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13540973028A Taxonomy For Texture Description And IdentificationA. Ravishankar Rao1990EUR 59
2824323130Abnual Review Of EnergyGerald A. Leach1988£ 25
3387536817Advanced Quantum Theory And Its Applications Through Feynman Diagrams 2edMichael D. Scadron1991EUR 45
49780470847138An Introduction To Surface Analysis By Xps And AesJohn Wolstenholem2003$ 65
53540962271An Introduction To The History Of Structural MechanicsEdoardo Benvenuto1991EUR 59
69788120311213An Introducton To AstrophysicsBaidyanath Basu2003IRs. 295
7153643064Annotated Teacher`S Edition General ScienceHarper Lahart1989$ 45
89788120302525Applications Of Absorption Spectroscopy Of Organic CompoundsJohn R. Dyer2009IRs. 95
99780387947143Applied Wavelet Analysis With S-PlusHing -Ye Gao1996EUR 35
109810238681Aspects Of Complex Analysis Differential Geometry Mathematical Physics And ApplicationsStancho Dimiev1999$ 45
119780787609443Astronomy & Space From The Big Bang To The Big Crunch Vol 2Phillis Engelbert1997$ 50
129780071471589Astronomy For The Utterly ConfusedJeanne K. Hanson2006$ 18.95
139780030395482Astronomy From The Earth To The Universe 6edPasachoff2001$ 95
149780072336849Astronomy Journey To The Cosmic Frontier 2edJohn D. Fix2000$ 48
159781405463140Astronomy The Definitive Guide To The UniverseDuncan John2006$ 19
169780534421113Astronomy The Solar Systems And Beyond 4edMichael A.Seeds2004$ 140
179780521413053Astrophotography For The AmateurMichael Covington1991£ 19
189780070284593At & T Global MessagingIra Hertzoff1995$ 35
199789332533530Atomic And Molecular SpectroscopyH.S.Randhawa2014IRs. 575
20387545182Atomic Spectra And Radiative Transitions 2edIgor I.Sobelman1992EUR 49
219780074712948Automotive Mechanics Vol 1 7edEd May2003$ 110
229780074712962Automotive Mechanics Vol 2 7edEd May2003$ 110
239780852969373Aviation Weather Surveillance Systems Advanced Radar And Surface Sesors For Flight Safety And Air Traffic ManagementPravas Mahapatra1998$ 89
249780174387312Bath Advances Science Physics 2edRobert Hutchings1999$ 110
25123710200Biomedical Applications Of Microprobe AnalysisAnn Lefurgey1999$ 95
263540976388Bond Orientational Order In Condensed Matter SystemsStrandburg1992EUR 45
27387529721Catalysis Science And Technology Vol 9Michael Boudart1991EUR 49
28387128158Catalysis Science And Technology Vol 6Michel Boudart1984EUR 45
29387150358Catalysis Science And Technology Vol 7Michel Boudart1991EUR 45
303540908153Chess Skill In Man And MachinePeterw. Frey1984EUR 25
319780071100342College PhysicsRichardson2008$ 149
329780534999186College Physics Vol 1 7edSerway/Faughn2005$ 170
33038719827XCompound Semiconductor Device ModellingE.Miles1993EUR 110
349780521347969Contact MechanicsK.L.Johnson1987£ 39
359780471928638Continuous-Flow Fast Atom Bombardment Mass SpectrometryRichard M.Caprioli1990$ 65
369789810239268Cpt And Lorentz SymmetryV.Alan Kostelecky1999$ 55
37084935126XCrc Recent Developments In Hydrogen Technology Vol IFrederick J. Edeskuty1986£ 35
38849351278Crc Recent Developments In Hydrogen Technology Vol IiEdeskuty1985£ 60
399788126127344Dictionary Of NanotechnologyThomas George2006IRs. 250
409783540627449Dissipative Structures And ChaosY. Kuramoto1998EUR 85
419780387943091Dynamic Modeling With Run Time Software For MacintoshMatthias Ruth1995EUR 45
429067643696Dynamical Inverse Problems Of Distributed SystemsV.I.Maksimov2002$ 170
43387558586Electro Photography And Development Physics 2edL.B.Schein1992EUR 39
449789810237509Electro Rheological Fluids Magneto Rheological Suspensions And Their ApplicationsK. Koyama1999$ 150
45931830516Electromagnetics Methods In Applied Geophysics Vol 1Misac N. Nabighian1988£ 165
468126126124Encyclopedia Of Thermodynamics Vol 1Udai Veer2006IRs. 690
479788126127337Encyclopedic Dictionary Of NanoscienceThomas George2006IRs. 690
48132772787Energy For Ourselves And Our PosterityErnst1985$ 45
499788131770504Engineering MechanicsJaget Babu2012IRs. 459
509788173717390Engineering Optimization Amodern ApproachRanjan Ganguli2012IRs. 375
519789332523791Engineering PhysicsS. Mani Naidu2013IRs. 385
529788120352346Engineering PhysicsG. S. Raghuvanshi2016IRs. 495
539789332521254Engineering Physics -1Keshav R. Verma2013IRs. 225
549789332520073Engineering Physics Laboratory ManualB.Saravanakumar2013IRs. 225
559789810235468Enumath 97 2nd European Conference On Numerical Mathematics And Advanced ApplicationsRolf Rannacher1998$ 70
569780072465709Explorations An Introduction To Astronomy 3edThomas T. Arny2003$ 80
579780072472721Explorations Stars Galaxies And PlanetsThomas T. Arny2002$ 75
589789810244231Exploring The Universe A Festschrifit In Honor Of Riccardo GiacconiL. Stella2001$ 125
599789810235376Fission And Properties Of Neutron Rich NucleiA V Ramayya1998$ 110
609780849300837Flood Frequency AnalysisKhaled H. Hamed1999£ 65
619789814021210Flow Cytometry 2edM.G.Ormerod1999EUR 12
629780387946023Fluctuations And Order The New SynthedidMark Millonas1996EUR 140
63387195483Foams Physics Chemistry And StructureA.J. Wilson1989EUR 65
649780534392048Foundations Of Astronomy 7edMichael A.Seeds2002$ 145
65891169857Freezing And Melting Heat Transfer In EngineerigN. Seki1991$ 150
669783540614241From Coherent Tunneling To RelaxationA.Wurger1997EUR 76
679789810241902From The Planck Lenght To The Hubble RadiusAntonino Zichichi2000$ 145
68387560181Funadmentals Of Electronic Imaging Systems 3edW.F.Schreiber1993EUR 45
699788181285034Fundamentals In Nuclear Physics From Nuclear Structure To SosmologyMichel Spiro2007IRs. 640
709788130922959Fundamentals Of Cosmic Particle PhysicsMaxim Khlopov2015IRs. 1895
719788130931562Fundamentals Of Laser DynamicsYa I Khanin2015IRs. 1495
729780072976755Fundamentals Of Thermal -Fluid Sciences 2edYunus A. Cengel2005$ 145
739051991886Fuzzy Systems For ManagementK.Asai1995$ 68
749788181476173Game PhysicsDavid H Eberly2005IRs. 750
759788131795682General Theory Of RelativityS.P.Puri2013IRs. 375
7680327842Geopres Sured Geothermal EnergyRobert Morton1985$ 85
771560800011Geotechnical And Environmental Geophysics Vol IiStabley H. Eard1990$ 110
78387823646Gps Theory And Practice 2edJ. Collins1992EUR 39
799781563966699Graduate Programs In Physics Astronomy And Related FieldsMarc H. Brodsky1997$ 45
809780534373016Great Ideas Fot Teaching AstronmyStephen M. Pompea2000$ 39
819780121898007Group Theory In Physics An IntroductionJ.F.Cornwell1997$ 45
829780521520515Guide To Observing And Discovering CometsDavid H. Levy2003£ 15
838131201317Handbook Of Glass PropertiesR.H.Doremus2006IRs. 795
849780819442383Handbook Of Optical Biomedical DiagnosticsValery V. Tuchin2002$ 105
85470201274Harmonic And Minimal Maps With Applications In Geometry And PhysicsGabor Toth1984$ 80
869788131794647Heat And Mass Transfer 2edK. Mayilsamy2012IRs. 375
879780766813403Heavy Duty Truck Systems 3edJohn A. Corinchock2000$ 180
889788181288592High -Energy Density Physics Fundamentals Intertial Fusion And Experimental AstrophysicsR.P.Drake2008IRs. 895
899789810237080Highlights Of Modern Nulcear StructureAldo Covello1999$ 85
909780495010036Horizons Explorinf The Universe 9edMichael A.Seeds2005$ 105
919780534381851Horizons Exploring The Universe 7edMichael A. Seeds2001$ 89
929780534392680Horizons Exploring The Universe 8edMichael A.Seeds2003$ 75
939780849328749Hydrodynamics Of Unstable Media: General Theory And Applied ProblemsS.M.Zverev1996£ 110
94387554912Hydrogen In Crystalline SemiconductorsM.Stavola1992EUR 49
959790827365000I- Car Professional Automative Collision RepairJames E. Duffy1995$ 125
969780763712297In Quest Of The Universe 3edTheo Koupelis2001$ 65
97931830419Induced Polarization Applications And Case HistoriesStanley H. Ward1990$ 90
989780534491680Inquiry Into Physics 5edDonald J. Bord2004$ 125
999789810241186International Conference On Elastic And Diffractive ScatteringA.V.Prokudin2000$ 145
1009789810241667International Workshop Symmetry And Perturbation TheoryG.Gaeta1998$ 85
1019788120329423Into Engergy Flow The Thermodynamics Cool And LifeDorion Sagan2004IRs. 325
1029781556426520Intraocular Lens Power CalcultionsH.John Shammas2003$ 75
1039780794506292Intrduction To Weather & Climate ChangeLaura Howell2003$ 14
1059789332534995Introduction To Optics EdLeno S Pedrotti2014IRs. 810
1069789332535077Introduction To Thermal PhysicsDaniel V. Schroeder2014IRs. 550
107387187316Inverse Problems In Quantum Scattering Theory 2edP.C.Sabatier1989EUR 89
1089067643610Investigation Methods For Inverse ProblemsV.G.Romanov2002$ 145
1099780701633301Jacaranda Physics 2Jon Pearce1997$ 80
1109783540639756Kinetics Of Metal Gas Interactions At Low TemperaturesFromm1998EUR 63
1119788122421798Laboratory Manual In Appled Physics 3edHannah Sathyaseelan2008IRs. 50
112387185879Lectures On The Theory Of Few-Body SystemsV.B.Brlyaev1990EUR 35
1139789810235390Lie Theory And Its Applications In Physics IiJ. Hilgert1998$ 65
1149780521339483Light And Electron MicroscopHenry S. Slayter1993£ 15
1159780387988276Light Science Physics And The Visual ArtsJ.Chiaverina1999EUR 85
1169780878148851Lng A Nontechnical GuideGordon Sheaper2007$ 79
117387536108Local Quantum Physics Fields Particles AlgebrasRudolf Haag1992EUR 49
1189780750651547Lubrication And Reliabiltiy HandbookM.J.Neale2000$ 39
119138978026Machine Design An Integrated ApproachRobert L. Norton1997$ 65
120354097752XMajor Research Topics In CombustionR.G.Voigt1992EUR 57
1219780070096127Marine Diesel Engines Maintenance Troubleshooting And RepairNigel Calder1991$ 24
1229789810237486Materials Reaearch Using Cold Neutrons At Pulsed Neutron SourcesC-K Loong1999$ 65
1239789332518520Mechanical Measurements 6edJohn H. Lienhard V2014IRs. 735
124884154742Mechanics Of Hydraulic FracturingChing H. Yew1997$ 45
1259780125480352Meteorology At The MillenniumR.P.Pearce2002$ 85
126471093173Mhd And Fusion Magnets Field And Force Design CinceptsJohn M Tarrh1982$ 125
1273540941770Micelles Membranes Micoemulsions And MonolayersDidier Roux1990EUR 145
1289780387989693Microcontinuum Field TheoriesA. Cemal Eringen2001EUR 189
1299067640751Modelling Non Linear Wave ProcessesYu A. Berezin1987$ 85
130471276812Molecular Interactions Vol 2Thomas1981$ 75
1319780534493936Moons & Planets 5edWilliam Jk. Hartmann2004$ 165
1329780080424392Multi-Component Vsp Analysis For Applied Seismic Anisotropy Vol 26C.Macbeth2002$ 110
1339788170493105Nanofuture What`S Next For NantechnologyJ.Storrs Hall2001IRs. 495
1349780495112105Natural Hazards And DisastersDavid Hyndman2006$ 115
1359780170093538Nelson Physics Vce Units 3&4Ray Martine2000$ 59
1369789332522084New HorizonsAnateapur2013IRs. 95
1379781563961311New Ideas In Tokamak ConfinementM.N.Rosenbluth1997$ 95
1389789332526457Non- Conventional Energy ResourcesShobh Nath Singh2014IRs. 275
1399789332522657Nuclear PhysicsR. Prasad2014IRs. 450
140899460194Nuclear Power And NonproliferationPotter1981$ 49
1419780471623786Optical Emmision Lines Of The ElementsPeter Larkins2000$ 230
1429789810242923Paradigms Of ComplexityMiroslav M. Novak2000$ 68
1439810237316Parity Violation In Atoms And Polarized Electron ScatteringAnne Bouchiat1999$ 89
1449783540594390Particels And Nuclei An Introduction To The Physical ConceptsScholz Zetsche1995EUR 65
1459789810234539Particles And FieldsS.F. Novass1998$ 89
1469810236123Particles Strings And CosmologyNath1998$ 140
1479780471399179PERTURBATION METHODSAli H. NAYFEH2000$ 89
148387576819Phase Separation In Cuprate SuperconductorsK.A.Muller1994EUR 73
1499780763704605Physcis For Scientists And Engineers Vol 2Lerner1997$ 95
1509788122408928Physics For EngineersM.R.Srinivasan1999IRs. 120
1519781572594906Physics For Scientists And Engineers 4ed Vol 3Paul A. Tipler1998$ 19
1529780534408428Physics For Scientists And Engineers 6edSerway Jewett2003$ 170
1539780534409562Physics For Scientists And Engineers Vol 1 6edSerway Jewett2003$ 110
1549780030226571Physics For Scientists And Engineers With Modern Physics 5edSerway Beichner1994$ 135
1559780534408466Physics For Scientists And Engineers With Modern Physics Vol 2 6edSerway Jewett2003$ 105
1569780534408541Physics For Scientists And Engineers With Modern Physics Vol 5 6edSerway Jewett2003$ 45
1579780176413699Physics For The Life Sciences 2edZinke Allmang2003$ 59
1589788175961807Physics Gce O Leveal Examination Past Papers With Answer GuideFoundation Books2004IRs. 295
1599780195507768Physics In Context The Forces Of LifeIain Hayn Tatnell1999£ 39.95
1609780195550283Physics In Context The Forces Of Life 2edIan Tatnell2001£ 25
1619780340790540Physics Matters 3edNick England2001$ 55
1629067643742Poorly Visible Media In X-Ray TomographyI.V.Prokhorov2002$ 185
1639788132113140Powerless India`S Energy Shortage And Its ImpactSam Tranum2013IRs. 895
1649780070580787Practical Electronics For InventorsPaul Scherz2000$ 39.95
1659780136601920Practical Ethics For A Technological WorldPaul A. Alcorn2000$ 45
1669788181288530Principles And Applications On Nanomems PhysicsLos Santos2008IRs. 450
1679788131773352Principles Of Quantum MechanicsSingh Tyagi2012IRs. 425
1689788120346147Principles Pf PhysicsP.V. Naik2015IRs. 295
1699780072499391Pro/ Engineer AssistantDavid S. Kelley2001$ 39
1709788130930633Problems And Solutions In ElectromagneticsAjoy Ghatak, K. Thyagarajan, R.K. V2015IRs. 295
1719788123902517Problems In General PhysicsI.E.Irodov2000IRs. 70
172883186020Quantum Electrodynamics At High EnergiesDavid Parsons1989$ 75
1731571460064Quantum Groups From Coalgebras To Drinfeld AlgebrasShlomo Sternberg1993$ 29
1749788131773628Quantum MechanicsV Murugan2014IRs. 550
1759780471999072Reactivity Of Molecular SolidsVladimir Boldyrev2000$ 195
1769780534490317Redshift College Edition Astronomy Workbook 2edBillo.Walke2004$ 39
1779780316895576Renal Function Mecahnisms Preserving Fluid And Solute Blance In Health 2edHeinz Valtin1983$ 15
1789780137753703Rheological Techniques 2edR.W.Whorlow1992$ 110
1799780071406857Robot Builder`S SourcebookGordon Mccomb2002$ 27.95
1809783540762515Robust Estimation And Failure DetectionRami S. Mangoubi1998EUR 70
1819780643093911Sciecne & CertaintyJohn T.O.Kirk2007$ 25
1829780787656331Science Of Everyday Things Vol 2 Real Life PhysicsJudson Knight2001$ 125
1839788131758625Sears And Zemansky`S University Physics Electricty And Magnetism 12edRoger A.Freeman2011IRs. 399
1849788131759851Sears And Zemansky`S University Physics Mechanics 12ed Vol IRoger A. Freedman2011IRs. 425
1859780852967799Selected Topics In Advanced Solid State And Fibre Optic SensorsS.M.Vaezi Nejad2000$ 69
1869783540570868Self Organization In Optical Systems And Applications In Information TechnologyW.B.Miller1995EUR 75
1879789384229443Sensor And Data FusionLawrence A. Klein2016IRs. 4995
1889789332524842Separation Process Engineering Includes Mass Transfer Analysis 3edPhillip C.Wankat2014IRs. 875
1893540977074Shock Wave Reflection PhenomenaGabi Ben Dor1991EUR 49
1903540974202Slected Scientific Papers Of E.U.CondonVan Der Merwe1991EUR 85
1919789810237639Solid State Ionics Science And TechnologyS. Chandra1998$ 115
1929788131754016Solid State PhysicsR.J.Singh2011IRs. 450
1933540968784Solitons In Liquid CrystalsJacques Prost1992EUR 45
1949780787692117Space Exploration Almance Vol IiRob Nagel2004$ 49
1959780787692131Space Exploration Primary SourcesPeggy Saari2004$ 65
1969789067644235Spatial Energy Principles Of Compex Structures FormationG.A.Korablev2005$ 160
1979780126394818Spectral Imaging Of The AtmosphereGordon G. Shepherd2002$ 120
198817628649Stability And Optimizations Of Flexible Space StructuresS.J.Britvec1995EUR 95
1999780495015796Stars And Galaxies 5edMichael A.Seeds2006$ 125
2009780534237066Statistical Methods For EngineersG.Geoffrey Vining1997$ 105
2019781402016837Stellar AstrophysicsK.S.Chemg2003$ 145
2023540967893Structural Plasticity Theory Problems And Cae SoftwareH.Zhang1991EUR 49
2039780393976601Study Guide Stephens Marshak Earth Portrait Of A PlanetRita Leafgrew2002$ 24
204387196323Superfine Particle TechnologySeiichiro Kashu1991EUR 69
2059789332534971System Dynamics 4edKatsuhiko Ogata2014IRs. 799
2069780495010081Telecourse Student Guide For Universe The Infinte Frontier 6edMichael A. Seeds2006$ 49
2078171419976Text Book Of Rotational MechanicsD.K.Jha2006IRs. 200
2088122413285Textbook Of Applied Physics 2edRevised Syllabus2001IRs. 165
209817141950XTextbook Of HydrodynamicsD.K.Jha2006IRs. 200
2109783540761037The Art And Science Of Ccd AstronomyDavid Ratledge1997EUR 25
2119789384229412The Art Of RadiometryJames M. Palmer2016IRs. 4995
2129788120337718The Basics Of SpectroscopyDavid W. Ball2009IRs. 150
2139780521418393The Cambridge Guide To Astronomical DiscoveryWilliam Liller1992£ 25
2149789384229481The Dbs Handbook Of Nuclear ScienceG. Nagarajan2016IRs. 6995
2159789384229580The Dbs Handbook Of SpectroscopyKavi Shanker Varshney2016IRs. 6995
2169788131721704The Feynman Lectures On Physics Vol IiMatthew Sands2008IRs. 350
2179780521438315The New PhysicsPaul Davies1992£ 49
2189783540585152The Quantum Hall Effects Fractional And Integral 2edP.Pietilaine1995EUR 59
2199781846840944The Semantics Of ScienceRoy Harris2007IRs. 395
2209780495015758The Solar Systems 5edMichael A.Seeds2008$ 85
2219780521428392The Southern SkyWil Tirion1993£ 10
2229783540620006Theory Of Atomic And Milecular Clusters With A Glimpse At ExperimentsJ.Jellinek2001EUR 145
2239788131760697Theory Of Machines Kinematics And Dynamics 3edSadhu Singh2011IRs. 650
2249780521307895Theory Of Reflectance And Emittance SpectroscopyBruce Hapke1993£ 45
2251560320656Theory Tables And Data For Compressible FlowWilliam B.Brower1990$ 125
2269788131795507ThermodynamcisK.Rathnam2013IRs. 275
2279788131771853ThermodynamicsPrasanna Kumar2013IRs. 389
228849352657Three Dimensional Biomedical Imaging Vol IiRichard A. Robb1985£ 15
2293540977023Time`S Arrow The Origins Of Thermodynamics BehaviorMichael C. Mackey1991EUR 125
2309783540611400Translation Group And Particle Representations In Quantum Field TheoryBorchers1996EUR 45
2319789384229405Tutorials In Complex Photonic MediaMikhail A . Noginov2016IRs. 4995
2329780521780360Type La Supernovae Theory And CosmologyW. Truran2000£ 45
2339780124433458Ultrasounds And Elasric WavesBrian M. Lempriere2002$ 145
2349780073209258Vector Mechanics For Engineers Statics 7edElliot R. Eisenberg2005$ 44
2359788130931364Viva Library In A Book: Nuclear PowerDavid E. Newton2015IRs. 1295
2369780534409050Voyages Throught The Universe 3edMorrison Wolff2003$ 165
2379780495017899Voyages Throught The Universe Media Up Date Edition 3edMorrison Wolff2005$ 145
238387549420Wave BreakingC.M.Lemos1992EUR 29
2393540557156Wave PhysicsStephen Nettel1992EUR 89
2409780931170669What It Took A History Of The Usge Eros Data CenterRebecca Johnson1999$ 19
2413540975136What Makes Airplanes FlyPeter P. Wegener1991EUR 25
242387181482X-Ray MicroscopyGwo Jen Jan1987EUR 89
243387133259X-Ray Spectra And Chemical BindingR. Szargan1989EUR 115

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