Mechanical Engineering

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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
19781418049119Accessing Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007William G. Wyatt2007$ 115
2038719908XAdvanced Fixture Design For FmsSenthil Kumar1995EUR 85
33764335912Adventures In Stochastic ProcessesSidney I. Resnick1992EUR 140
49788120352643Aircraft PropulsionMayur R Anvekar2016IRs. 175
59780803164239Annual Book Of Astm Standards Nuclear Solar And Geothermal Engergy Nuclear (Ii) Solar And Geothermal EnergyAstm2009$ 250
6803125968Astm And Nace Standards Related To Undrground Storage TanksAstm1998$ 25
7803131429Astm International Standards For Mechnical Fasteners And Related Standards For Fastener Materials Coatings Test Methods And QualityAstm2003$ 89
8803125887Astm Standards Related To Stiches And SeamsAstm1998$ 39
9387545182Atomic Spectra And Radiative Transitions 2edIgor I.Sobelman1992EUR 49
109781418049140Autodesk Inventor Essentials PlusAlan J. Kalameja2006$ 65
119780074712948Automotive Mechanics Vol 1 7edEd May2003$ 110
129780074712962Automotive Mechanics Vol 2 7edEd May2003$ 110
139789332505759Basic Mechanical EngineeringPravin Kumar2013IRs. 379
14849345103Bioenvironmental Systems Vol IiiDonald L. Wise1989£ 15
159780071468268Build Your Own Car PcJ.Haroer2006$ 27.95
169780521144612Cambridge English For EnginneingJermy Day2009IRs. 395
179780521437998Chaos In Dynamical SystemsEdward Ott1993£ 15
183540908153Chess Skill In Man And MachinePeterw. Frey1984EUR 25
199788131758915Classical Mechanics 3edJohn Safko2011IRs. 725
209780521347969Contact MechanicsK.L.Johnson1987£ 39
21849345081Crc Global Bioconversions Vol 1Donald L. Wise1987£ 15
22849345111Crc Global Bioconversions Vol IvDonald L. Wise1987£ 15
23084935126XCrc Recent Developments In Hydrogen Technology Vol IFrederick J. Edeskuty1986£ 35
249788131760901Electrical Machines 2edSmarajit Ghosh2012IRs. 499
259789332518537Electrical Machines Drives And Power Systems 6edTheodore Wildi2014IRs. 825
269789332514416Electrical Technology Machines And Measurements Vol IiSurinder Pal Bali2013IRs. 549
279789810237509Electro Rheological Fluids Magneto Rheological Suspensions And Their ApplicationsK. Koyama1999$ 150
28872014924Encyclopedia Of Fluid Mechamics Supplement 1Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff1993$ 145
298126126124Encyclopedia Of Thermodynamics Vol 1Udai Veer2006IRs. 1250
309781861526199Engineerign Mechanics Statics 2edPytel Kisalaas2000$ 69
319789332535053Engineering By Design 2edGerald Voland2014IRs. 625
329788131766385Engineering Management Challenges In The New MillenniumC.M.Chang2011IRs. 575
339788131764848Engineering MechanicsMarathwada University2011IRs. 250
349789332518483Engineering Vibration 4edDaniel J.Inman2014IRs. 609
359788120345119Experience In Fluid MechanicsSarbjit Singh2015IRs. 225
369789332535022Field And Wave Electromagnetics 2edDavid K. Cheng2015IRs. 749
379780824788940Flat Rolling FundamentalsRobert Ballas2000£ 149
389788120351172Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulic MachinesManish Kumar Goyal2015IRs. 695
39387914145Form Structure And MechanismMichael French1992EUR 49
40891169857Freezing And Melting Heat Transfer In EngineerigN. Seki1991$ 150
419788123911779Fundamentals Of Engineering Drawing 4edS.Pal2011IRs. 95
429788120346802Fundamentals Of Internal Combustion EnginesH. N. Gupta2015IRs. 525
439780072976755Fundamentals Of Thermal -Fluid Sciences 2edYunus A. Cengel2005$ 145
449780534261481Group Dynamics 3edDonelson R. Forsyth1998$ 85
458131201317Handbook Of Glass PropertiesR.H.Doremus2006IRs. 795
469788131754009Heat And TheromodynamicsAnadamoy Manna2011IRs. 450
479781560320272Heat Conduction 3edY. Yener1992£ 49
489781560325802Heat Transfer In Food Cooling ApplicationsIbrahim Dincer1997£ 45
499780766813403Heavy Duty Truck Systems 3edJohn A. Corinchock2000$ 180
509780070154919Horizontal And Vertical DrillingByron Davenport1992$ 39
519790827365000I- Car Professional Automative Collision RepairJames E. Duffy1995$ 125
529780534953935Image Processing: Analysis And Machine Vision 2edRoger Boyle1998$ 175
53931830419Induced Polarization Applications And Case HistoriesStanley H. Ward1990$ 90
549780120882519Information Gap Decision TheoryYakov Ben Haim2001$ 85
559788120329423Into Engergy Flow The Thermodynamics Cool And LifeDorion Sagan2004IRs. 325
569788120333765Introduction To AcousticsRobert D. Finch2005IRs. 495
579780071121712Introduction To Graphics Communications For Engineers 2edGary R. Bertoline2001$ 25
589780521411523Laminar Flow AnalysisDavid F. Rogers1992£ 69
59891163034Liquid - Metal Coolants For Heat Pipes And Power PlantsE.E.Shpilrain1990$ 89
60138978026Machine Design An Integrated ApproachRobert L. Norton1997$ 65
619788131767542Manufacturing Processes Vol IH.S.Shan2012IRs. 299
629780070096127Marine Diesel Engines Maintenance Troubleshooting And RepairNigel Calder1991$ 24
639789810237486Materials Reaearch Using Cold Neutrons At Pulsed Neutron SourcesC-K Loong1999$ 65
649788181286024Mechanical Design Theory & MethodologyKenneth J. Waldron2007IRs. 550
659789332518520Mechanical Measurements 6edJohn H. Lienhard V2014IRs. 735
669788131773734MechanicsSomnath Datta2012IRs. 399
67884154742Mechanics Of Hydraulic FracturingChing H. Yew1997$ 45
689789332518605Mechanics Of Materials 9edRussell C.Hibbeler2014IRs. 815
699780863413353Mems PackingTai Ran Hsu2003$ 98
709788120350779Metal Casting And JoiningK. C. John2015IRs. 495
719788122408430Metal Casting Principles And PracticeT.V.Ramana Rao2007IRs. 350
729780387989693Microcontinuum Field TheoriesA. Cemal Eringen2001EUR 189
739788131761670Modern Control Theory 3edWilliam L. Brogan2011IRs. 699
749788170493105Nanofuture What`S Next For NantechnologyJ.Storrs Hall2001IRs. 495
759789332526457Non- Conventional Energy ResourcesShobh Nath Singh2014IRs. 275
769780071548823Perfect Power: How The Microgrid Revolution Will Unleash Cleaner, Greener, More Abundant EnergyKurt Yeacer2009$ 24.95
779788120351707Physical MetallurgyV. Raghavan2016IRs. 250
789788120346123Power Plant EngineeringManoj Kumar Gupta2015IRs. 350
799788120351394Practical Boiler Operation Engineering And Power PlantAmiya Ranjan Mallick2015IRs. 650
809788131773352Principles Of Quantum MechanicsSingh Tyagi2012IRs. 425
819780195685688Principles Of Vibration 2edBenson H. Tongue2007IRs. 395
829781401851637Print Reading For Engineering And Manufacturing Technology 2edDavid A. Madsen2004$ 145
839780072499391Pro/ Engineer AssistantDavid S. Kelley2001$ 39
849780072965933Pro/Engineer Wildfire InstructorDavid S. Kelley2005$ 65
85470200685Problems In Packaging The Environmental IssuK.Lidgren1992$ 45
86852964919Properties Of Indium PhosphideInspec1991$ 145
87883186020Quantum Electrodynamics At High EnergiesDavid Parsons1989$ 75
881571460064Quantum Groups From Coalgebras To Drinfeld AlgebrasShlomo Sternberg1993$ 29
899788131773628Quantum MechanicsV Murugan2014IRs. 550
909788131759851Sears And Zemansky`S University Physics Mechanics 12ed Vol IRoger A. Freedman2011IRs. 425
919780784408148Sedientation Engineering Processes Measurements Modeling And PracticeMarcelo H. Garcia2008$ 160
92387820566Selected Papers On The Teachning Of Mathematics As A Service SubjectDe Turckheim1988EUR 29
939780471987666Shock -Capturing Methods For Free -Surface Shallow FlowsEleuterio F. Toro2001$ 145
949789067644235Spatial Energy Principles Of Compex Structures FormationG.A.Korablev2005$ 160
959788131768549Strength Of MaterialsV. Ramasamy2012IRs. 425
963540967893Structural Plasticity Theory Problems And Cae SoftwareH.Zhang1991EUR 49
97387196323Superfine Particle TechnologySeiichiro Kashu1991EUR 69
989789332534971System Dynamics 4edKatsuhiko Ogata2014IRs. 799
999783540206385The Chemical Bond A Fundamental Quantum Mechanical PictureTadamasa Shida2004EUR 85
1009781847204868The Dynamics Of StandardsKnut Blind2008£ 59
1019780521384452The Origns Of Railway EnteriseMaurice W. Kirby1993£ 15
1029780729512855Theory And Practice Of Gas Metal Arc WeldingS.A.Davies1992$ 45
103891166548Theory Of Anisotropic Plates Strength Stability And VibrationsS.A.Ambartsumyan1991$ 145
1049788131797327Theory Of Machines And MechanismsSadhu Singh2012IRs. 399
1059788131760697Theory Of Machines Kinematics And Dynamics 3edSadhu Singh2011IRs. 650
1061560320656Theory Tables And Data For Compressible FlowWilliam B.Brower1990$ 125
1079788131795507ThermodynamcisK.Rathnam2013IRs. 275
1089788131771853ThermodynamicsPrasanna Kumar2013IRs. 389
1091883400058Thermodynamics Of Organic Compunds In The Gas State 2 Vol SetR.C.Wilhoit1994$ 325
1101560321113Thermodynamics Properties Of Isomerization ReactionsG.N.Roganov1992$ 69
1113540977023Time`S Arrow The Origins Of Thermodynamics BehaviorMichael C. Mackey1991EUR 125
1129780387946788Transport Phenomena With Drops And BubblesJ.N.Chung1996EUR 135
1139780124433458Ultrasounds And Elasric WavesBrian M. Lempriere2002$ 145
1149780073209258Vector Mechanics For Engineers Statics 7edElliot R. Eisenberg2005$ 44
1159788131507674Virtual MachinesTed Simpson2009IRs. 125
1169788120351271Wind Power Plants And Project DevelopmentJoshua Earnest, Tore Wizelius2015IRs. 1495
1179788120351660Wind Power TechnologyJoshua Earnest2015IRs. 475

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