Physics & Geology Book List

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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorQTYPrice
19781555704292Introduction To Reference Work In The Digital AgeJoseph Janes6EUR 63.33
2387950567Modern Instrumentation For Scientists And EngineersBlackburn, J.A.4EUR 94.19
3007055675xPrinciples Of ElectrodynamicsSchwartz, M.2$132.00
4039309958xNewtonian Mechanics: The M.I.T. Introductory Physics SeriesFrench, A.P.1EUR 105.00
5471872970OpticsKlein, M.V.1EUR 93.75
69780495015758The Solar System.Michael A. Seeds1$82.95
770099871Igneous And Metamorphic PetrologyCarmichael, S. E., Turner, F. J. And 5EUR 64.25
89781405463140AstronomyDuncan John2EUR 22.59
99780677003207The Development Of Weak Interaction Theory.Kabir, P.K. Ed.1$217.00
109780138594305Subatomic Physics, 2nd Ed.Frauenfelder, H.1EUR 106.04
11471995428Numerical Methods For Engineers And ScientistsA.C.Bajpai2EUR 20.93
129780471006893University Physics, Revised Ed.Benson, H.1$98.43
139971503352Ionic Solids At Higher Temperatures.A.M. Stoneham1EUR 98.70
14012752147xSemiconductors And Semimetals Vol.7Willardson, R.K.Ed.1$115.00
159780517029619Albert Einstein: Relativity: The Special And The General TheoryAlbert Einstein1EUR 21.84
169781555704735Library Marketing That Works!Suzanne Walters4EUR 109.53
179780072530636Lab Manual For Physical GeologyJones, Norris. W. Johnes And Charles 3EUR 79.89
18891813160Seismic Stratigraphy Ii, An Integrated Approach Orville Roger Berg And Donald G.2$96
1970316589Petrology Of Igneous And Metamorphic RocksHyndmann, D.W1EUR 89.09
20879422688Integrated Optics: Devoices And Applications.Boyd, J.T. Ed.1$69.03
219780201498400Data Structured And Algorithm Analysis In C , 2nd Mark Allen Weiss1$122.40
22088318575xReflections On Liquid HeliumE.L.Andronikashvili1EUR 82.02
23471403008Elementary Statistics, 2nd Ed.Paul G. Hoel1$16.00
2470162468Integrated Circuits And Semiconductor Devices: Theory And ApplicationsDeboo Burrous1$44.89
25521382947Paleobotany Stewart, W. N1EUR 89.84
269780387953311Mathematical Computing.Betounes, D.2EUR 66.99
27316127787Applied Probability And Statistical MethodsGeorge C.1EUR 20.18
28721640265Introduction To GeophysicsGarland, G.D.3$96.87
29136663540Design Technology, Vol.1.Baker, D.1$73.22
309780419253303Renewable Energy Resources, Second Edition John Twidell And Tony Weir, 2EUR 55.60
3170423156Integrated Electronics: Analog And Digital Circuits And SystemsMillman And Halkias1EUR 71.48
329783540657415Optics And Lasers:Young, M.1EUR 69.69
339780521637213An Introduction To Polymer PhysicsBower, D.J.1EUR 82.59
349781563086021The Humanities: A Selective Guide To Information SourcesBlazek, R., & 1EUR 59.65
35Principles Of Electricity And Magnetism.Pugh, E.W.1$85.00
369780313324765Managing Information Technology: A Handbook For Systems LibrariansPatricia Ingersoll,1EUR 47.50
379781591581031Basic Research Methods For LibrariansPowell, R. R.2EUR 63.00
389781591582304Introduction to Cataloging And ClassificationArlene G. Taylor3$82
399781305119161Records Management.Read, J., Ginn1EUR 96.09
409781591400325Knowledge and Information Technology Management: Human And Social PerspectivesGunasekaran, A1EUR 75.48
419780618730797Principles of ManagementRicky W. Griffin2EUR 86.72
429780471929734Elements Of Solid State Physics, 2nd Ed.M.N.Rudden1EUR 102.28
43139140379Foundations Of Earth ScienceLutgens& Tarbuck4$73.00
443540601910The Sea Floor An Introduction To Marine GeologyE.Seibold2EUR 90.00
45052129780xDiscovering Relativity For YourselfSam Lilley1EUR 55.59
469780121475505Research Methods In LibrarianshipBusha, Charles H. And Stephen 1$98.65
479781780526546Looking For Information: A Survey Of Research On Information Seeking, Needs And BehaviorDonald Case1EUR 66.14
489780470027622Information Retrieval: Searching In the 21st CenturyAyse Goker2EUR 73.73
499971503611Directions In Chaos, Vol.2.Hao Bai-Lin1EUR 111.15
509783540648949Fullerene Polymers And Fullerene Polymer Comosites.Eklund, P.C.1$126
519781563089855The Social Sciences: A Cross-Disciplinary Guide To Selected Sources,Nancy Herron2$60
52471531103Applied OpticsLevi, L.1$83.03
539783540592822Digital Libraries - Current Issues: Digital Libraries Workshop, Dl '94, Newark, Nj, Usa, May 19- 20, 1994. Selected Papers Nabil R. Adam, 1EUR 77.89
54883183722Advances In Laser Science.3Andrew C. Tam1EUR 91.45
559780471529972Materials Science And Engineering: An IntroductionCallister, W.D.3EUR 26.93
56883183455Advances In Laser Science. 2Andrew C. Tam1EUR 90.55
57471526215Structural Geology Of Rocks And RegionsGeorge H. Davis3$80.95
589783527406289Optics, Light And LasersMeschede, D.1EUR 79.17
599789810227302Physics In Collision 16G Herrera1EUR 93.20
603540974210Selected Popular Writings Of E.U. Condon.3EUR 45.90
611563963140Twentieth Century Physics(Vol,2,3)Brown, L.M. Editor1EUR 295.35
629780750694728Principles Of Semiconductor Network Testing.Amir Afshar2$61
63444828834Hydrocarbon Exploration and ProductionFrank Jahn3$105.00
649781599042619Knowledge Management In Modern OrganizationsMurray E. Jennex1$104
659780521828451Symmetry And Condensed Matter Physics: A Computational ApproachEl-Batanouny,M.4EUR 109.59
669780387291994Operational Quantum Theory-I: Non-Relativistic StructuresSaller, H.1EUR 121.44
679780387297767Operational Quantum Theory-Ii: Relativistic StructuresSaller, H.1EUR 121.44
689780632049295An Introduction To Geophysical ExplorationKearey, P., And Brooks, M1EUR 58.16
699780070163218Linear Control System Analysis And Design, 2nd Ed.John J.3EUR 115.79
70Quantum Mechanics.Schiff, L.I.1EUR 125.00
71444860215Light: Vol. 2Haken, H.1EUR 60.99
729780632052387Invertebrate Paleontology And EvaluationClarkson, E.N.K.,1$113.00
73Modern Physics Theory Special Relativity And Quantum Physics.Sandess1EUR 116.00
749780201565188PhysicsAlonso, M.1$114.60
75471853070Atomic Collisions: Electron And Photon Projectiles.Mcdaniel, E.W.1$125.00
769780750306379Physics And Applications Of Semiconductor Quantum Structure.Yao, T.Ed.1EUR 154.05
779780883189245Nonlinear Space Plasma Physics.Sagdeev, R.Z.1$113
78408014938Beginner's Guide To Information TechnologyMarshall, C1EUR 16.00
799971508036Nuclear And Particle Physics On The Light ConeMikkel B. Johnson1EUR 116.10
809780521581370Mathematica In The Laboratory.Dick, S.1$106.59
81412116103Reactivity Of Solids.Anderson, J.S.Ed.1EUR 16.00
829780878499281Modern Practice In Stress And Vibration AnalysisCartmell, M.P.1$181
83824782577Optical And Electronic Properties Of Fullerenes And Fullerene Based MaterialsShinar, J.Ed.2EUR 154.05
849780070841949Electronic Engineering Semiconductors And DevicesAllison, John1EUR 26.99
8523493534Introduction To Physical GeologyW. Kenneth3$51.00
869780198504863The Particle Odyssey:Close, F.1£29.95
87201036029Nuclear Physics.Kaplan, I.1$41
889780521430647Numerical Recipes In Fortran: The Art Of Scientific Computing, 2nd Ed.Press, W.H.1EUR 62.59
899780201578386The Fundamental Particle And Their Interactions.Rolnic, W.B.1$115.00
909780123976307Semiconductor Lasers-1Kapon, E: 1EUR 109.85
919780566056376Effective Library And Information Centre ManagementBryson, J2$43
929781856046176Librarianship: An Introduction (Facet Publications (All Titles As Published))G. G. Chowdhury1$105.00
939780321689573Laboratory Manual In Physical Geology (9th Edition)Richard M. Busch1EUR 87.74
94008037929xHot Dry Rock Geothermal EnergyR.H Parker1$130.00
959780471120667Laser-Molecule Interaction.Lalanne, J.R.1EUR 87.68
969780324041613The New York Times Guide to Business Communication (New York Times GuidesMary Ellen Guffey2EUR 36.44
979780028004426Electric Circuit Analysis.Schuler, C.A.1$101.55
989780130671080Interactive Physics Player WorkbookCindy1EUR 37.14
999781586831806An Automation Primer for School Library Media CentersBarbara Schultz-Jones1EUR 38.05
1009780471963516Understanding Fossils, An Introduction To Invertebrate Paleontology Peter Doyle1$123.00
1019780632037063Sequence StratigraphyEmery, D. And Myers, K.J2$97
102444894195Laser Surface Processing And Characterization.Boyd, I.W.Ed.1$103.75
10370514003McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia Of Physics.Parker, S.P.1EUR 116.89
104124833551Pale MagnetismMicheal Wmcelhinny1$93.95
1059780471489245Optics And Photonics: An IntroductionSmith, F.G.1$125
1069789810249755Proceedings Of The 30th International Conference On High Energy PhysicsC.S. Lim1$119
1079780198518709The Solid State: An Introduction To The Physics Of Crystals For Students Of PhysicsH.M.Rosenberg2$119
108Quantum MechanicsTrigg, G.L. .1EUR 110.00
109354058515xThe Quantum Hall EffectsChakrabarty, T.1EUR 110.59
1103540552138Path Integral Approach To Quantum PhysicsReopstorff, G.1EUR 51.30
111521379377Nonlinear Waves, Solutions And ChaosInfeld, E.1EUR 37.73
1123540524193Flux Coordinates And Magnetic Field StructureD'haeseleer, W.D.1EUR 97.20
1133540545182Atomic Spectra And Radiative Transitions.Sobelman, I.I.1EUR 136.03
1149789332535077An Introduction To Thermal PhysicsSchroeder, D.V.5IRs 579.00
1153540554912Hydrogen In Crystalline SemiconductorsPearton, S.J.7EUR 77.35
1163540557156Wave PhysicsNettel, S.5EUR 33.08
117849302226Handbook Of Geophysical Exploration At SeaRichard A.Gayer1£59.99
1189789810236380Beyond The Standard Model From Theory To Experiment.Ignatios Antoniadis1EUR 127.60
1199789810235390Lie Theory And Its Applications In Physics.H .D Doebner1EUR 119.20
1201563969394Proc. Of The 26th International Cosmic Ray ConferenceBrenda L. Dingus2EUR 113.25
1219780750301800Semiconductor Interfaces And MicrostructuresZhe Chuan Feng1EUR 154.05
12270430209Invertebrate FossilsFischer, G. A. Moore, R. C., Latest1EUR 118.49
1239780838904084Acquisitions Management And Collection Development In LibrariesRose Mary Magrill2EUR 21.47
1249780471252399Surface Science: An IntroductionJohn B. Hudson6EUR 71.96
1253540601740Monte Carlo Method In Condensed Matter PhysicsKurt Binder1EUR 76.20
1269971500752The Quark Structure Of MatterJacob Winter1EUR 49.05
127354055243xAtomic And Molecular Spectroscopy: Basic Aspects And Practical ApplicationsSune Svanberg1EUR 68.75
128471100773Electromagnetic Surface ModesBoardman1EUR 105.93
1293540168389Quantum OpticsWalls, D.F.1EUR 87.20
1303540602372Solid-State Laser EngineeringWalter Koechner1$64.95
131354052309xQuantum Mechanics, V. 2P.Pascual1EUR 77.20
1323540519920Classical And Quantum DynamicsDittrich1EUR 55.00
1333540558772Ultrashort Laser Plus: Generation And ApplicationsW. Kaiser1EUR 66.42
134Atomic SpectraKuhn,H.G.1EUR 85.00
135471580058Vlsi Fabrication Principles: Silicon And Gallium ArsenideGhandhi, S.K.1$117.00
1369780521429153Communicating In ScienceVernon Booth1EUR 48.84
137313304831Social Science Reference SourcesTze-Chung Li2EUR 117.40
138883183609Advances In Laser Science-2Marshall Lapp1EUR 110.55
1399780838909843Marketing Today's Academic LibraryMathews, B1EUR 66.33
1409971503786Dynamics Of Negative IonsJean Pierre1EUR 97.45
141844801216Defects In Crystalline SolidsHenderson, B.1EUR 123.00
1429780306451492Coulomb Interactions In Nuclear And Atomic Few-Body CollisionsLevin, F.S. Ed.1EUR 130.54
1439971508494Hadronic Matter In Collision 1988P. Carruthers1EUR 114.20
14470249288Basic ElectronicsGrob, B.1$120.00
14580265006Gauge Field Theories: An IntroductionJ Leite Lopes1$73.50
1469780471973867Dusty PlasmasBouchoule, A.1£131.00
1479780120918416Atomic And Molecular Photoabsorption Absolute Total Cross SectionJoseph B.1$110.00
1489789813083127Radiative Transfer In Moving MediaK.K Sen1EUR 92.02
1499780534999186College PhysicsSerway, R.A.2$117.95
1509789810236823Themes In Strong Interactions.J. L. Goity1EUR 127.00
1513527281231Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.1Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$225.00
152352728124xEncyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.2Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$225.00
1533527281258Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.3Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$225.00
1543527281266Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.4Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$280.00
1553527281274Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.5Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$280.00
1563527281282Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.6Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$225.00
1573527281290Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.7Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$225.00
1583527268413Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.8Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$225.00
1593527281312Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.9Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$280.00
1603527281320Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.10Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$280.00
1613527281339Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.11Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$280.00
1623527281347Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics Vol.12Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$280.00
1633527281355Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics Vol.13Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$280.00
1643527281363Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics Vol.14Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$280.00
1653527281371Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.15Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$280.00
166352728138xEncyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.16Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$280.00
1673527281398Encyclopedia Of Applied Physics, Vol.17Trigg, G.L. Ed.2$225.00
1689780471623786Optical Emission Lines Of The ElementsRichard . Payling2£197.63
1699789810237592Sensors And MicrosystemsC.D. Ed. Natale1EUR 119.70
1709789810233938Xviii International Symposium On Lepton-Photon InteractionsRgeck, A. Ed.2EUR 120.05
1719789810236984GravitationM. Cho1EUR 115.00
1729789810231576Subnuclear PhysicsZichichi, A. Ed.1EUR 162.15
1739789810237684Hadronic PhysicsG .E. Brown1EUR 127.15
1749789810236588Monte CarloP Grassberger1EUR 115.00
1759780471486411Boundary ProblemsAlexander G .1$140.00
1769780471982937Amorphous SiliconK. Tanaka1EUR 402.99
1779789810232818Laser SpectroscopyZhi -Jiang2EUR 89.10
1789789810237493Subnuclear PhysicsZichichi, A. Ed.1EUR 116.25
1799789810236137The Physics Of SemiconductorsDavid Gershoni2EUR 172.35
1809789810238346Summer School In High Energy Physics And CosmologyA .Masiero2EUR 92.40
1819789810235659Gravitational WavesE .Coccia2EUR 117.90
1829789810235314International School of Heavy Ion PhysicsYu Ts. Oganessian1EUR 117.90
1839789810241810Nuclear Physics With Effective Field Theory IiPaulo F Bedaque3EUR 78.75
1849789810233136Critical Currents In Superconductors For Practical ApplicationsL. Zhou1EUR 133.00
1859789810232788Pacific Symposium On BiocomputingBuss B.1EUR 187.95
1869780071259217Numerical Methods For EngineersChapra, S.C.10EUR 63.11
1879780072937299Calculus 2edRobert T. Smith10EUR 106.54
188838933467Anglo-American Cataloguing RulesCla Press10£58.00
1899780534408466Physics For Scientists And Engineers With Modern PhysicsJewett, J.W.10$139.95
190521380987Flow And Reactions In Permeable RocksO.M.Phillips1£60.00
191471031860Reflection Seismology, A Tool For Energy Resource Exploration Kenneth H.Waters,1EUR 33.08
192408709405Radioisotope Laboratory TechniquesR.A.Faires1EUR 49.28
193534492940Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering,Braja M Das1$104.95
1949780521357524Superstring Theory, Vol. 1: IntroductionM.B.Green1EUR 78.55
195121898040Techniques In Physics-7, Vol. II, Group Theory In PhysicsJ.F.Cornwell1EUR 110.95
1969780070405660Laser Technology And ApplicationsMarshall, S.L.1EUR 17.55
1973540101896Depositional Sedimentary EnvironmentsReineck, H.E. And Singh, I.B1$119.00
1989780521005500Genetics, Paleontology, and Macroevolution Levinton, J.S1EUR 82.59
1999780810859449Cataloging and Classification: An IntroductionLois Mai Chan1EUR 81.00
200471077054Methods And Issues In Social ResearchBlack, J.A & Champion, D.J1EUR 28.32
2019781563089664Library Information Systems: From Library Automation To Distributed Information Access SolutionsKochtanek, T. R., & Matthews, J. R2EUR 63.70
2029780486601137The Physical Principles Of The Quantum TheoryHeisenberg, W.5$11.95
203007042330xMicroelectronics, 2nd EdMillman, J.3EUR 129.59
2049780852743133The Weak Interaction In Nuclear, Particle And AstrophysicsK Grotz2EUR 60.74
2059783540588016Physics Experiments Using PcsStaudenmaier, H.M.Ed.1EUR 145.70
2069780697150783Principles Of MineralogyWilliam, H.B1EUR 68.54
20770054940Relativistic Quantum Fields.Bjorken, J.D.1EUR 126.89
2089780136494683Principles Of Petroleum Development GeologyLondon, R.C1EUR 104.44
2099780470561584Principles Of Physics: International Student Version, Extended 9th Ed. Walker, J.1EUR 105.55
2103540558853Physics Experiments Using PcsH.M.Staudenmaier1EUR 97.20
2119780201070125States, Waves And Photons:Simmons, J.W.1EUR 16.00
2129780201834369Nonclassical Physics: Beyond Newton's ViewRandy Harris3$132.40
2139780471548850Solid State Physics Simulations: The Consortium For Upper-LevelIan Johnston1EUR 43.88
2149781852331153Quantitative Geophysics And GeologyLliboutry, L1EUR 132.35
215138216037Solid State Physical ElectronicsVan Der Ziel, A.1EUR 89.00
2169780763779986Introductory Biophysics Perspectives On The Living StateClaycomb, J.1EUR 125.79
2179780122226953Tunable Lasers Handbook.Duarte, F.J.1EUR 136.60
2189780139553110Modern PhysicsBernstein, J.1EUR 151.19
2199780412709708Silicon Sensors And Circuits.Wolffenbuttel, R.F. 1EUR 240.31
220863411096Semiconductors Laser For Long-Wavelength Optical FiberAdams, M.J.1EUR 56.70
22170258872Numerical Methods For Scientists And EngineersR.W.Hamming1EUR 40.43
2229971503727Mos Digital Electronics.S.S.Chung1EUR 98.80
2239780691001135Waves And Grains.Silverman, M.P.2EUR 77.13
2249780030062285Astronomy And AstrophysicsZeilik, Gregory1$185.00
2259780471548874Waves And Optics Simulations: The Consortium For Upper-Level PhysicsWolfgang2EUR 43.88
2279780471204916Fundamentals of Geographic Information System, Michael N. Demers2EUR 114.68
228201517116Hydrology and Floodplain AnalysisPhilip Bedient1$105.00
2299971978253Proceedings of The Winter College on Fundamental Nuclear Physics.K.Dietrich1EUR 112.25
230125505507Low Energy Electron Diffraction.Pendry, J.B.2EUR 58.73
2319781555705947Fundamentals of information studiesLester1EUR 90.83
2329780521893107Real Science: What It Is What It MeansZiman, J.2EUR 63.69
2339780349107035Cosmos: The Story of Cosmic Evolution, Science And CivilisationCarl Sagan1EUR 14.35
234883186012Theory of Many Particle Systems.I.P. Bazarov1EUR 62.02
235Machine Tool Metalworking: Principles And Practice, 2nd Ed.Feirer, J.L.1EUR 59.95
2363540172556Weak And Electromagnetic Interactions In NucleiH.V. Klapdor3EUR 97.20
237201517116Hydrology and Floodplain AnalysisPhilip Bedient1$75.00
23870099871Igneous And Metamorphic PetrologyCarmichael, S. E., Turner, F. J. And Verhoogen1EUR 74.25
2399971500531Solitons & polarons in conducting polymersYu lu1EUR 121.15
240030635733xMicroscopic structure and dynamics of liquidsDupuy1EUR 97.20
241444869956Fractals in physicsE .tosatti1EUR 75.51
242997150166xNeutrino physics and astrophysicsYuta1EUR 124.20
2433540576827From Electrostatics to Optics: A Concise Electrodynamics CourseG . scharf1EUR 97.20
2443540643710Positron AnnihilationH.S. Leipner1EUR 240.31
2453540552138Path Integral Approach To Quantum PhysicsReopstorff, G.1EUR 51.30
246201028093Introduction to fluid mechanicsHence1EUR 16.00
247Principles of modern physicsLeighton1EUR 89.00
2489971966379Radiation in plasmasMcnmara1EUR 98.55
2493540544224NEXAFS SpectroscopyJoachim stohr1EUR 165.05
250810860007Cataloging and classification an introductionMai chan2EUR 64.73
251387557997Computational Approaches In Condensed-Matter PhysicsMiyashita,S.Ed6EUR 93.45
2529810233701B Physics & Cp ViolationBrowder1EUR 147.00
2539810234007Calorimetry In High Energy PhysicsCheu1EUR 78.75
2549810236980Gravitation & CosmologyCho1$155.00
2559810228546Gravitational Waves: Sources & DetectorsCiufolini3EUR 162.75
256201513870Introduction To Computational PhysicsJong3EUR 26.99
257812114426Introductory Physics Of Nuclear MedicineChandra4EUR 58.00
2589810232810Laser SpectroscopyWang1EUR 89.10
2599810224478Laser SpectroscopyInguscio1EUR 105.55
2609810238207Casimir Effect 50 Year LaterBordag1EUR 115.00
2619810236190Abdus Salam Memorial MeetingEllis1EUR 196.00
262471178160Atospheric Chemistry & Physics: From Air Pollution To Climate ChangeSeinfeld2EUR 91.73
263003031903XCollege Physics 5/ESerway5EUR 62.09
264534492835Principles of College Physics 5/EServay1EUR 95.84
26530351146College Physics 6/ESerway5EUR 113.39
266534999182College Physics 7/E Vol 1Serway5EUR 60.74
267521552141FRUITFUL ENCOUNTERS: A History Of Modern Planetary PhysicsBRUSH4EUR 112.30
2689810233795Statistical PhysicsTokuyama2EUR 71.40
269471228613Fundamentals Of Physics Vol 1 6/E: Enhanced Problems VersionHalliday5EUR 84.38
2709810237936General Relativity: Part 2Piran2EUR 160.80
27170231516Heat Conduction And Mass DiffusionGebhart4EUR 133.64
2729810235313Heavy Ion PhysicsOganessian1EUR 187.00
2739810237499Highlights Of Subnuclear Physics 50 Years LaterZichichi1EUR 116.00
2743540780610Introduction To Solid-State TheoryMadelung2EUR 157.95
275981023368XMacroscopic Quantum CoherenceSassaroli1EUR 118.00
2769810228120Magnetic Properties Of MatterLanotte2EUR 62.35
2779810240244Multiparticle DynamicsAntoniou2EUR 196.65
2789810237839New Trends In Neutrino PhysicssKniehl2EUR 81.90
2793540780467Nuclear ModelsGreiner1EUR 24.29
2809810232306Nuclear PhysicsBertulani2EUR 100.80
281201116111Optics 2nd EdHecht1EUR 37.48
2829810238576Physics Beyond The Standard ModelHerczeg1EUR 154.00
283176413693Physics For The Life Sciences 2/EAllmang1$49.95
2849810239343Quantum InformationSaito3EUR 129.65
2854717548847Quantum Mechanics Simulations +FdHiller3EUR 47.93
2869810237596Sensors & MicrosystemsNatale3$114.00
287130955612Thermodynamics 5rd EdRolle5EUR 93.14
288471982938Amorphous SiliconMaruyama5EUR 202.99
289471972541Atomic Absorption & Plasma Spectroscopy 2/E: Analytical Chemistry By Open LearningDean5$182.00
290120918412Atomic And Molecular Photoabsorption Absolute Total Cross SectionsBerkowitz3$210.00
291849304830Handbook Of Chemistry & Physics 83/Ed 2002-2003Lide1EUR 121.49
292421538805Law Of Nuclear Installations & Radioactive SubstancesTromans5EUR 153.00
293412725401Principles Of Free-Electron LasersFreund3EUR 138.00
294125614608Handbook Of SuperconductivityPoole1EUR 183.85
2959971511428Transport PhenomenaBird2EUR 89.00
2969780763788241Linear Algebra With Applications 7/EWilliams1EUR 75.84
2979789810236328Methodologies For Conception, Design & Application Of Soft Computing: 2 Vol-SetYamkawa3EUR 145.00
298471148601Nonlinear OpticsSauter5EUR 134.47
2993540537562Solid State Laser Engineering 4th EdKoechner1EUR 81.00
3009810237723High Energy Physics, 2 Vol-SetAstbury3$293.00
301471623784Optical Emission Lines Of The ElementsPayling5£297.63
302125129084Handbook Of Thin Film Materials 5 Vols SetNalwa2EUR 1,469.50
3039810232721Advances In Dusty PlasmasShukla1EUR 133.35
3049810233442Narrow Gap SemiconductorSehn1EUR 150.00
3059810238851Mesons And Light Nuclei 98Bydzovsky1EUR 136.60
30630271576Principles Of Physics 3/ESerway1EUR 33.63
3079780070576377Semiconductor optoelectronics physics and technologyJasprit singh1EUR 97.49
308130200697Soil PropertiesCheng Liu1$78.00
309047157290xTheory Of Weak Interaction In Particle Physics.Marshak, R.E.1EUR 46.02
3109780750305433The Particle CenturyGordon Fraser1EUR 104.29
311471161500Theory And Applications Of Field Effect Transistors.Cobbold, R.1EUR 25.81
3129789810227975Proc. Of The Workshop On Gammasphere Physics.M.A.Deleplanque1EUR 86.10
3139780201578997Modern Technical Physics.Beiser, B.A.2EUR 179.51
3149780138402082Probability And Statistics For Engineers And Scientists, 6th Walpole1EUR 48.09
315849303338Handbook of Spectroscopy Vol 3Robinson3EUR 169.43
3169780073209258Vector mechanics for engineersFerdinand10$168.00
3179780803163355Annual Book Of Astm Standards Soil And Rock IAstm10$207.00
3189780803163379Annual Book Of Astm Standards Soil And Rock IIIAstm10$207.00
3199780803163454Annual Book Of Astm Standards Soil And Rock IIAstm10$207.00
3209780534394110Calculus 6edTan5$158.95
3219780521464987Uv Lasers: Effects And Applications In Materials Science.Duley, W.W.1EUR 136.59
3229780566082221Information MarketingRowley, J. E1EUR 64.12
3239971500876Phase Transitions Of The Second Order: Collective Variables MethodI.R.Yukhnovskii1EUR 123.10
3249781856044820Indexing And Abstracting In Theory And PracticeF. Wilfrid Lancaster1EUR 67.43
3259783540641193The data analysis briefbookr.k. rock1EUR 61.54
326127521054Semiconductors And Semimetals Vol.5Willardson, R.K.Ed.1EUR 103.28
327127521070Semiconductors And Semimetals Vol.7Willardson, R.K.Ed.1EUR 156.60
3283540971084Lasers And Optical Engineering.Das P.1EUR 71.55

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