454Children's Book CornerBradbury$45
1999780313341892Children's Folklore A HandbookTucker$77
2009780313321207Children's Literature and the Fin de SiècleMcgillis$105
2019781591580898Children's Literature Studies Cases and DiscussionsSalem$62
2029780313377914China's International Petroleum PolicyKong$63
2039780275994860China's Military Modernization Building for Regional and Global ReachFisher$105
2049780275960803China's Reforms and ReformersHo$123
2059781567205879Chinese Economic Transition and International Marketing StrategyAlon$119
2069781851096268Chinese Religions in Contemporary SocietiesMiller$119
2079780275994297Choosing Sides on the Frontier in the American RevolutionDunn$70
2089781563088711Christian Fiction A Guide to the GenreMort$77
2099780275990022Christian Voices Journeys through Faith and Politics in Contemporary American ProtestantismFloyd$63
2109780275983314Christmas on TelevisionWerts$56
2119780313322181Churchill's Guests Britain and the Belgian Exiles during World War IIAllen$119
2129780313310966Church-State RelationsLee$91
2139780275975005Cinema and Life Development Healing Lives and Training TherapistsPeake$88
2149781576079195Cities of the Middle East and North AfricaDumper$133
2159780275985370Civil-Military Relations on the Frontier and Beyond, 1865-1917Byler$70
2169780534631895Classic Readings And Contemporary Debates In International Relations 3edJay M. Shafritz$125
2179780275996680Classroom Management Sound Theory and Effective Practice, Fourth EditionTauber$161
2189780275975418Clean Living Movements American Cycles of Health ReformEngs$49
2199780313315947Clifford Odets and American Political TheatreHerr$88
2209780275998585Climate Chaos Your Health at Risk, What You Can Do to Protect Yourself and Your FamilyParker$70
2219780275989101Clipping the Clouds How Air Travel Changed the WorldDierikx$70
2229780275993894Closer To Truth Science, Meaning, and the FutureKuhn$70
2239780275983628Cold Peace Russia's New ImperialismBugajski$77
2249780275986384Colenso 1899 The boer war in natalKnight$35
2259780275983093Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice Foreign Policy, Race, and the New American CenturyLusane$70
2269781567506570Collaborative Cognition Children Negotiating Ways of KnowingBearison$182
2279781567205459Collaborative Design and Learning Competence Building for InnovationBento$161
2289781591581918Collaborative Teaching in the Middle Grades Inquiry ScienceBecker$59
2299781573563949College Deans Leading from WithinWolverton$45
2309780897899130Collegiality and Service for Tenure and Beyond Acquiring a Reputation as a Team PlayerSilverman$116
2319780313322280Color Struck Under the Gaze Ethnicity and the Pathology of Being in the Plays of Johnson, Hurston, Childress, Hansberry, and KennedyBower$88
2329780275989736Combating Sleep DisordersSexton-Radek$49
2339780313312106Comic Art in Africa, Asia, Australia, and Latin America through 2000 An International BibliographyLent$185
2349780313338830Comic Books and Comic Strips in the United States through 2005 An International BibliographyLent$147
2359780275975548Communal Utopias and the American Experience Religious Communities, 1732-2000Sutton$122
2369780275975531Communal Utopias and the American Experience Secular Communities, 1824-2000Sutton$116
2379780534531003Communicating Health Personal Cultural And Political ComplexitiesBarbara F. Sharf$55
2389780275992637Communist Revolutionary Warfare From the Vietminh to the Viet CongTanham$105
2399781567204896Compatibility Breeds Success How to Manage Your Relationship with Your Business PartnerSnider$88
2409780275977801Compellence and the Strategic Culture of Imperial JapanMorgan$140
2419781846450235Competing Voices from Revolutionary Cuba Fighting WordsMcKenna$70
2429781846450112Competing Voices from the Crusades Fighting WordsHolt$70
2439781591583356Complete Guide for Supervisors of Student Employees in Today's Academic LibrariesBaldwin$70
2449780275978013Concepts of Leadership in Western Political ThoughtRejai$119
2459781598840544Conflict and Security in Central Asia and the CaucasusPeimani$133
2469780313350061Consciousness, Self-Consciousness, and the Science of Being HumanLocke$49
2479791851095130Conservative Christians and Political Participation A Reference HandbookUtter$84
2489780313301407Constitutional Debates on Freedom of Religion A Documentary HistoryPatrick$91
2499780275980870Contagious Couplings Transmission of Expressives in Yiddish Echo PhrasesSouthern$147
2509780275974541Contemporary Economic Issues in Developing CountriesBaffoe-Bonnie$122
2519780313322327Contemporary Gay American Poets and Playwrights An A-to-Z GuideNelson$168
2529780313314643Contemporary Hispanic QuotationsStanton$91
2539780275974664Contemporary Responses to the HolocaustKwiet$147
2549780275973377Continuity, Commitment, and Survival Jewish Communities in the DiasporaEncel$122
2559781567205282Contracts as Reinvented Institutions in the Public Sector A Cross-Cultural ComparisonGreve$118
2569780275988807Controlling Desires Sexuality in Ancient Greece and RomeOrmand$70
2579781567205602Controversies in Competitive Intelligence The Enduring IssuesFleisher$122
2589780313311314Controversies in the Practice of MedicineGoldstein$77
2599780313340116Controversies of the George W. Bush Presidency Pro and Con DocumentsLind$84
2609780275991258Courting the Media Public Relations for the Accused and the AccuserMackenzie$56
2619780313320804Creating Cyber Libraries An Instructional Guide for School Library Media SpecialistsCraver$63
2629780275980610Creative Dissent Psychoanalysis in EvolutionRoland$105
2639780313306815Crime and Crime Control A Global ViewBarak$91
2649780275988074Crime TelevisionSnauffer$70
2659780275979119Critical Consciousness A Study of Morality in Global, Historical ContextMustakova$111
2669780275981839Crossroads at Midlife Your Aging Parents, Your Emotions, and Your SelfPraver$62
2679780275992156Crossroads of Intervention Insurgency and Counterinsurgency Lessons From Central AmericaGreentree$70
2689780938865704Curriculum Connections Picture Books in Grade 3 and UpHurst$52
2699780897897716Customary Strangers New Perspectives on Peripatetic Peoples in the Middle East, Africa, and AsiaBerland$155
2719780313303135Daily Life of The Ancient EgyptiansBrier$70
2729780313353062Daily Life of the Ancient Egyptians, Second EditionBrier$70
2739780313335945Daily Lives of Civilians in Wartime Latin America From the Wars of Independence to the Central American Civil WarsSantoni$91
2749780313336577Daily Lives of Civilians in Wartime Twentieth- Century EuropeAtkin$91
2759780275988135Daring Wives Insight into Women's Desires for Extramarital AffairsPraver$56
2769780313318368David Mamet A Research and Production SourcebookSauer$133
2779781586830878Day-by-Day Professional Journaling for Library Media SpecialistsMiller$52
2789780275992217Dead Wrong Violence, Vengeance, and the Victims of Capital PunishmentStack$70
2799780313357121Death GodsAble$91
2809781846450181Decoding Early Christianity Truth and Legend in the Early ChurchHoulden$70
2819780275983062Deep in the Heart The Texas Tendency in American PoliticsMcenteer$55
2829780275979713Deepening Democracy Global Governance and Political Reform in Latin AmericaAdams$48
2839780275970383Deepening Democracy Global Governance and Political Reform in Latin AmericaAdams$112
2849780275992484Defending and Parenting Children Who Learn Differently Lessons from Edison's MotherTeel$63
2859780313283307Defending the West The Truman-Churchill Correspondence, 1945-1960Sand$108
2869780275963088Deficit Hysteria A Common Sense Look At Americaa Rush To Balance The BudgetBenavie$58.95
2879780313321771Defining Print Culture for Youth The Cultural Work of Children's LiteratureLundin$73
2889780275979386Defining Russian FederalismPascal$129
2899780313320989Delinquency and Juvenile Justice An International BibliographyHartjen$116
2909780275976880Democracy, Asian Values, and Hong Kong Evaluating Political Elite BeliefsBeatty$112
2919780313352195Demography,Education,and The WorkforceLerman$77
2929780275992125Denial of Sanctuary Understanding Terrorist Safe HavensInnes$70
2939780275975678Depression Self-Consciousness, Pretending, and GuiltKeen$115
2949780275975555Depression to Cold War A History of America from Herbert Hoover to Ronald ReaganSiracusa$147
2959780313340161Desert BiomesQuinn$91
2969781573561747Designing State Higher Education Systems for a new CenturyRichardson$55
2979780275990947Destination Normandy Three American Regiments on D-DayBennett$70
2989781563086311Developing Creative LeadershipParker$39
2999780275975784Developing Media Literacy in Cyberspace Pedagogy and Critical Learning for the Twenty-First-Century ClassroomFrechette$133
3009780275975029Development Projects for a New MillenniumHira$116
3019781567505764Dialogicality in DevelopmentJosephs$139
3029780313322686Diamonds around the Globe The Encyclopedia of International BaseballBjarkman$111
3039780313348792Diana, Princess of Wales A BiographyGitlin$49
3049780313287633Dictionary of American Children's Fiction,1990-1994Helbig$129.95
3059781563088681Dictionary of American Library Biography Second SupplementDavis$95
3069780313324307Dictionary of American Young Adult Fiction, 1997-2001 Books of Recognized MeritHelbig$116
3079781586830953Digital Cameras in the ClassroomSeamon$42
3089781591581284Digital Inclusion, Teens, and Your Library Exploring the Issues and Acting on ThemFarmer$59
3099781591582441Digital Library Development The View from KanazawaMarcum$98
3109780865693111Diminishing Welfare A Cross-National Study of Social ProvisionGoldberg$59
3119781573565158Directory of Distance Learning Opportunities K-12Modoc Press$122
3129781573566018Directory of Grants in the Humanities 2004/2005 18 th EditionMiner$95
3139780313352454Discovering Countery MusicCusic$56
3149780313308642Distant Lands and Diverse Cultures The French Experience in Asia, 1600-1700Ames$112
3159780275990732Distant Victory The Battle of Jutland and the Allied Triumph in the First World WarButler$63
3169780313303319Distinguished Women EconomistsCicarelli$108
3179781586831547District Library Administration A Big Picture ApproachAnderson$63
3189780275976989Doing Good for the Aged Volunteers in an Ombudsman ProgramKeith$108
3199780275982294Don't Wave Goodbye The Children's Flight from Nazi Persecution to American FreedomJason$70
3209780313366178Doomed to Failure? The Politics and Intelligence of the Oslo Peace ProcessSeliktar$70
3219780275990190Drawn to Television Prime-Time Animation from The Flintstones to Family GuyBooker$63
3229781598840193Early Republic People and PerspectivesFrank$119
3239780313324093Earnest Endeavors The Life and Public Work of George RubleeMcClure$122
3249780313332296Earth Cycles A Historical PerspectiveOldroyd$91
3259780313356124East Asia's Haunted Present Historical Memories and the Resurgence of NationalismHasegawa$105
3269780313333101Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome A Reference GuideFournier$119
3279780275981976Educating America How Ralph W. Tyler Taught America to TeachFinder$70
3289781851095353Educational Adequacy and the CourtsWalker$63
3299781591586470Educational Media and Technology Yearbook Volume 33 2008Orey$112
3309781563085826Educator's Survival Guide to TV Production Equipment and SetupCurchy$42
3319780313311413Edward Albee A Research and Production SourcebookHorn$140
3329780275985363Elephant's Edge The Republicans as a Ruling PartyTaylor$66
3339780275978112Elite MBA Programs at Public UniversitiesWolverton$77
3349780275973926Elvis Costello, Joni Mitchell, and the Torch Song TraditionSmith$70
3359780275980429Employee Assistance Programs What Works and What Doesn'tMannion$81
3369781591583165Encountering Enchantment A Guide to Speculative Fiction for TeensFichtelberg$67
3379780230201231Encountering The Everyday: An Introduction To The Sociologies Of The UnnoticedHviid Jacobsen$39
3389780275979102Endangering Development Politics, Projects, and Environment in Burkina FasoEngberg$122
3399780275991302Energy, Economics, and Politics in the Caspian Region Dreams and RealitiesCrandall$105
3409780275969035Engaging Modernity Methods and Cases for Studying African Independent Churches in South AfricaVenter$85
3419780313305474English/British Naval History to 1815 A Guide to the LiteratureRasor$185
3429781567204797Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Québec How the Province Became a World-Class PlayerCapps$123
3439781598842234Environmental JusticeNewton$77
3449781598842319Eritrea African in FocusTesfagiorgis G.$119
3459780313317026Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms A Reference GuideWagner-Martin$91
3469780313360251Essential Islam A Comprehensive Guide to Belief and PracticeMorgan$63
3479780313275814Essentials of Contemporary Neo-Confucian PhilosophyLiu$155
3489781567205626Ethics and Spirituality at Work Hopes and Pitfalls of the Search for Meaning in OrganizationsPauchant$139
3499780313314933Ethics and Statecraft The Moral Dimension of International Affairs, Second EditionNolan$
3509780275989750Europe and the United States The Emerging Security PartnershipOswald$70
3519780275977047Europe Unites The EU's Eastern EnlargementPoole$112
3529780275977054Europe Unites The EU's Eastern EnlargementPoole$48
3539780313331138Evangelicals and ScienceRoberts$91
3549780313328145Events That Changed GermanyThackeray$101
3559780313328152Events That Changed Russia since 1855Thackeray$105
3569780313339530Evolution and Creationism A Documentary and Reference GuideYoung$119
3579780313321221Evolution Vs. Greationism An IntroductionScott$55
3589780275994808Expendable Warriors The Battle of Khe Sanh and the Vietnam WarClarke$70
3599781576079850Exploration and Science Social Impact and InteractionReidy$105
3609781563085529Exploring the World of Sports Students, Teachers, and the School LibraryDoiron$49
3619781563086113Extraordinary People in Extraordinary Times Heroes, Sheroes, and VillainsMendoza$35
3629780275994259Fabulous Creatures, Mythical Monsters, and Animal Power SymbolsEason$63
3639780275987480Faculty Career Paths Multiple Routes to Academic Success and SatisfactionBataille$45
3649780313305252Fair Trial Rights of the Accused A Documentary HistoryBanaszak$88
3659781591586029Faith Reads A Selective Guide to Christian NonfictionRainey$77
3669780275978570Falling Terrorism and Rising Conflicts The Afghan Contribution to Polarization and Confrontation in West and South AsiaPeimani$112
3679781591584971Fantasy Authors A Research GuideStevens$63
3689780275982539Fatal Attachments The Instigation to SuicideMecke$62
3699780275984731Fatal Fortune The Death of Chicago's Millionaire OrphanMcconnell$59
3709780275990558Fighting for Fallujah A New Dawn for IraqBallard$63
3719780275993368Fighting Suicide Bombing A Worldwide Campaign for LifeCharny$70
3729781563089145Film and Television A Guide to the Reference LiteratureEmmons$56
3739780275973575Film, Faith, and Cultural Conflict The Case of Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of ChristRiley$77
3749780313320378Filmography of Social Issues A Reference GuideMitchell$77
3759780313326813Filmography of World HistorySchultz$84
3769780313360176Finding Meaning in Life, at Midlife and BeyondGuttmann$56
3779780275984113Finding the Best and the Brightest A Guide to Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining Effective LeadersThoms$52
3789781567206340Fired, Laid Off, Out of a Job A Manual for Understanding, Coping, SurvivingSimerson$81
3799780275984649Five Empresses Court Life in Eighteenth-Century RussiaAnisimov$70
3809780275981792Fleecing Grandma and Grandpa Protecting against Scams, Cons, and FraudsAlt$55
3819780275976705Fleeing the Famine North America and Irish Refugees, 1845-1851Mulrooney$112
3829780275977818Fling the Black FlagBradford$70
3839780313360497Fogs of War and Peace A Midstream Analysis of World War IIIDilworth$84
3849780275986933Forced to Fail The Paradox of School DesegregationCaldas$66
3859780275980559Forging America New Lands and High CultureDevenney$112
3869780275983451Fortress France The Maginot Line and French Defenses in World War IIKaufmann$73
3879781563083686Foundations for Effective School Library Media ProgramsHaycock$81
3889780275987077Founding Fighters The Battlefield Leaders Who Made American IndependenceCate$70
3899781851094110France And The Americas: Culture, Politics, And History 3 Vol SetBill Marshall$275
3909780313319938Frank Lloyd Wright A Bio-BibliographyLangmead$146
3919781845920951Fransman's British Nationality LawLaurinefransman$198
3929780275998783Freedom America's Competitive Advantage in the Global MarketGamble$63
3939780313315978Freedom of the Press A Reference Guide to the United States ConstitutionLidsky$147
3949780275978761From Adversaries to Partners? Chinese and Russian Military Cooperation after the Cold WarTsai$119
3959780897747103From Idea to Funded Project Grant Proposals That WorkBelcher$33.95
3969780275991234From Satan's Crown to the Holy Grail Emeralds in Myth, Magic, and HistoryMorgan$56
3979781563088971From the Page to the Stage The Educator's Complete Guide to Readers TheatreSloyer$48
3989780313348358From the Primaries to the PollsGangale$70
3999780275977825From Total War to Total Diplomacy The Advertising Council and the Construction of the Cold War ConsensusLykins$112
4009780275949068From Whaleboats to Amphibious Warfare Lt. Gen. Howling Mad Smith and the U.S. Marine CorpsVenzon$112
4019780313322167Fun and Games in Twentieth-Century America A Historical Guide to LeisureGiordano$81
4029780275998967Funding Extended Conflicts Korea, Vietnam, and the War on TerrorMiller$70
4039781573566131Funding Sources for Children and Youth Programs 2005 4th EditionMiner$102
4049780275962784Future War and Counterproliferation U.S. Military Responses to NBC Proliferation ThreatsSchneider$155
4059780275969080Futurizing the Jews Alternative Futures for Meaningful Jewish Existence in the 21st CenturyBisk$129
4069780313346309Gabriel García Márquez: A BiographyPelayo$49
4079780897896979Gaining Power and Control through Diversity and Group AffiliationHouser$123
4089781567204926Gainsharing and Goalsharing Aligning Pay and Strategic GoalsMericle$116
4099780313339271Gangland GothamMay$133
4109780313335327Gary PaulsenBlasingame$63
4119781576072547Gay Rights on Trial A Handbook with Cases, Laws, and DocumentsWalzer$77
4129781563086380Genreflecting A Guide to Reading Interests in Genre Fiction, Fifth EditionHerald$73
4139781573563925Geographic InformationJhonsan$112
4149780313311192George Wallace Conservative PopulistRohler$133
4159780275981778George Washington's War on Native AmericaMann$73
4169781591581758Gerald McDermott and YOUStott$49
4179780275992101Ghosts of Halabja Saddam Hussein and the Kurdish GenocideKelly$70
4189780275986988GI Ingenuity Improvisation, Technology, and Winning World War IICarafano$63
4199780275973391Girding for Battle The Arms Trade in a Global Perspective, 1815-1940Stoker$112
4209780275971953Glass Walls and Glass Ceilings Women's Representation in State and Municipal BureaucraciesReid$95
4219781567204070Global E-Commerce and Online Marketing Watching the EvolutionDholakia$139
4229780275992972Global Justice The Politics of War Crimes TrialsMoghalu$70
4239780275994846Global Security Watch KoreaBerry$77
4249780275994839Global Security Watch-Iran A Reference HandbookMattair$77
4259780313365782Global Security Watch-LebanonSorenson$70
4269780313346903Global Warming 101Johansen$70
4279781598840735Globalization A Reference HandbookErvin$77
4289780275979638Globalization and Society Processes of Differentiation ExaminedBreton$112
4299780275979171Globalization People, Perspectives, and ProgressMott$91
4309780313313301Gloria Naylor A Critical CompanionWilson$66
4319780313338151Going to School in Latin AmericaGvirtz$91
4329780313339509Going to School in OceaniaCampbell$91
4339780313335532Going to School in South AsiaGupta$91
4349780313340710Going to School in Sub-Saharan AfricaOmatseye$91
4359780313342943Going to School in the Middle East and North AfricaOfori-Attah$65
4369781563089404Gotcha Again! More Nonfiction Booktalks to Get Kids Excited About ReadingBaxter$49
4379781591582250Gotcha Covered! More Nonfiction Booktalks to Get Kids Excited about ReadingBaxter$49
4389780313313868Great Debates at the United Nations An Encyclopedia of Fifty Key Issues, 1945-2000Gorman$129
4399780313378171Gridiron LeadershipOffstein$49
4409780275978709Grim Fairy Tales The Rhetorical Construction of American Welfare PolicyGring-Pemble$140
4419780313320156Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments, Inventions, and Discoveries of the 18th CenturyShectman$108
4429780275979614Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow Remembering Youth in Postwar BerlinRedding$91
4439781567206333Growth from Chaos Developing Your Firm's Resources to Achieve Profitability without Cost CuttingPettus$98
4449780275992941Guarding the Gates Immigration and National SecurityLemay$70
4459781563086403Guide for Developing and Evaluating School Library Media ProgramsNEMA$48
4469780313303074Guide to British CinemaMayer$168
4479781591582779Guide to Reference Materials for School Library Media CentersSafford$84
4489780275979423Half-Hearted Reform Electoral Institutions and the Struggle for Democracy in IndonesiaKing$111
4499780313276439Handbook for Assessing And Treating Addictive DisordersStout$120.99
4509780313324079Handbook of Chemical Warfare and TerrorismHoenig$122
4519781576078945Handbook of Polynesian MythologyCraig$105
4529781586832124Handheld Computers in Schools and Media CentersBell$56
4539781851096244Hate Crimes A Reference Handbook, Second EditionAltschiller$77
4549781586830519Have Talent, Will Travel Directory of Authors, Illustrators, and Storytellers East of the MississippiSpencer$52
4559780275974657Health Care Policy Issues and TrendsKronenfeld$52
4569780275955786Health Communication Lessons from Family Planning and Reproductive HealthPiotrow$52
4579781591585084Health Information for Youth The Public Library and School Library Media Center RoleLukenbill$63
4589780865693210Health Information on the Internet A Study of Providers, Quality, and UsersCullen$133
4599780313314773Health Related Counseling with Families of Diverse Cultures Family, Health, and Cultural CompetenciesCox$119
4609781598843743Hello Hi-Lo Readers Theatre MathSanders$42
4619781586831219Helping Teens Cope Resources for the School Library Media Specialist and Other Youth WorkersJones$56
4629780275977153Heroes or Traitors The German Replacement Army, the July Plot, and Adolf HitlerDunn$70
4639780275992897Hidden TalentLengnick-Hall$56
4649780275981983High Schools in Crisis What Every Parent Should KnowHall$62
4659781851096794Hispanics in the American WestIber$91
4669780313296055Historical Dictionary of American PropagandaManning$108
4679780313321962Historical Dictionary of U.S.-Latin American RelationsDent$147
4689780275970895Hitchcock and France The Forging of an AuteurVest$122
4699780275981334Hitler's U-Boat FortressesBradham$66
4709781591586753Holiday Stories All Year Round Audience Participation Stories and MoreMiller$49
4719780275989507Holy War and Human BondageDavis$70
4729780275981150Homegrown Music Discovering BluegrassLedgin$62
4739780275983857Homeward Bound American Veterans Return from WarTaylor$70
4749780275983468Homicide by the Rich and Famous A Century of Prominent KillersScott$59
4759781563085871Hot Links Literature Links for the Middle School CurriculumWright$52
4769780313354120Hot Spot Asia And OceaniaFernandes$91
4779780313336218Hot Spot: North America and EuropeRudolph$91
4789780275985141How America Goes to WarVandiver$59
4799780275987879How Honesty Pays Restoring Integrity to the WorkplaceWatson$59
4809780275978471How Safe Are Our Skies? Assessing the Airlines' Response to TerrorismWallis$59
4819781573563635How to Evaluate and Improve your grants Effort Second EditionBauer$59.95
4829780899309828Human Relations Issues in ManagementHenderson$125
4839780275981020I Know What I Know The Music of Charles MingusJenkins$70
4849780313347597Icons of Unbelief Antheists,Agnostics, and SecularistsJoshi$105
4859780275990282If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich? A Guide to Investing FundamentalsBranch$70
4869781598840391Illegal ImmigrationLemay$77
4879780275974954Illusive Shadows Justice, Media, and Socially Significant American TrialsChiasson$129
4889780313321979Imagery in Psychology A Reference GuideRoeckelein$231
4899780275978457Images that Injure Pictorial Stereotypes in the Media Second EditionLester$91.95
4909780275971755Images, Scandal, and Communication Strategies of the Clinton PresidencyDenton$133
4919780275971762Images, Scandal, and Communication Strategies of the Clinton PresidencyDenton$55
4929780275978730Immigrants, Welfare Reform, and the Poverty of PolicyKretsedemas$123
4939780313312144Immigration in America Today An EncyclopediaLoucky$126
4949781851096732Imperialism and Science Social Impact and InteractionValhakis$105
4959781567206142Implementing and Managing Telework A Guide for Those Who Make It HappenFenson$112
4969780275984632Implementing E-Commerce Strategies A Guide to Corporate Success after the Dot.Com BustEpstein$55
4979780313378829Imponderable but Not InevitableMurfett$70
4989780275979461In Bitterness and in Tears Andrew Jackson's Destruction of the Creeks and SeminolesO'Brien$88
4999780275993061In Pursuit of Liberty Coming of Age in the American RevolutionWerner$70
5009780275977085In the Adopted Land Abused Immigrant Women and the Criminal Justice SystemBui$101
5019781591584179In the Middle of the Middle Ages Integrating Content Standards and the ArtsWheeler$38
5029780275989729In the Wake of Slavery Civil War, Civil Rights, and the Reconstruction of Southern LawRanney$70
5039780313333774Including Children with Special Needs A Handbook for Educators and ParentsSchwartz$88
5049780275973865Independent Radicalism in Early Victorian BritainTurner$151
5059781591588580Index to American Reference Books Annual 200-2009ARBA$119
5069780313313622Index to Contemporary Military Articles of the World War II Era, 1939-1949Beede$168
5079780275981303Indian Fighters Turned American Politicians From Military Service to Public OfficeMitchell$88
5089780275999452India's Nuclear PolicyKarnad$70
5099781573563512Industry Research Using the Economic Census How to Find It, How to Use ItBoettcher$133
5109781567205480Innovation for All? Learning from the Portuguese Path to Technical Change and the Dynamics of InnovationConceicao$125
5119781591580928Innovative Redesign and Reorganization of Library Technical Services Paths for the Future and Case StudiesEden$73
5129780275974169Insatiable Is Not SustainableBrown$45
5139780275984755Inside the Minds of Mass Murderers Why They KillRamsland$52
5149780275992989Intelligence and National Security A Reference HandbookClark$77
5159780897898126Intercountry Adoption from China Examining Cultural Heritage and Other Postadoption IssuesRojewski$39
5169780275982256Interfaith Families Personal Stories of Jewish-Christian IntermarriageKaplan$62
5179780313355882International Crime and Punishment A Guide to the IssuesTaulbee$70
5189781573564793International Government Information and Country Information A Subject GuideMorrison$101
5199780313362590International Law and the Use of ForceScott$133
5209780275974985International Perspectives on ViolenceAdler$185
5219780072890365International Politics On The World Stage 10edJohn T. Rourke$65
5229781857393507International Yearbook & Statesmens Whos WhoMark Furneaux$189
5239781851097319Internet and the Law Technology, Society, and CompromisesSchwabach$133
5249780938865988Internet for Schools A Practical Guide, 3rd EditionSimpson$56
5259781591586258Internet Technologies and Information ServicesMiller$77
5269781563086335Interoduction to Library Public Services Sixth EditionEvans$40
5279780275959425Intervention Shaping the Global OrderFeste$112
5289781567506761Intimate Relationships and How to Improve Them Integrating Theoretical Models with Preventive and Psychotherapeutic ApplicationsL'Abate$122
5299780275975913Intown Living A Different American DreamBreen$108
5309781591582359Introduction to Cataloging and Classification Tenth EditionTaylor$70
5319780155066663Introduction To Political Thinkers 2edAlan Ebenstein$85
5329781563080081Investigating Science with DinosaursMunsart$42
5339781567205008Investing in China Legal, Financial and Regulatory RiskGamble$88
5349781563080128Involving Parents Through Children's Literature Grades 1-2Fredericks$29
5359780275999261Iran and Its Place among NationsMafinezam$63
5369781576079935Iran's Diverse Peoples A Reference SourcebookPrice$77
5379780275989088Iraqi Security Forces A Strategy for SuccessCordesman$73
5389780313324598Iraq's Burdens Oil, Sanctions, and UnderdevelopmentAlnasrawi$144
5399780313328831Irish Women Writers An A-to-Z GuideGonzalez$147
5409780275990329Iron Men and Tin Fish The Race to Build a Better Torpedo during World War IINewpower$63
5419780275983840Iroquois on Fire A Voice from the Mohawk NationGeorge-Kanentiio$70
5429780275981013Islam at War A HistoryNafziger$70
5439780275985691Islam in the Middle AgesLassner$77
5449780275980511Islamic Roots and Resurgence in TurkeyVertigans$112
5459780313338564Islamism A Documentary and Reference GuideCalvert$119
5469780313355202Israel and Syria The Military Balance and Prospects of WarCordesman$105
5479780313382307Israel in the Second Iraq WarPelletiere$49
5489780313318573Issues in Germany, Austria, and SwitzerlandTurk$73
5499780313311963Issues of War and PeaceFord$105
5509781591580782IssueWeb A Guide and Sourcebook for Researching Controversial Issues on the WebDiaz$49
5519780313322228It Came from Outer Space Everyday Products and Ideas from the Space ProgramBijlefed$91
5529781591582571Jacqueline Briggs Martin and YOUMartin$49
5539780313327254James Welch A Critical CompanionLupton$66
5549781591582953Jane Kurtz and YOUKurtz$49
5559781576072714Japan A Global Studies HandbookEllington$77
5569780275990596Japan's Security Strategy in the Post-9/11 World Embracing a New RealpolitikKliman$126
5579780275990602Japan's Security Strategy in the Post-9/11 World Embracing a New RealpolitikKliman$42
5589781576078419Jay and Ellsworth, The First Courts Justices, Rulings, and LegacyHarrington$91
5599780313335075Jewelrymaking through History An EncyclopediaHesse$77
5609781563089848Jewish American Literature A Guide to Reading InterestsReisner$77
5619780275985882Jews and Judaism in the Middle AgesSteinberg$70
5629781591582564Jim Aylesworth and YOUAylesworth$49
5639780313324581Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years WarFraioli$66
5649780275974411John Basil Turchin and the Fight to Free the SlavesChicoine$119
5659780275977757John Jebb and the Enlightenment Origins of British RadicalismPage$178
5669780313323256John Steinbeck A Centennial TributeGeorge$70
5679780313330568John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men A Reference GuideHeavilin$118
5689780313309830John Updike The Critical Responses to the Rabbit SagaDe Bellis$144
5699780313319426John Wesley Powell An Annotated BibliographyThomas$144
5709780313324611Joint Industrial Councils in British HistoryStitt$168
5719781591580614Journalism A Guide to the Reference Literature, Third EditionCates$101
5729780313317804Journalism at the End of the American Century,1965-PresentMcPherson$196
5739780313330537Judaism and ScienceEfron$91
5749780155058392Judicial Process Law Courts And Politics In The United States 3edStephen S. Meinhold$59
5759780275982416June Jordan Her Life and LettersKinloch$63
5769780313303012Justice Denoted The Legal Thriller in American, British, and Continental Courtroom LiteratureWhite$165
5779780313346149Kalashnikov Culture Small Arms Proliferation and Irregular WarfareCarr$105
5789780275980047Katharine Dexter McCormick Pioneer for Women's RightsFields$88
5799780313319334Kaye Gibbons A Critical CompanionDemarr$66
5809780313305153Kenneth Leighton A Bio-BibliographySmith$56.99
5819780974253701Key Words, Concepts and Methods for Information Age InstructionCallison$53
5829780275988890Kids of Character A Guide to Promoting Moral DevelopmentShumaker$70
5839780275985530Killer Priest The Crimes, Trial, and Execution of Father Hans SchmidtGado$56
5849780275987862Killing the Messenger Journalists at Risk in Modern WarfareFoerstel$56
5859780275988937Knowing Where to Draw the Line Ethical and Legal Standards for Best Classroom PracticeManos$56
5869780275983079Korea, the Divided NationOlsen$66
5879780275998349Korean Security in a Changing East AsiaRoehrig$105
5889780313318641Labor RelationsBeik$95
5899780275982027Language and Cultural Diversity in U.S. Schools Democratic Principles in ActionOsborn$73
5909780897897839Language and Social IdentityBlot$129
5919780897897525Language, Education, and Ideology Mapping the Linguistic Landscape of U.S. SchoolsReagan$139
5929780313305542Latin American Mystery Writers An A-to-Z GuideLockhart$139
5939780313305535Latin American Science Fiction Writers An A-to-Z GuideLockhart$139
5949780313348068Latina WritersStavans$77
5959780313362996Latino American FolktalesGreen$70
5969780313320484Latino and African American Athletes Today A Biographical DictionaryPorter$133
5979780275962333Latinos in a Changing SocietyMelendez$56
5989781591580355Law and LibrariesTorrans$63
5999780313305610Lawrence of Arabia An EncyclopediaTabachnick$91
6009780275997922Leaders in the Labyrinth College Presidents and The Battleground of Creeds and ConvictionsNelson$64.95
6019780275985615Leaders Who Transform Society: What Drives Them and Why We are AttractedPopper$52
6029780275990923Leadership As Service A New Model For Higher Education in a New CenturyFarnsworth$44.95
6039781591581840Leadership Issues in the Information Literate School CommunityHenri$67
6049781573565745Leadership Through Collaboration The Role Of The Chief Academic OfficerFerren$46.95
6059781567204858Leading and Managing Creators, Inventors, and InnovatorsCarayannis$224
6069781563086663Learning and Libraries in an Information Age Principles and PracticeStripling$67
6079781573564977Learning to Lead A Handbook for Postsecondary AdministratorsDavis$32.95
6089780313302312Leon Uris A Critical CompanionCain$45
6099780275982584Lessons From The Edge For-Profit and Nontraditional Higher Education in AmericaBerg$
6109781586831202Leverage Your Library Program to Raise Test Scores A Guide for Library Media Specialists, Principals,Teachers, and ParentsChurch$56
6119780897897860Liberating Praxis Paulo Freire's Legacy for Radical Education and PoliticsMayo$116
6129780275985066Liberties Lost The Endangered Legacy of the ACLUKlein$70
6139781563089862Library and Information Center Management Sixth EditionStueart$70
6149781563089664Library Information Systems From Library Automation to Distributed Information Access SolutionsKochtanek$84
6159781591583493Library Programs Online Possibilities and Practicalities of Web ConferencingPeters$56
6169780275980887Libricide The Regime-Sponsored Destruction of Books and Libraries in the Twentieth CenturyKnuth$70
6179780275985981Life as a Psychologist Career Choices and InsightsOster$49
6189780275989828Life in the U.S. Armed Forces (Not) Just Another JobBaker$56
6199781567206401Lifestyle Marketing Reaching the New American ConsumerMichman$81
6209780313317996Lifetimes The Great War to the Stock Market Crash--American History Through Biography and Primary DocumentsHamilton$123
6219780897897587Linguistic Perspectives on Language and EducationBarry$155
6229780275983529Listener Supported The Culture and History of Public RadioMitchell$59
6239781591580713Literary Ideas and Scripts for Young PlaywrightsCobb$45
6249781563089534Literary Treks Characters on the MoveSnodgrass$52
6259781851094585Literature and Science Socal Impact and InteractionCartwright$105
6269781591584681Literature Links to American History, K-6 Resources to Enhance and EnticeAdamson$91
6279780313320019Literature of Latin AmericaOcasio$77
6289780313328459Literature of the CaribbeanParavisini$70
6299780897747417Literature-Based Science Children's Books and Activities to Enrich the K-5 CurriculumHefner$49
6309781586831271Lively Literature Activities for Pre-K through KindergartenAyers$15
6319781591582526Living the Hero's Quest Character Building through Action ResearchHumphrey$59
6329781573564120Local and Regional Government InformationMartin$95
6339780275992132Losing Iraq Insurgency and PoliticsPelletiere$70
6349780313321795Lothian Philip Kerr and the Quest for World OrderBlington$182
6359781598840001Mainline Christians and U.S. Public PolicyUtter$77
6369781563088582Making Flexible Access and Flexible Scheduling Work TodayOhlrich$56
6379780275981105Making It in Corporate America How Women Can Survive, Prosper, and Make a DifferenceSmallen$66
6389781851097630Making of the American West People and PerspectivesJhonson$119
6399780275983963Making the White Man's Indian Native Americans and Hollywood MoviesAleiss$66
6409781567205671Managing Collaboration in Public Administration The Promise of Alliance among Governance, Citizens, and BusinessesVigoda-Gadot$105
6419781567202694Managing Diversity -- The Courage to LeadCross$155
6429781567206159Managing Globalization in Developing Countries and Transition Economies Building Capacities for a Changing WorldKiggundu$155
6439781563087240Managing InfoTech in School Library Media CentersClyde$59
6449780313348242Managing Menopause Beautifully Physically, Emotionally, and SexuallyCaine$63
6459781567204964Managing Path-Breaking Innovations CERN-ATLAS, Airbus, and Stem Cell ResearchLiyanage$224
6469781567205527Managing Teleworkers and Telecommuting StrategiesVega$105
6479780313347795Manitou and God North-American Indian Religions and Christian CultureThomas$70
6489780275982478Mapping Macedonia Idea and IdentityLiotta$123
6499780313304217Marine Affairs Dictionary Terms, Concepts, Laws, Court Cases, and International Conventions and AgreementsWest$231
6509780313356841Marines on the Beach The Politics of U.S. Militery Intervention Decission MakingPaul$105
6519780275975388Market and Society Two Theoretical FrameworksZafirovski$140
6529780275983796Market Women Black Women Entrepreneurs: Past, Present, and FutureSmith$59
6539780275981617Married to an Opposite Making Personality Differences Work for YouShackelford$66
6549780275987190Mars A Tour of the Human ImaginationRabkin$73
6559780275973254Masks and Mirrors Generation X and the Chameleon PersonalityRosen$91
6569780275967222Massing the Tropes The Metaphorical Construction of American Nuclear StrategyHirschbein$125
6579781576076477Material Culture in America Understanding Everyday LifeSheumaker$133
6589780275984236Math Wars A Guide for Parents and TeachersLatterell$62
6599780313323720Maurice Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Perception A Basis for Sharing the EarthGordon$123
6609780275980764Mazzini and Marx Thoughts Upon Democracy in EuropeMastellone$140
6619781591581000Measuring for Results The Dimensions of Public Library EffectivenessMatthews$63
6629781586830946Media Literacy Activities for Understanding the Scripted WorldEndich$42
6639780275979560Media Violence and Children A Complete Guide for Parents and ProfessionalsGentile$88
6649780275977375Meet the Candidate Videos Analyzing Presidential Primary Campaign VideocassettesParmelee$102
6659780275979751Mentoring Children and Adolescents A Guide to the IssuesBuckley$105
6669781567206135Meso-Organizations and the Creation of KnowledgeBenton$116
6679780313336546Metalworking through History An EncyclopediaLopez$77
6689780897896993Mexican Rural Development and the Plumed Serpent Technology and Maya Cosmology in the Tropical Forest of Campeche, MexicoFaust$49
6699780275988104Mexico's Military on the Democratic StageCamp$73
6709780313337673Michael Jordan A BiographyPorter$49
6719780313305665Michel Saint-Denis and the Shaping of the Modern ActorBaldwin$88
6729780275979140Micro Radio and the FCC Media Activism and the Struggle over Broadcast PolicyOpel$91
6739780897899062Middle School and the Age of Adjustment A Guide for ParentsBernstein$66
6749780275991524Military Base Closure A Reference HandbookSorenson$77
6759781851097326Military Communications From Ancient Times to the 21st CenturySterling$133
6769781851096930Military Medicine From Ancient Times to the 21st CenturyMcCallum$133
6779780275983130Military Necessity Civil-Military Relations in the ConfederacyEscott$70
6789780275993498Military Reform A Reference HandbookWheeler$77
6799780275991906Military Transformation Past and Present Historic Lessons for the 21st CenturyMandeles$91
6809780313316470Modern European Military Fortifications, 1870-1950 A Selective Annotated BibliographyKaufmann$147
6819781851096084Modern Paganism in World Cultures Comparative PerspectivesStrmiska$119
6829781598841978Modern Sports Ethics A Reference HandbookLumpkin$77
6839780275950446Modern Welfare States Scandinavian Politics and Policy in the Global Age,Second EditionEinhorn$150
6849780938865711More than Information The Role of the Library Media Center in the Multimedia ClassroomFarmer$52
6859780275979676Movies and the Reagan Presidency Success and EthicsJordan$70
6869781591584384Moving Image CatalogingYee$63
6879781591586708Moving Library CollectionsHabich$63
6889780275997069Moving Out of the Box Tools for Team Decision MakingKemp$49
6899781563089558Multicultural American History Through Children's LiteratureEllermeyer$42
6909780313312441Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults Reflections on Critical IssuesCai$144
6919780313306884Multicultural Writers since 1945 An A-to-Z GuideAmoia$185
6929780313324048Multiculturalism in the United States A Comparative Guide to Acculturation and Ethnicity Revised and Expanded EditionBuenker$111
6939781591582496Multimedia Projects In Education Designing,Producing,and Assessing Third EditionIvers$19.95
6949780313338847Music in the Middle Ages A Reference GuideLord$77
6959780313338915Music of the World War II EraYoung$84
6969780275996017My Child Has Cancer A Parent's Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment, and SurvivalHowell$56
6979781567205497NAFTA, WTO and Global Business Strategy How AIDS, Trade and Terrorism Affect Our Economic FutureCondon$139
6989780275980962Napoleon's Conquest of Europe The War of the Third CoalitionSchneid$66
6999780313363016Native American FolktalesGreen$70
7009780313344787Never Will We Forget Oral Histories of World War IICulpepper$63
7019781567206425New Corporate Cultures That MotivateHaasen$88
7029780313321368News Ombudsmen in North America Assessing an Experiment in Social ResponsibilityNemeth$122
7039780313323225Nietzsche, Psychohistory, and the Birth of ChristianityRempel$139
7049780313355868Nigeria's Stumbling Democracy and Its Implications for Africa's Democratic MovementOkafor$105
7059780313345128Nightmares The Science and Solution of Those Frightening Visions during SleepMc namara$63
7069780275957391No Best Way An Evolutionary Perspective on Human Resource ManagementColarelli$119
7079780313308932Noir, Now and Then Film Noir Originals and Remakes (1944-1999)Schwartz$185
7089781591581154Nonfiction Readers' AdvisoryBurgin$63
7099781576076842North America A Continental Overview of Environmental IssuesHillstrom$91
7109780313356865North American Homeland Security Back to Bilateralism?Hussain$105
7119781576079096Northeast and Midwest United States A Environmental HistoryCumbler$199
7129781851093748Northern Europe A Environmental HistoryWhited$199
7139781573563406Notable American Philanthropists Biographies of Giving and VolunteeringGrimm$122
7149780313314438Notable Caribbeans and Caribbean Americans A Biographical DictionaryMendez$123
7159781591586531Notes for Serials Cataloging, Third EditionGenereux$77
7169780313387517Now That You're Out The Challenges and Joys of Living as a Gay ManKantor$63
717899460194Nuclear Power And NonproliferationPotter$49
7189780313347238Of Sound Mind to Marry A Reality Check from the Marriage Counselor for Pre-WedsBierman$49
7199780313362101Offender Profiling In the CourtroomEbisike$70
7209780275972622Oil and Development in Venezuela during the 20th CenturySalazar$116
7219780275950194On ArmorGudmundsson$139
7229780897897853On Teaching Foreign Languages Linking Theory to PracticeRuiz-Funes$144
7239780275979379On the Fiery March Mussolini Prepares for WarStrang$88
7249780313351556On the High Wire How to Survive Being PromotedGunn$28
7259781594690075On the Wing of a Whitebird A Tomie dePaola Resource BookHornberg$38
7269780313386442Open Questions Diverse Thinkers Discuss God, Religion, and FaithRoudrigues$77
7279781591583875Opportunity for Leadership Full and Informed ParticipationWinston$56
7289780275975654Oppression and Scarcity The History and Institutional Structure of the Marxist-Leninist Government of East Germany and Some Perspectives on Life in a Socialist SystemSperlich$210
7299789004152618Order Out Of Chaos Patronage Conflict And Mamluk Socio Political Culture 1341-1382Jo Van Steenbergen$125
7309780275979188Organ Donation and Transplantation Body Organs as an Exchangeable Socio-Cultural ResourceBen David$175
7319781567206050Organizational Discourse A Language-Ideology-Power PerspectiveFox$139
7329780899309507Organizational Needs Assessments Design,Facilitation,and AnalysisMcClelland$119.95
7339780313379765Organizational Power Politics Tactics in Organizational LeadershipFairholm$56
7349780136405900Organizational Transitions For Individuals, Families, And Work GroupsColleen J. Kaftan$25
7359780275979126Origins and Growth of the Global Economy From the Fifteenth Century OnwardSeavoy$112
7369780275939779Origins of Legislative Sovereignty and the Legislative stateFell$224
7379780275985097Origins of Legislative Sovereignty and the Legislative State Volume SixFell$210
7389780275939762Origins of Legislative Sovereignty and the Legislative State Volume -Six Book 1 Foundations (to Early 19th Century)Fell$125
7399780275979294Oscar Asche, Orientalism, and British Musical ComedySingleton$108
7409780275992309Outsmarting the TerroristsClarke$70
7419781851098019Pakistan A Global Studies HandbookMohiuddin$77
7429780313350047Pancho Villa and Black Jack Pershing The Punitive Expedition in MexicoHurst$56
7439780275971151Panzers in Winter Hitler's Army and the Battle of the BulgeMitcham$63
7449781591586203Paper to Digital Documents in the Information AgeLiu$70
7459780275979331Parmenides of Elea A Verse Translation with Interpretative Essays and Commentary to the TextHenn$105
7469780313261862Parody as Film Genre ''Never Give a Saga an Even Break''Gehring$108.95
7479780313358999Part of the Problem, Part of the Solution Religion Today and TomorrowSharma$70
7489780275997168Passport to Success The Essential Guide to Business Culture and Customs in America's Largest Trading PartnersMartin$56
7499780275995874Paul D. Wolfowitz Visionary Intellectual, Policymaker, and StrategistSolomon$49
7509780275981570Paved with Good Intentions The NGO Experience in North KoreaFlake$81
7519780275981815People of the American Frontier The Coming of the American RevolutionDunn$66
7529780275974176People on the MoveKleinschmidt$140
7539780313313226People Promoting and People Opposing Animal Rights In Their Own WordsKistler$81
7549780275980566Performing Opposition Modern Theater and the Scandalized AudienceBlackadder$122
7559781851095650Personal Perspectives World War IDowling$119
7569781851095759Personal Perspectives World War IIDowling$119
7579780275979041Perspectives on 9/11Ei-Ayouty$101
7589780275993276Phantom Reflections The Education of an American Fighter Pilot in VietnamMcCarthy$63
7599780275987633Pilgrimage and the JewsGitlitz$66
7609781851094707Pistols An Illustrated History of their ImpactKinard$119
7619781563089640Planning and Evaluating Library Networked Services and ResourcesBertot$73
7629780897897709Planning and Managing School Facilities Second EditionKowalski$155
7639781567506846Play and Educational Theory and PracticeLytle$139
7649781591584926Playing to Learn Video Games in the ClassroomHutchison$42
7659780313366413Playing to Strength Leveraging Gender at WorkAdamso$49
7669780275988883Playing with Fire The Looming War with China over TaiwanCopper$70
7679781564322753Playing With Fire Weapons Proliferation Political Violence And Human Rights In KenyaKenya$15
7689780275977177Plotting a True Course Reflections on USAF Strategic Attack Theory and Doctrine The Post World War II ExperienceMets$129
7699780897898904Political Anthropology An Introduction, Third EditionLewellen$129
7709780275978303Political Economy of Energy in the Southern ConeHira$105
7719780313372230Political Islam from Muhammad to AhmadinejadSkelly$70
7729780275970376Political Leadership for the New Century Personality and Behavior Among American LeadersValenty$139
7739780275975067Political Liberalization and Democratization in Africa Lessons from Country ExperiencesOmozuanvbo$122
7749780275973445Political Parties in Post-Soviet Space Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and the BalticsKulik$147
7759780275968328Political Parties in South AsiaMitra$168
7769780275977290Political Support in a Frustrated AmericaFarnsworth$112
7779780275980252Political Theory and International Affairs Hans J. Morgenthau on Aristotle's The PoliticsLang$133
7789780313334184Political Violence and Terrorism in Modern America A ChronologyHewitt$111
7799780313322792Politics and Population Control A Documentary HistoryTobin$147
7809780275970321Politics and Social Change in Latin America Still a Distinct Tradition?, Fourth Edition, Revised and UpdatedWiarda$115
7819780275970338Politics and Social Change in Latin America Still a Distinct Tradition?, Fourth Edition, Revised and UpdatedWiarda$52
7829780275990299Politics and the Papacy in the Modern WorldCoppa$70
7839781851094493Pop Culture Arab World!Hammond$119
7849780275999209Pop-Porn Pornography in American CultureHall$70
7859780275984908Portraits in Leadership Six Extraordinary University PresidentsPadilla$41.95
7869780313323744Postmodern Approaches to the Short StoryIftekharrudin$105
7879780275990800Post-Pop Cinema The Search for Meaning in New American FilmMayshark$63
7889780313333989Poverty in America An EncyclopediaLawson$105
7899780275966690Power and Responsibility in World Affairs Reformation versus TransformationNolan$123
7909780313313721Powers Reserved for the People and the States A History of the Ninth and Tenth AmendmentsMcAffee$203
7919781567656329Preparing For The 8th Grade Test In Social StudiesAnn Jean Paci$14
7929780313300646Presidential Defiance of Unconstitutional Laws Reviving the Royal PrerogativeMay$168
7939780313331756Presidents from Adams through Polk, 1825-1849 Debating the Issues in Pro and Con Primary DocumentsSmith$88
7949780313315824Presidents from Eisenhower through Johnson,1953-1969 Debating the Issues in Pro and Con Primary DocumentsKing$88
7959780313317125Presidents from Hayes through McKinley, 1877-1901 Debating the Issues in Pro and Con Primary DocumentsSturgis$98
7969780275977597Press Bias and Politics How the Media Frame Controversial IssuesKuypers$48
7979781586830755Primary Sources in the Library A Collaboration Guide for Library Media SpecialistsJohnson$56
7989780313321320Principle Over Politics? The Domestic Policy of the George H. W. Bush PresidencyHimelfarb$168
7999780697237620Principles Of Politics And Government 6edEdwin M. Coulter$45
8009780275994785Private Sector, Public WarsCarafano$63
8019780313313479Privileges and Immunities A Reference Guide to the United States ConstitutionBogen$112
8029780865693159Professional Ideologies and Preferences in Social Work A Global StudyWeiss$122
8039780275990206Programming Our Lives Television and American IdentityCummins$70
8049780313324635Progress in Asian Social Psychology Conceptual and Empirical ContributionsYang$112
8059781563087059Promoting a Global Community Through Multicultural Children's LiteratureSteiner$56
8069780313302060Promoting Preservation Awareness in Libraries A Sourcebook for Academic, Public, School, and Special CollectionsDrewes$147
8079780275978617Protest and Survive Underground GI Newspapers during the Vietnam WarLewes$119
8089780313372315Prudent Decision Making in an Imprudent World Better Decisions at Home and WorkGould$56
8099780313355073Pseudoscience A Critical EncyclopediaRegal$119
8109780275974718Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and the Politics of Human RelationshipsSimon$111
8119780275964887Public Access Television America's Electronic SoapboxLinder$41
8129780275985769Public Defenders and the American Justice SystemWice$73
8139780275993078Public Executions The Death Penalty and the MediaKudlac$70
8149781591588542Public Libraries in the 21st CenturyPrentice$91
8159780275981655Public Policy and Social Issues Jewish Sources and PerspectivesBreger$88
8169781851096763Punishment in America A Reference HandbookBanks$77
8179781591587163Puppet Plays Plus Using Stock Characters to Entertain and Teach Early LiteracyLakovakis$50
8189780275972066Pursuing the National Interest Moments of Transition in Twentieth-Century American Foreign PolicySchonberg$133
8199780275988197Putting Hope to Work Five Principles to Activate Your Organization's Most Powerful ResourceHutson$56
8209780313339356Race Relations in the United States, 1900-1920McClymer$70
8219780313342769Race Relations in the United States, 1940-1960Davis$70
8229780275975623Racial Issues in Criminal Justice The Case of African AmericansFree$112
8239780275981488Racial Sensitivity and Multicultural TrainingStrous$101
8249781591583714Radio Frequency Identification Handbook for LibrariansHaley$63
8259780313331671Radio The Life Story of a TechnologyRegal$66
8269781591583301Read On...Fantasy Fiction Reading Lists for Every TasteHollands$42
8279781591587668Read On...Life Stories Reading Lists for Every TasteReisner$42
8289781591581345Read the High Country A Guide to Western Books and FilmsMort$84
8299781591587545Read, Write, Checkmate Enrich Literacy with Chess ActivitiesRoot$35
8309781591585169Readers and LeadersRomaine$49
8319780313320743Reading Erna Brodber Uniting the Black Diaspora through Folk Culture and ReligionRoberts$133
8329780313352416Reagan, Bush, Gorbachev Revisiting the End of the Cold WarGraebner$70
8339780275980986Real-World Nuclear Deterrence The Making of International StrategyColeman$70
8349780275980368Recapturing the Growth Track Correcting Leaders' Disempowering BehaviorsUtech$77
8359780313355424Recharge Your Team The Grounded Visioning ApproachVogt$56
8369780313363320Reclaiming Value in International Development The Moral Dimensions of Development Policy and Practice in Poor CountriesSchwenke$63
8379781591581680Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-sized Libraries and Media Centers 2004 EditionDillon$105
8389781591582885Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-sized Libraries and Media Centers 2005 EditionHysell$105
8399781591586920Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-sized Libraries and Media Centers 2008 Edition, Volume 28Hysell$98
8409781591584766Re-Designing the High School Library for the Forgotten HalfThomas$63
8419780275980498Rediscovering Magical Realism in the AmericasSchroeder$133
8429781563089244Reference and Research Guide to Mystery and Detective Fiction, Second EditionBleiler$118
843891160663Reference Manual Of Countermeasures For Hazardous Substance ReleasesFitzhugh Gbush$59
8449781567206432Reforming the Law and Structure of the International Financial SystemFriedland$108
8459780275979218Reframing the Agenda The Impact of NGO and Middle Power Cooperation in International Security PolicyRutherford$122
8469781591581390Refuge of a Scoundrel The Patriot Act in LibrariesFoerstel$56
8479780275976170Regional Institutions and Governance in the European UnionMagone$116
8489780275979195Regression A Universal ExperienceDoyle$95
8499781567204452Regulating Cyberspace The Policies and Technologies of ControlSpinello$146
8509780275970024Reinventing NASA Human Spaceflight, Bureaucracy, and PoliticsHandberg$112
8519780313332845Religion and the Physical SciencesBoisvert$91
8529781598841336Religion and the StateMerriman$133
8539780275990619Religion in Schools Controversies around the WorldThomas$70
8549780313336362Religion in the Age of ShakespeareBaker$105
8559780313287541Religions of Melanesia A Bibliographic SurveyTrompf$210
8569781591587491Reluctant Heroes True Five-Minute-Read Adventure Stories for BoysHaven$42
8579780275978822Remaking China's Public Philosophy for the Twenty-first CenturyZhou$122
8589780313295430Research Guide to U.S. and International Interest GroupsThomas$195
8599780313288500Researching World War I A HandbookHigham$123
8609780275977542Responses to Governance Governing Corporations, Societies and the WorldDixon$112
8619780313360398Restoring the Balance War Powers in an Age of TerrorWeinberger$56
8629780275973742Resurgence of Jewish Life in GermanyKahn$133
8639780897898713Rethinking Multicultural Education Case Studies in Cultural TransitionKorn$38
8649780275990268Rethinking Our War on Drugs Candid Talk about Controversial IssuesFisher$63
8659780275981686Retiring as a Career Making the Most of Your RetirementNewman$63
8669780275980467Return Holocaust Survivors and Dutch Anti-SemitismHondius$112
8679780275978525Reviewing Delegation An Analysis of the Congressional Reauthorization ProcessCox$77
8689780313320392Revisiting Mary Higgins Clark A Critical CompanionRoche$66
8699780275981457Revolutionary Apocalypse Ideological Roots of TerrorismPellicani$129
8709781598840568Rich and Poor in AmericaGilbert$77
8719780275979287Rich Country, Poor Country The Multinational as Change AgentBobo$140
8729780275993979Richard the Lionheart King and KnightFlori$70
8739780275999346Right Brain/Left Brain Leadership Shifting Style for Maximum ImpactDecosterd$63
8749781576076187Right to Counsel and Privilege against Self-Incrimination Rights and Liberties under the LawTaylor$77
8759780897897310Rights, Resources, Culture, and Conservation in the Land of the MayaFaust$129
8769780275978693Risk, Culture, and Health Inequality Shifting Perceptions of Danger and BlameHarthorn$119
8779781591580225Rocked by Romance A Guide to Teen Romance FictionCarpan$56
8789780275996680Running the Obstacle Course to Sexual and Reproductive Health Lessons from Latin AmericaShepard$98
8799780313320293Rupture, Representation, and the Refashioning of Identity in Drama from the North of Ireland, 1969-1994McKenna$105
8809780275993283Russia in the Middle East Friend or Foe?Kreutz$70
8819780275979096Russia's Abandoned Children An Intimate UnderstandingFujimura$73
8829780275992576Salvaging American Defense The Challenge of Strategic OverstretchCordesman$70
8839780275990794Santeria Correcting the Myths and Uncovering the Realities of a Growing ReligionClark$70
8849780313301377Satchmo The Louis Armstrong EncyclopediaMeckna$101
8859780275979980Saudi Arabia enters The Twenty-First Century The Political,Foreign Policy,Economics,and Energy DimensionsCordesman$100
8869780313380761Saudi Arabia National Security in a Troubled RegionCordesman$77
8879780275979973Saudi arabiya Enters The Twenty-First Century The Military and International Security DimensionsCordesman$
8889780275981822Scapegoats at Work Taking the Bull's-Eye Off Your BackDyckman$66
8899780275981761Scheherazade's Legacy Arab and Arab American Women on WritingDarraj$62
8909780275977696School Desegregation in the 21st CenturyRossell$147
8919780313322143Science and Society in the Twentieth CenturySherman$85
8929780313337680Science and Technology in Modern European LifeDe Syon$70
8939780313318221Science in Popular Culture A Reference GuideVan Riper$81
8949781851095247Science in the Contemporary World An EncyclopediaSwedin$119
8959781851096657Science in the Early Twentieth Century An EncyclopediaHamblin$119
8969780313320330Scorned Literature Essays on the History and Criticism of Popular Mass-Produced Fiction in AmericaSchurman$140
8979780313331152Scott Turow A Critical CompanionMacdonald$73
8989780275990831Scottsboro and Its Legacy The Cases that Challenged American Legal and Social JusticeAcker$70
8999780313365119Scrappy StartupsKeveles$49
9009780275983611Screens Fade to Black Contemporary African American CinemaLeonard$70
9019781591580775Sea Songs Readers Theatre from the South PacificBarnes$42
9029780313307645Searching for Meaning in the HolocaustBolkosky$133
9039780313325915Securing American Independence John Jay and the French AllianceBrecher$129
9049780275967116Self-Defense and Battered Women Who Kill A New FrameworkOgle$139
9059780313323485Self-Experimenters Sources for StudyFiks$140
9069781567506631Self-Reflective Renewal in Schools Local Lessons from a National InitiativePortin$133
9079780313345517Selling Out America's DemocracyMoss$70
9089781567206128Selling Sin The Marketing of Socially Unacceptable Products,Second EditionDavidson$119
9099781598840872Sentencing A Reference HandbookChampion$77
9109780313347696Separation of Church and StateWright$77
9119781567204872Serencipitous and Strategic Innovation A Systems Approach to Managing Science-Based InnovationLiyanage$221
9129780313320521Serving Homeschooled Teens and Their ParentsLerch$59
9139781591582977Serving New Immigrant Communities in the LibraryCuban$56
9149781591582595Serving Young Teens and 'TweensAnderson$56
9159780275987671Sex in the Bible A New ConsiderationEllens$63
9169780275948504Shakespeare: Who Was He? The Oxford Challenge to the Bard of AvonWhalen$41.95
9179780313311451Shakespearean Language A Guide for Actors and StudentsOdell$147
9189781591584629Shaped by the Standards Geographic Literacy Through Children's LiteratureRogers$49
9199780313328268Shapers of the Great Debate on Conservation A Biographical DictionaryScheuering$116
9209780313315763Shapers of the Great Debate on Jacksonian DemocracyDoutrich$116
9219780313317453Shapers of the Great Debate on the Civil War A Biographical DictionaryMonroe$111
9229780313338694Shapers of the Great Debate on Women's RightsDuncan$105
9239780275977641Shaping American Military Capabilities after the Cold WarLacquement Jr.$119
9249780275990312Shaping U.S. Military Forces Revolution or Relevance in a Post-Cold War WorldWorley$70
9259780313335983Sharon Creech Teen Reads: Student Companions to Young Adult LiteratureCarroll$63
9269780275959876Sharpened Edge Women of Color, Resistance, and WritingAthey$133
9279780275974008Sharpening Conflict Management Religious Leadership and the Double-edged SwordBock$39
9289780313315671Sing Sorrow Classics, History, and Heroines in OperaMc Donald$168
9299780275974992Small States in the Post-Cold War World Slovenia and NATO EnlargementSabic$139
9309780275987503Smart Economics Commonsense Answers to 50 Questions about Government, Taxes, Business, and HouseholdsWalden$52
9319780275999513Soldier's Heart Close-up Today with PTSD in Vietnam VeteransSchroder$70
9329780313332692Soldiers' Lives through History - The Nineteenth CenturyNeiberg$91
9339780313353307Soldiers of Conscience Japanese American Militery Resisters in World War IICastelnuovo$70
9349780275980818Sorties into Hell The Hidden War on Chichi JimaHearn$70
9359780313264320Sourcebook in Shinto Selected DocumentsPicken$231
9369780865692671Sources of Stress and Relief for African American WomenCollins$52
9379781576072769South African Music A Century of Traditions in TransformationMuller$21.45
9389781576076743South Africa's Diverse Peoples A Reference SourcebookFrankental$77
9399781598840063Space Warfare and DefenseChapman$133
9409780313364266Speaking of DeathBartalos$70
9419780275980719Speaking of Higher Education The Academic's Book of QuotationsBirnbaum$43.95
9429780275985493Spiritual Weapons The Cold War and the Forging of an American National ReligionGunn$70
9439780313305511Sports for Her A Reference Guide for Teenage GirlsHastings$81
9449781563088193Sports, Exercise, and Fitness A Guide to Reference and Information SourcesAllen$101
9459781591584605SSR with Intervention A School Library Action Research ProjectPreddy$49
9469780313307102Stage Combat Resource Materials A Selected and Annotated BibliographyKirkland$133
9479780275994525Stain-Resistant, Nonstick, Waterproof, and Lethal The Hidden Dangers of C8Lyons$56
9489780275981006Stalin's Slave Ships Kolyma, the Gulag Fleet, and the Role of the WestBollinger$88
9499781563087813Standard Cataloging for School and Public Libraries Third EditionIntner$49.95
9509780340814369Standard Grade Modern Studies The World 2edDuncan Murray$25
9519780275952358State-Local Relations A Partnership Approach, Second EditionZimmerman$45
9529781573565165Statistical Handbook on the Social Safety NetPadro$231
9539780313348228Stealing from Each Other How the Welfare State Robs Americans of Money and SpiritBrowning$63
9549780313345722Stephen King A BiographyRolls$49
9559780313352287Stephen King America's StorytellerMagistrale$63
9569781591582434Still Struggling for Equality American Public Library Services with MinoritiesJones$101
9579780275987312Stories at Work Using Stories to Improve Communication and Build RelationshipsGargiulo$56
9589781591584247Stories from SongsDe Vos$63
9599781563089978Stories NeverEnding A Program Guide for Schools and LibrariesIrving$42
9609781563089985Stories, Time and Again A Program Guide for Schools and LibrariesIrving$49
9619781591584322Story Celebrations A Program Guide for Schools and LibrariesIrving$49
9629781594690099Story Fest Crafting Story Theater ScriptsCasas$38
9639780835234580Storytelling Art & Technique Third EditionGreene$50
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9889781586830175Tantalizing Tidbits for Teens Quick Booktalks for the Busy High School Library Media SpecialistCox$52
9899781573563871Tapping State Government Information SourcesSmith$112
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12849780313335044The World Religions CookbookSchmidt$70
12859780313332340Thematic Guide to Young Adult LiteratureTrupe$91
12869781591583073Theme Play Exciting Young ImaginationsZingher$49
12879781573563307Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors 14th EditionHouston$147
12889781598843781Think Green, Take ActionKriesberg$42
12899780275980580This Wounded Cinema, This Wounded Life Violence and Utopia in the Films of Sam PeckinpahMurray$139
12909780313311598Thomas Mann's Death in Venice A Reference GuideShookman$85
12919780313355325Thought ManipulationHandelman$49
12929780275985776Thunder over the Horizon From V-2 Rockets to Ballistic MissilesChun$70
12939780938865933TIPS Ideas for Secondary School Librarians & Technology Specialists 2nd Ed.Mcelmeel$52
12949780897898850To Build a Better Teacher The Emergence of a Competitive Education IndustryHolland$122
12959780275997205To Have and To Hurt Recognizing and Changing, or Escaping, Patterns of Abuse in Intimate RelationshipsBrowne$63
12969781591582113Toni Buzzeo and YOUBuzzeo$49
12979781567206210Too Big to Fail Policies and Practices in Government BailoutsGup$150
12989780325007700Tools for Energized Teaching Revitalize Instruction with EaseWilson$35
12999780313324239Toward a Discourse of Consent Mass Mobilization and Colonial Politics in Puerto Rico,1932-1948Villaronga$101
13009781567205350Toward a Global Business Confederation A Blueprint for GlobalizationJain$88
13019780275975098Toward Humanity and Justice The Writings of Kenneth B. Clark, Scholar of the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education DecisionK elin$123
13029780275984083Toward the National Security State Civil-Military Relations during World War IIWaddell$70
13039780313362347Toxic Mix?Foerstel$119
13049781567205305Transforming Corporate Performance Measuring and Managing the Drivers of Business SuccessMilgate$123
13059781563089633Treasures from Europe Stories and Classroom ActivitiesJoy$38
13069780313324734Trial by Fire Command and the British Expeditionary Force in 1914Gardner$119
13079780275974701Tricolor and Crescent France and the Islamic WorldWatson$88
13089780313325151Troubled Harvest Agronomy and Revolution in Mexico, 1880-2002Cotter$155
13099781851098811Turning Points-Actual and Alternate Histories A House Divided during the Civil War EraCarlisle$119
13109781851098835Turning Points-Actual and Alternate Histories America in Revolt during the 1960s and 1970sCarlisle$119
13119781851098279Turning Points-Actual and Alternate Histories Colonial America from Settlement to the RevolutionCarlisle$119
13129781851098330Turning Points-Actual and Alternate Histories Manifest Destiny and the Expansion of AmericaCarlisle$119
13139781851098293Turning Points-Actual and Alternate Histories Native America from Prehistory to First ContactCarlisle$119
13149781851098859Turning Points-Actual and Alternate Histories The Reagan Era from the Iran Crisis to KosovoCarlisle$119
13159780275976934Turning the World Upside Down The War of American Independence and the Problem of EmpireYork$112
13169780313317002Twelfth Night A Guide to the PlayFord$111
13179780313335617Twentieth Century United States Photographers A Student's GuideCongdon$140
13189780275977832Twentieth-Century Cause Cèlébre Sacco, Vanzetti, and the Press, 1920-1927Neville$108
13199781591583905Twice Upon a Time A Guide to Fractured, Altered, and Retold Folk and Fairy TalesBomhold$63
13209780275992521Twilight in the Kingdom Understanding the SaudisCaudill$63
13219780275980412U.S. Manufacturing The Engine for Growth in a Global EconomyDuesterberg$122
13229781851099788U.S. Military Service A Reference HandbookWatson$77
13239781851097906U.S. Presidents and Foreign Policy From 1789 to the PresentHodge$119
13249781598841190U.S. Social Security A Reference HandbookLivingston$77
13259780313365232U2 A Musical BiographyKootnikoff$49
13269780275979966Uncommon Americans The Lives and Legacies of Herbert and Lou Henry HooverWalch$119
13279780275994068Under a Watchful Eye Privacy Rights and Criminal JusticeBloss$70
13289780275976231Under the Eagle's Claw Exceptionalism in Postwar U.S. - Greek RelationsKofas$112
13299780313348280Understanding and Preventing Campus ViolencePaludi$63
13309780275994594Understanding BiodiversityZeigler$63
13319780275989682Understanding China and India Security Implications for the United States and the WorldLal$70
13329781591584407Understanding Diversity Through Novels and Picture BooksKnowles$55
13339780275991265Understanding New, Resurgent, and Resistant Diseases Link$63
13349780313354731Understanding Online PiracyFisk$56
13359780275981884Understanding the Mammography Controversy Science, Politics, and Breast Cancer ScreeningFinkel$59
13369780313324710Unions, Radicals, and Democratic Presidents Seeking Social Change in the Twentieth CenturyHalpern$140
13379780313323324United States Entrepreneurs and the Companies They Built An Index to Biographies in Collected WorksNasrallah$112
13389781563088742United States History A Multicultural, Interdisciplinary Guide to Information Sources Second EditionPerrault$109
13399780275988142Universty Presidents as Moral LeadersBrown$41.95
13409780313323775Unmixing the Intellect Aristotle on Cognitive Powers and Bodily OrgansMagee$119
13419781576074305Unnatural Phenomena A Guide to the Bizarre Wonders of North AmericaClark$119
13429780275980504Upon Further Review Sports in American LiteratureCocchiarale$144
13439780313339523Urban Legends A collection of International Tall Tales and TerrorsBennett$119
13449780313320385Urban Sprawl A Comprehensive Reference GuideSoule$147
13459780313332258Ursula K. Le Guin A Critical CompanionBernardo$91
13469780313307812Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope with End-of-Life IssuesAllen$70
13479780313303357Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope With Family IssuesKaywell$49.95
13489780313305320Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope With Identity IssuesKalpan$51.95
13499780313305269Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope With Societal IssuesCarroll$73
13509780313307157Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope with with Abuse IssuesKaywell$70
13519781591580652Using Open Source Systems for Digital LibrariesRhyno$56
13529780275975197Vegetarian America A HistoryIacobbo$62
13539780275990169Vegetarians and Vegans in America TodayIacobbo$56
13549780275966140Victimizing Vulnerable Groups Images of Uniquely High-Risk Crime TargetsCoston$108
13559780313313998Victorian London's Middle-Class Housewife What She Did All DayDraznin$101
13569780275991241Victorian Religion Faith and Life in BritainMelnyk$70
13579780275979874Violence in Schools Issues, Consequences, and ExpressionsRadek$62
13589780313310270Violent Crime in North AmericaKnafla$151
13599780275936624Visions of Empire Political Imagery in Contemporary American FilmPrince$45
13609781567506853Visual Information ProcessingSoraci Jr.$129
13619780275971892Vote Your Conscience The Last Campaign of George McGovernMarano$105
13629780275976491Walls Around The Plunder of Warsaw Jewry during World War II and Its AftermathLevin$108
13639780313320224Walter Mosley A Critical CompanionWilson$66
13649781591582717War & Peace A Guide to Literature and New Media, Grades 4-8Walter$56
13659780275987619War ElephantsKistler$66
13669780275972400War in the Age of the Enlightenment, 1700-1789Starkey$119
13679780275977092War in the Twentieth Century Reflections at Century's EndHennessy$119
13689781576071311Warbirds An Illustrated Guide to U.S.Military Aircraft,1915-2000Fredriksen$75
13699780313349737Warning Parents Wounded Children and the wretched World of child CustodyHelmreich$56
13709780313330469Wars of the Age of Louis XIV, 1650-1715 An Encyclopedia of Global Warfare and CivilizationNolan$210
13719780275970048We Want Our Freedom Rhetoric of the Civil Rights MovementTowns$122
13729781567205299Wealth by Association Global Prosperity through Market UnificationEdmunds$95
13739780275992026Weary of War Life on the Confederate Home FrontMobley$70
13749781591580096Web Pages for Your Classroom The EASY Way!McCorkle$49
13759781586830335Web-Based Learning A Practical GuideSeamon$56
13769780275970642Welfare Reform Failure & RemediesSchorr$144
13779780897896580West Meets East Americans Adopt Chinese ChildrenTessler$39
13789780313311260Westport Connecticut The Story of a New England Town's Rise to ProminenceKelein$49.99
13799780897898935What African American Parents Want Educators to KnowThompson$112
13809780275981952What Entrepreneurs Need to Know about Government A Guide to Rules and RegulationsTruitt$70
13819780275987039What Managers Say, What Employees HearMaruca$56
13829780313310034What to Expect in the Military A Practical Guide for Young People, Parents, and CounselorsBudahn$81
13839780275974978When Public Housing was Paradise Building Community in ChicagoFuerst$119
13849780275994686When the Diagnosis Is Multiple Sclerosis Help, Hope, and Insights from an Affected PhysicianFurney$56
13859781567506808Which Way Social Justice in Mathematics Education?Burton$129
13869780275983215Who Decides? The Abortion Rights of TeensEhrlich$70
13879781591587620Whose Tale Is True? Readers Theatre to Introduce and Research 49 Amazing American WomenPolette$35
13889780375508790Why America Slept: The Failure To Prevent 9/11Gerald Posner2003$24.95
13899780275990855Why Leaders Choose War The Psychology of PreventionRenshon$70
13909780275998769Why Machiavelli MattersBernard$63
13919780313323768Wild Outbursts of Freedom Reading Virginia Woolf's Short FictionSkrbic$116
13929780275985554William Jay Abolitionist and AnticolonialistBudney$66
13939781591583424Wings of Fancy Using Readers Theatre to Study Fantasy GenreGarner$42
13949780275966638Winning the World Lessons for America's Future from the Cold WarNichols$88
13959780313348730Witch Hunts in the Western World Persecution and Punishment from the Inquisition through the Salem TrialsPavlac$70
13969781591581055Wonders of the AirAndrews$45
13979781591581048Wonders of the SkyAndrews$45
13989780897898539Working with Troubled Youth in Schools A Guide for All School StaffMcAuliffe$115
139970609838977World Facts & Maps Concise International ReviewRand Mcnally$10.95
14009781573560665World Historical Fiction An Annotated Guide to Novels for Adults and Young AdultsAdamson$116
14019781851099276World Population A Reference Handbook, Second EditionGilbert$77
14029781576077849World War I The Home Front$55
14039780897899147Worlds of Health Exploring the Health Choices of British Asian MothersReed$111
14049781563086892Write It! A Guide for Research Second Edition/MLA VersionBankhead$14
14059780275977139Write to Death News Framing of the Right to Die Conflict, from Quinlan's Coma to Kevorkian's ConvictionGailey$70
14069780313351532You Can Do the Math Overcome Your Math Phobia and Make Better Financial DecisionsLipsman$28
14079780275983413You Can Do the Math Overcome Your Math Phobia and Make Better Financial DecisionsLipsman$48
14089781591585589Young Adult Literature in Action A Librarian's GuideChance$91
14099780313314421Young Musicians in World HistoryEarls$73
14109781586832193Your Library Goes VirtualChurch$56
14119780313361951Zanzibar The Hundred Days RevolutionHunter$49

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