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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
18123906773A Handbook Of Medical Laboratory Technology, 2/EdTalib2012IRs. 325
28123916170A Practical Approach To Pharmaceutical Analysis, Instrumental And Manual For B. Pharmacy And M. Pharmacy StudentsNema2011IRs. 250
38186270043A Text Book Of Pharmaceutical BiologySardana2009IRs. 205
4340376740A Textbook Of Clinical Pharmacology 2/EdGillies1986$ 35.95
58126514144A Textbook Of Pharmaceutical Analysis, 3/EdConnors2009IRs. 749
68189911082Academic's Dictionary Of PharmacySrivastava2007IRs. 195
7012013330XAdvances In Drug Research, Vol. # 30Testa1997$ 60
88173715882Advances In Medicinal PlantsReddy2007IRs. 450
9120329468Advances In Pharmacology, Culmulative Subject Index Volumes 25-44August1999$ 35.95
1074711024An Atlas Of Surface Microscopy Of Pigmented Skin Lesions: Dermoscopy, 2/Ed With CdMenzies2003$ 34.95
11851869564Analysis For Drugs And Metabolites Including Anti-Infective AgentsReid1990£ 45
12824719301Anticancer Drug Toxicity: Prevention, Management And Clinical PharmacokineticsLipp1999$ 85.95
138123900252Atlas Of Microscopy Of Medicinal Plants Culinary Herbs And SpicesJackson2000IRs. 1395
1471451536Basic And Clinical Pharmacology 10/EdKatzung2007$ 24.95
158185386706Basic Tests For Drugs Pharmaceutical Substances, Medical Plant Materials And Dosage FormsWhoIRs. 90
16850663539Biochemical And Pharmacological Aspects Of DepressionTipton1989£ 25.99
17854047417Biofluid Assay For Peptide-Related And Other DrugsReid1996$ 115
188131218341Blood Banking And Transfusion Medicine: Basic Principles & Practice, 2/EdHillyer2009IRs. 3995
19471575585Burger's Medicinal Chemistry And Drug DiscoveryWolff1996$ 16
20854047069Chemical Aspects Of Drug Delivery SystemsKarsa1996£ 39.99
21443046506Clinical Pharmacology 7/EdLaurence1995£ 6.75
2271440363Cns TherapeuticsBlass2007$ 29.95
23838515355Concise Dictionary Of Modern MedicineSegen2006$ 29.95
248185790213Concise Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry - IiMahadik2009IRs. 170
25313311315Controversies In The Practice Of MedicineGoldstein2001$ 60
26849370841Crc Handbook Of Clinical ChemisrtryWerner1989£ 84.99
27849326656Crc Handbook Of Medicinal Mints, Aromathematics, Phytochemicals And Biological ActivitiesSternberg1996£ 89.99
28084933215XCrc Handbook Of OtotoxicityMiller1985£ 49.99
29838572197Current Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 3/EdLadou2004$ 35.95
30762101261Decorating With HerbsLycett1998$ 24.95
31019963758XDifferential Display, A Practical ApproachLeslie2000£ 34.99
328123909020Dispensing For Phrmaceutical Students, 12/EdCarter2008IRs. 410
338186270752Dosage Form Design As Per B. Pharmacy Syllabus Of A.I.C.T.E.)Ali2010$ 190
348184891515Dose Finding In Drug DevelopmentTing2006IRs. 1195
35155085174Drug Use And Abuse, 4/EdMaisto2004$ 19.95
36849375207Dry Skin And Moisturizers: Chemistry And FunctionLoden2000£ 79
37853695709Essentials Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 2/EdCairns2007£. 34.99
381401889255Essentials Of Pharmacology For Health Occupations, 5/Ed With CdWoodrow2007$ 50
398173815488Experimental PharmacologyGaur2007IRs. 95
40849333814G Proteins Techniques Of AnalysisManning1999£ 69.99
418122419844Genetic Variance Detection Technologies For PharmacogenomicsHecker2007IRs. 395
421848440906Global Pharmaceutical Policy Ensuring Medicines For Tomorrow's WorldAbbott2009£ 79.2
438181286970Good Laboratory Practice - The Why And The How, 2/EdSeiler2007IRs. 1495
44808924067Gray's Anatomy For StudentsDrake2010$ 40
458181479823Handbook Of Isolation And Characterization Of Impurities In PharmaceuticalsAhuja2005IRs. 1995
468123908504Handbook Of Pharmaceutical TechnologyGhosh2004IRs. 295
478174732551Handbook Of PharmacologyPanda2005IRs. 90
48849370914Handbook Series In Clinical Laboratory Science, Section 1: Hematology, Vol. # 1Seligson1979£ 69.99
498188279579Herbal Therapy For AgeingKhan2009IRs. 450
508188279560Herbal Therapy For Diarrhoea And DysentryKhan2009IRs. 450
518126522651Hugo & Russell's Pharmaceutical Microbiology 7/EdDenyer2009IRs. 995
528123906358Identification Of Drugs In Pharmaceutical Formulations By Thin Layer Chromatography, 2/EdSethi2008IRs. 2095
53012198382XImmunology GuidebookCruse2004$ 115.95
54306432730Immunopharmacology Reviews, Vol. # 1Hadden1990$ 64.95
558174732756Manual Of Basic Techniques For A Health Laboratory, 2/EdWho2005IRs. 250
568123914423Mcq's In PharmacologyKulkarni2009IRs. 180
578174733140Mcq's In PharmacologyPanda2006IRs. 60
581877930091MEDICA HEALTH HANDBOOK..........1995$ 16.95
598131731444Medicinal Chemistry, 2/EdSriram2013IRs.. 535
608131201287Methods Of Tissue EngineeringAtala2006IRs. 1295
618171410677Modern Dictionary Pharmaceutical ChemistrySatake1990IRs. 300
62124065554Molecular Structure Description The Electrotopological StateKier1999$ 80
63849364000Multifunctional Proteins: Catalytic/Structural And RegulatoryKane1983£ 39.99
64052145459XNaloxone, Flumazenil And Dantrolene As AntidotesMeredith1993£ 24.99
65817473323XOccupational Disease And PoisoningHossain2006IRs. 95
66824716817Orphan DrugsKarch1982$ 69.95
67089721420XOrtho's All About HerbsOster1999$ 11.95
688123906277Pharmaceutical AnalysisParimoo2010IRs. 345
698131773697Pharmaceutical AnalysisSudha2013IRs.. 399
708123916927Pharmaceutical Analysis Theory, Methodology And Drug Assay, Vol. # 2Kar2009IRs. 495
718123917931Pharmaceutical Analysis, 2/Ed, Vol. # 1Siddiqui2010IRs. 195
728123913583Pharmaceutical Analysis, Vol. # 2Siddiqui2006IRs. 170
73443064016Pharmaceutical And Medicines Information Management Principles And PracticeRobson2001$ 28.95
74853696025Pharmaceutical Calculations WorkbookRees2006£ 24.99
758123903944Pharmaceutical DispensingNand2006IRs. 100
76812112555Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms And Drug Delivery Systems 5/EdAnsel1990$ 44
778131769409Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Theory And PracticeLakshmi2013IRs.. 275
78081551526X1Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia, 3/Ed, Vol. # 1: A-BSittig2007IRs. 2595
79081551526XPharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia, 3/Ed, Vol. # 3: H-PSittig2007IRs. 2995
80081551526X4Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia, 3/Ed, Vol. # 4: Q-ZSittig2007IRs. 2995
818174733930Pharmaceutical Organic ChemistryDharuman2010IRs. 195
828131765272Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry Theory And PracticesBhasin2012IRs.. 399
838131795453Pharmaceutics Formulations And Dispensing PharmacyBharath2013IRs.. 240
84824710422Pharmacokinetics, 2/Ed, Vol. # 15Gibaldi2009IRs. 2995
858176221716Pharmacologically Active BioproductsKothari2007IRs. 650
868185790248Pharmacology & ToxicologyKale2007IRs. 135
878123905548Pharmacology Laboratory Manual, 2/Ed, Vol. # 1Singhal2007IRs. 90
88812391539XPharmacology, 3/EdBallington2008IRs. 695
898123915403Pharmacy Calculations, 3/Ed With CdBallington2008IRs. 595
908123912862Pharmacy Examination Review, 9/EdGerraughty2000IRs. 140
91813090005XPharmacy Practice, 3/EdStone2005IRs. 295
928123915381Pharmacy Practice, 3/Ed With CdBallington2009IRs. 595
931416039600Pharmacy Technician Student Handbook A Custom Publication For Corinthian CollegesCci2006$ 24.95
94683002392Practical Clinical Psychopharmacology 3edAppleton1981$ 25.95
958123905130Practical Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 4/Ed, Part OneBeckett2004IRs. 375
968123905149Practical Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 4/Ed, Part TwoBeckett2002IRs. 275
978123907877Practical PharmaceuticsGaud2009IRs. 240
988174733248Practical Standard PrescriptionHossain2006IRs. 295
991856493202Problem DrugsChetley1995$ 32
1008174732845Quality Assurance Of Pharmaceuticals A Compendium Of Guidelines And Related Materials, Vol. # 1Who2007IRs. 295
1018174732853Quality Assurance Of Pharmaceuticals A Compendium Of Guidelines And Related Materials, Vol. # 2..........2007IRs. 295
102817473158XQuality Control Methods For Medicinal Plant Materials..........2005IRs. 90
1038123915853Quantitative Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 6/EdJenkins2008IRs. 395
1048131221990Short Cases In Clinical Medicine, 4/EdAbdullah2011IRs. 795
1058188449172Textbook Of Forensic PharmacyKokate2006IRs. 100
106781724147Textbook Of Therapeutics: Drug And Disease Management, 7/EdHerfindal2000$ 125
1079241542152THE International Pharmacopoeia, 3/Ed, Vol. # 3: Quality Specifications..........1988$ 57.6
10825134701The Macmillan Treasury Of HerbsBonar1985$ 38.95
1091845420888The Public Financing Of Pharmaceuticals An Economic ApproachPuig2005£ 49.2
1108189960704The Science And Practice Of Pharmacy 21/Ed (2-Vol Set)Remington2008IRs. 2195
1118123916798The Theory And Practice Of Industrial PharmacyLachman2009IRs. 575
1128179102749Tools Of PharmacogenomicsDebnath2009IRs. 750
113873892526Total Quality Management In The Clinical LaboratoryHutchison1994$ 43
114817473287XWho Monographs On Selected Medicinal Plants, Vol. # 2Who2005IRs. 395

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