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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
1817626271A Laboratory Guide To In Vitro Studies Of Protein Dna InteractionsH.P.Saluz1991EUR 140
2120277239Advances In Microbial Physiology Vol 23Anthony H. Rose1982$ 45
3824311442Annual Review Of MicrobiologyH.H.Winkler1990P 19
49788186535608Antibodies A Laboratory ManualDavid Lane1988IRs. 995
59780444514424Applied Mycology And Biotechnology Vol IiiGKhachatourians2003$ 165
69798174732643Assessing Microbial Safty Of Drinking WaterLorna Fewtrell2005IRs. 395
79780198506379Atherosclerosis Gene Expression Cell Interactions And OxidationDavid T. Kelly2000P 85
89788189729035Bioseparation Process In FoodsP. B. Bansal2012IRs. 650
93540969748Concepts In Viral Pathogenesis IiiMichael Oldstone1992EUR 45
10470202491Discovery And Isolation Of Microbial ProductsM.A.Verrall1987$ 45
119780716716143Enzyme Structure And Mechanism 2edAlan Fersht'1984$ 45
129788170354345Food MicrobiologyNeelam Khetarpaul2006IRs. 290
139780340573709Gamete And Embryo Micromanipulation In Human ReproductionMalcolm Symonds2005$ 39
143540969993Gene Regulation By Steroid Hormones IvJ.H.Clark1989EUR 45
159780072965971Genetics Analysis And PrincipleRobert Brooker2005$ 135
169780198599487Guidebook To Molecular Chaperones And Protein Folding CatalystsGething1998P 35
179780750692823Immunopathology Of Lung DiseaseBruce Robinson1996$ 125
189780632053193Infectious Disease 2edStephen Gillespie2000$ 60
199780632015979Introduction To Modern VirologyS B Primrose1987$ 45
209780896038769Melanoma Biologically Targeted TherapeuticsErnest C.Borden2002$ 75
213540978151Microbial Adesion And InvasionLech Switalski1992EUR 49
229788181285300Microbial BiochemistryGeorges N. Cohen2007IRs. 550
239788131713846Microbial Ecology Fundamentals And Applications 4edAtlas Bartha2007IRs. 695
249783540657200Microbial Extracellular Polymeric SubstancesC. Flemming1999EUR 60
25632006838Microbial GeochemistryKrumbein1983$ 45
263540941207Microbial Of Lake PlubseeRyszard J. Chrost1993EUR 65
27849360668Microbial Transformations Of Bioactive Compounds Vol IiJohn P. Rosazza1982P 15
289780072476248Microbiology Experiments A Health Science PerspectiveMary Bicknell2003$ 35
299798174733718Microbiology For NursesMrs. S.K.Kurian2004IRs. 135
309788123912141Microbiology For Nurses & Allied SciencesB.Arora2005IRs. 195
31881921157Microfungi On Miscellaneous SubstratesMartin B. Ellis1988$ 35
32849363403Neuroscience Approached Through Cell Culture Vol ISteven E. Pfeiffer1982P 45
33849363411Neuroscience Approached Through Cell Culture Vol IiSteven E. Pfeiffer1983P 45
34824773705Nonfermentative Gram Negative RodsGerald L. Gilardi1985P 39
359781555811549Practical Guide To Diagnostic ParatologyLynne S. Garcia1999$ 65
369780387940915Principles Of Protein X-Ray CrystallographyJan Drenth1994EUR 45
379780716732686Structure And Mechanism In Protein ScienceAlan Fersht'1998$ 85
389780126213614The Desk Encyclopedia Of MicrobiologyMoselio Schaechter2003$ 125
399780521443647The Eukaryotic Genome Organisation And RegulationP.F.G.Sims1993P 45
409788179102749Tools Of PharmacogenomicsMousumi Debnath2009IRs. 750
419780340663172Topley & Wilson`S Microbiology And Microbial Infections Vol 2 Systematic Bacteriology 9edMax Sussman1998$ 170
429780873716215Toxicological Chemistry 2edStanley Manahan1992P 59
439780070599567Trends And Research In LeishmaniasisR. Nayak2005$ 9.95
449780387944951Triple Helical Nulcleic AcidsVladimir Potaman1998EUR 95
459780671553616Virus Ground ZeroEd Regis1996$ 23
46824790537Viruses And The Cellular Immune ResponseD.Brian Thomas1993P 95
47824781422Yeast Biotechnology And BiocatalysisRene De Mot1989P 89
48824782763Yeast Strain SelectionChandra J. Panchal1990P 85

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