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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
19781470409210A Basic Course In Partial Differential EquationsQing Han2010IRs. 720
29780821868782A Companion To Analysis A Second First And Firts CourseT.W.Korner2011IRs. 1175
39788125040095A Course In Academic WritinRenu Gupta2012IRs. 295
49780821887110A Course In Approximation TheoryWill Light2012IRs. 760
59789332519039A First Course In Abstract Algebra 7edJohn B. Fraleigh2013IRs. 799
69789332535237A Friendly Introduction Top Number Theory 4edJoseph H. Silverman2014IRs. 650
79780821891827A Gentle Introduction To Game TheorySaul Stahl2013IRs. 640
83540973907A Primer On Spectral TheoryAbernard Aupetit1991EUR 35
99780821887349A Primer On The Calculus Of Variations And Optical Control TheoryMikr Mesterton Gibbons2012IRs. 680
10817631739A Source Book In Matroid TheoryKung1986EUR 49
119789332514669A Textbook Of Discrete Mathematics 4edC.Vijayakumari2013IRs. 325
129788183563208A Textbook Of Mathematics EconomicsMary George2007IRs. 295
139788120351493Abstract AlgebraDipak Chatterjee2015IRs. 350
149780521443562Acta NumericaKurt George1993£ 49
159788131768570Advanced CalculusGerald B. Folland2011IRs. 575
169780849378546Advanced Engineering MathematicsDean G. Duffy1997£ 15
179780521530118Advanced Level Mathematics Pure Mathematics 1Douglas Quadling2002£ 14
189788131758922Algebra Abstract And ModernA.V.S.N.Murthy2011IRs. 350
19877202591Algebra An Introductory CourseMorris Bramson1987$ 23
209788131760864Algebra I A Basic Course In Abstract AlgebraAsha Gauri Shankar2011IRs. 399
21877202206Algebra Two And TrigonometryDressler Rich1972$ 24.99
229783540591153Algebraic RenormalizationSilvio P. Sorella1995EUR 45
23038713722XAlgorithms In Combinatorial GeometryA . Salomma2004EUR 49
249791567655468Amsco`S Mathematics AEdward P. Keenan2002$ 52.5
259781567655353Amsco`S Preparing For The Regents Examination Mathematics ARichard J Andres2000$ 18.33
268174731059An Elementry Treatise On The Dynamics Of A Particle AndS.L.Loney2004IRs. 75
279788173717604An Introduction Graph TheoryS Pirzada2012IRs. 395
289780821891865An Introduction To Game Theoretic Modelling 2edMesterton Gibbons2010IRs. 760
29387700889An Introduction To Teichmuller SpacesM.Taniguchi1992EUR 140
303540962271An Introduction To The History Of Structural MechanicsEdoardo Benvenuto1991EUR 59
319780821891803An Introductory Course On Mathematical Game TheoryFiestras Janeiro2010IRs. 720
329781470409326Analysis 2edMichael Loss2010IRs. 760
33387518665Analysis IiiS.M.Nikol Skii1991EUR 65
349788131773604Analytical Geometry 2d & 3dP.R.Vittal2013IRs. 425
359780821887103Analytical Number TheoryEmmanual Kowalski2012IRs. 920
369780821868874Applied Linear Algebra The Decoupling Principles 2edLorenzo Sadun2011IRs. 755
37155029452Applied Mathematics 5edBonnie Averbach1992$ 47.63
389780821887042Approximately CalculusShahriar Shahriari2012IRs. 720
39387552596Arrangements Of HyperplanesHiroaki Terao1992EUR 56
409788173193033Aspects Of Combinatorics And Combinatorial NumberS.D. Adhikari2002IRs. 225
419810238681Aspects Of Complex Analysis Differential Geometry Mathematical Physics And ApplicationsStancho Dimiev1999$ 45
423540978550Axiom The Scientific Computation SystemsRobert S. Sutor1992EUR 24
43817628339Barcelona Seminar On Stochastic AnalysisMarta Sanz Sole1993EUR 59
443764330287Basic Operator TheorySeymour Goldberg1981EUR 45
459780821887202Basic Quadratic FormsLarry J. Gerstein2012IRs. 680
469781470419189Basic Set TheoryN.K.Vereshchagin2014IRs. 640
479780072951486Beginning Algebra Basic Mathematics 5edLpois Hoelzle2001$ 59
483540963952Bieberbach Group And Flat ManifoldsLeonard S. Charlap1986EUR 26
493540974865Brook Taylors Work On Linear PerspectiveKirsti Andersen1991EUR 48
509780697153746CalculusGerald J. Janusz1994$ 45.4
519780072937299Calculus 2edRoland B.Minton2003$ 170
529780534359492Calculus 4edJaems Stewart1999$ 105
539780135189115Calculus 7edEdwin J. Purcell1996$ 95
549789332535244Calculus And Its Applications 13edDavid I. Schneider2014IRs. 750
559788131758908Calculus Differentiation And IntegrationIcfai2012IRs. 425
569780534394110Calculus For The Managerial Life And Social Science 6edTan2002$ 115
57471046604Calculus One And Serveral Variables 4edEinar Hille1982$ 92
589780155009165Calculus One And Several VariablesDenny Gulick1993$ 24.99
599780321067135Calculus With Applications 7edGreenwell Richey2002$ 95
609780137912032Calculus With Early VectorsSlaminka Thaxton1998$ 105
619780521722209Cambridge Essentials Mathematics Extension 7Cambridge2008£ 12
629780521722254Cambridge Essentials Mathematics Support 7Cambridge2008£ 13
639780821887172Cartan For Beginners Differential Geomery Via Moving Frames And Exterior Differential SystemsJ.M.Landsberg2012IRs. 760
649780387945668Case Studies In Bayesian Statistics Vol 11James S. Hodges1995EUR 49
653540965203Cell - To- Cell A Method A Methods Of Global Analysis ForC.S. Hsu1998EUR 42
669780821887097Class Field TheoryJohn Tate2012IRs. 640
679781470409272Classical And Quantum CompuationM.N.Vyalyi2010IRs. 680
689781470409241Classical Methods In Ordinary Differential Equations With Application To Boundary Value ProblemsJ.Bryce Mcleods2010IRs. 760
699780387944005Classification And Dissimilarity AnalysisVan Cutsem1994EUR 35
703764336463Collected PapersBaoul Bott1994$ 65
719780321159342College Algebra 2edPenna Bittinger2004$ 105.67
729780130914538College Algebra 6edMichael Sullivan2002$ 60
739780821887080Combinatorial Problems And Exercise 2edLaszlo Lovasz2012IRs. 920
74387533796Commutative Harmonic Analysis IvV.P.Khavin1992EUR 57
759788120350632Complex AnalysisPurna Chandra Biswal2015IRs. 350
769788131772492Complex AnalysisItl Education2012IRs. 399
779780821887226Complex Made SimpleDavid C.Ullrich2012IRs. 840
789781470409159Complex VariablesJoseph L. Taylor2012IRs. 720
793764335866Complexity Theory Of Real FunctionsKer1991EUR 15
803764335114Composite Media And Homogenization TheoryDell Antonio1991EUR 60
813764336110Computation And Control IiJ.Lund1991EUR 98
823764336781Computational Algebraic GeometryAndre Galligo1993EUR 49.95
839781470409289Computational Topology An IntroductionJohn L. Harer2010IRs. 680
843540974261Computer Aided Proofs In AnalysisDieter S. Schmidt1991EUR 41
859780534371722Contemporary Linear Systems Using MatlabDonald E. Kirk1999$ 75
869781470409203Contemporary Mathematics Cross Disciplinary Advances In Quantum ComputingBrown Iii2010IRs. 640
879781563088506Conversion Tables Vol 1 2edMona L.Scott1999IRs. 1295
889791567655147Course Ii Integrated Mathematics 3edIsidore Dressler2000$ 25.95
893540969799Coxeter Graphs And Towes Of AlgebrasV.F.R.Jones1989EUR 45
909789810239268Cpt And Lorentz SymmetryV.Alan Kostelecky1999$ 55
919780821868805Curves And Surfaces 2edAntonio Ros2011IRs. 720
929780387943633Cycle Representantions Of Markov ProcessesSophia L. Kalpazidou1995EUR 50
93387520155Degeneration Of Abelian VarietiesChing-Li Chai1991EUR 59
943540907602Descartes On Poyyhedra A Study Of The De SolidorumHeidelberg Berlin1982EUR 49
95910608725Dewey Decimal Classification: Principles And ApplicationLois Mai Chan2003$ 39
969788131770375Differential EquationsE. Rukmangadachari2012IRs. 299
979788129709783Differential Equations And Boundary Value Problems Computing And Modeling 3edEdwards Penney2007IRs. 385
989780821887356Differential Equations Mechanics And ComputationRobert A. Palais2012IRs. 720
999780748764563Discrete & DecisionJohn Stevens2002$ 39
1009780387979878Discrete Event Systems Manufacturing Systems And Communications NetworksP.P.Varaiya1995EUR 40
1019789332521391Discrete Mathematical StructuresU.S.Gupta2014IRs. 425
1029788120350977Discrete MathematicsN. Chandrasekaran, 2015IRs. 525
1039788131790618Discrete Mathematics 5edCharles R.B.Wright2012IRs. 750
104817625917Discrete StochasticsKonrad Jacobs1992EUR 52
1059788131510568Discrete-Time Control Problems Using MatlabNicolas W. Chbat2009IRs. 250
1063764336927Disease DynamicsSerge Zuev1993EUR 115
1079783540627449Dissipative Structures And ChaosY. Kuramoto1998EUR 85
1089780387943091Dynamic Modeling With Run Time Software For MacintoshMatthias Ruth1995EUR 45
1099067643696Dynamical Inverse Problems Of Distributed SystemsV.I.Maksimov2002$ 170
1103764335041Dynamics Of Complex Interconnected Biological SystemsJennings1990EUR 49
111387187227Eapert Systems ApplicationsJ. Wang1988EUR 85
112387512500Elementary And Analytics Theory Of Algebraic Numbers 2edNarkiewicz1990EUR 85
1139780155209848Elementary Differential Equations With Linear Algebra 4edAlbert L. Rabenstein1992$ 145
1149780070892293Elementary Linear Algebra 1st EdW.Keith Nicholson2001$ 98
1159780534951900Elementary Linear Algebra 4edWayne Bishop1995$ 170
1169780070607422Elementary Numerical Analysis An Algorithmic ApproachCarl De Boor2005$ 4
1179781470419158Elements Of Combinatorial And Differential TopologyV.V.Prasolov2014IRs. 720
1189780072924541Elements Of Photogrammetry With Applications In Gis 3edBon A. Dewitt2001$ 59
119872014924Encyclopedia Of Fluid Mechamics Supplement 1Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff1993$ 145
1209788173717727Engineering Mathematics 2edSarveswara Rao2012IRs. 475
1219789332507586Engineering Mathematics A Foundation For Electronic Electrical Communications And Systems Engineers 4edJaems Flint2013IRs. 769
1229789332521346Engineering Mathematics -INbabu Ram2013IRs. 375
1239788131795477Engineering Mathematics -IiSastra University2015IRs. 125
1249788131761311Engineering Mathematics Vol 1E.Rukmangadachari2012IRs. 399
1259788131791578Engineering Mathematics-ISastra University2015IRs. 299
1269788173717390Engineering Optimization Amodern ApproachRanjan Ganguli2012IRs. 375
1273764334177Enriques Surfaces: V. 1 (Progress In Mathematics)Igor V. Dolgachev1988EUR 39
1289789810235468Enumath 97 2nd European Conference On Numerical Mathematics And Advanced ApplicationsRolf Rannacher1998$ 70
1299780821887301Enumerative Geometry And String TheorySheldom Katz2012IRs. 640
1309780495013273Essential Algebra For Chemistry Students 2edDavid W. Bll2005$ 25
1319780521775649Essential Solution Supplement General MathematicsSue Avery2000£ 9
1329789332517394Essentials Mathematics For Economic Analysis 4edArne Strom2015IRs. 775
133824774744Extremal Methods Of Operations ResearchKenneth O. Kortanek1985£ 15
1349780534371753Feedaback Control Problems Using Matlab And The Control System ToolboxJoe Chow2000$ 29
1359788181289834Fields And Galois TheoryJohn M. Howie2008IRs. 650
136387570543Financial Risk In InsuranceG.Ottaviani1995EUR 49
1379788120329836Finite Element Methods Concepts And Applications In GeomechanicsDebasis Deb2009IRs. 250
1389788131795323Finite Elements AnalysisA.H.Shah2012IRs. 365
1399780821868843Finite Group TheoryI.Martin Isaacs2011IRs. 755
1409788131760642Finte Element Analysis Theory And Application With AnsysSaeed Moaveni2015IRs. 639
1419780387946023Fluctuations And Order The New SynthedidMark Millonas1996EUR 140
1429781470409265Fourier AnalysisJavier Duoandikoetxea2010IRs. 640
1439780817638894Fractional Analysis Methods Of Motion DecompositionIgor V. Novozhilov1997EUR 49
1449788120350748Fundamentals Of Discrete Mathematical StructuresK.R. Chowdhary2015IRs. 350
1459789332535107Fundamentals Of Probability With Stochastic Processes 3edSaeed Ghahramani2014IRs. 675
1469788175961814Gce O Level Examinations Past Papers With Answer GuideFoundation Books2004IRs. 250
1473764357223General Inequalities 7W. Walter1997EUR 145
1489788131795682General Theory Of RelativityS.P.Puri2013IRs. 375
1493764337214Generalized Vertex Algebras And Relative Vertex OperatorsJames Lepowsky1993EUR 39
1503540974024Geometric Analysis And Computer GraphicsD.A.Hoffman1991EUR 40
1519781470409302Geometric Approximation AlgorithmsSariel Har Peled2013IRs. 760
1529783764352608Geometries In InteractionR. Schoen1995EUR 55
1539789810238971Geometry And Topology Of Submanifolds IxG.Zafindratafa1999$ 59
1549780821887066Geometry For College StudentsI.Martin Isaacs2011IRs. 640
1553540977430Geometry Of SurfacesJohn Stillwell1992EUR 29
1569780387982137Glimpses Of Algebra And GeometryGabor Toth1998EUR 42
1579788131797389Graph Theory And Combinotrics 5edB.V.Ramana2012IRs. 330
158470201274Harmonic And Minimal Maps With Applications InGabor Toth1984$ 80
1593540978755Harmonic Function TheoryWade Ramey1992EUR 65
160387505865Hilbert Modulay FormasEberhard Freitag1990EUR 70
1619789332516953How To Improve Your Maths SkillsSteve Lakin2013IRs. 245
1628122415245How To Learn Calculus Of The Variable Vol1Anwarul Haque2008IRs. 375
1639067643955Iii-Posed Boundary -Value ProblemsS.E.Temirbolat2003$ 185
1643540962166Infinite Dimensional Groups With ApplicationsV.Kac1985EUR 42.45
165877202710Integrated Mathematics Couesr IiKeenan And Dressler1990$ 29
1669780697059468Intermediate Algebra 3edBill D. New1990$ 44.05
167387548947Introduction To Coding Theory 2edVan Lint1992EUR 69
1689780821891797Introduction To Complex Analysis 2edBeikko Paatero2010IRs. 760
1699781470409135Introduction To Differential EquationsMichael E. Taylor2010IRs. 720
1709780821887127Introduction To Fourier Analysis And WaveletsMark A. Pinsky2012IRs. 760
171354097637XIntroduction To Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems And The N-G.R.Hall1992EUR 75
1729788131201794Introduction To Hilbert Soaces With Applications 3edPiotr Mikusunski2006IRs. 495
1739781470419196Introduction To Representation TheorySlava Gerovitch2014IRs. 640
174376433522XIntroduction To The Galois CorrespondenceMaureen H. Fenrick1991EUR 39.95
1759780821868829Introduction To The Mathematics Of FinanceR.J.Williams2011IRs. 465
176387533443Introduction To Theoretical Population GeneticsThomas Nagylaki1991EUR 45
1779067643610Investigation Methods For Inverse ProblemsV.G.Romanov2002$ 145
1789780821887332Invitation To Ergodic TheoryC.E.Silva2012IRs. 680
179376433763XIsomorphisms Of Types From Calculus To Information Retrieval And Ianguage DesignRoberto Di Cosmo1994EUR 45
1809789332519053John E. Freunds Mathematicals Statistics With Applications 8edMarylees Miller2014IRs. 800
1819067643467Layer Resolving Grids And Transformations For Singular Perturbation ProblemsVladimar D. Liseikin2002$ 115
1823540977473Lie Sphere GeometryThomas E. Cecil1992EUR 25
1839789332522145Linear Algebra 2edKumar Saikia2014IRs. 399
1849788131222911Linear Algebra An Untroduction 2edGabriel B. Costa2009IRs. 410
1859780821887196Linear Algebra In ActionHarry Dym2010IRs. 840
186817622888Linear Representations Of GroupErnest B. Vinberg2002EUR 45.84
1879780824707415Local Cohomology And Its ApplicationsGennady Lyubeznik2002£ 49
1889780821887134Manifolds And Differential GeometryJeffrey M. Lee2012IRs. 920
1899780387976211Maple VStephen M.Watt1995EUR 22.84
1909780821887141Mapping Degree TheoryJesus M. Ruiz2012IRs. 680
1919780918082091Math For Meds Dosages And Solutions 8edCurren And Munday2000$ 29
192038757204XMathematical BiologyJ.D.Murray1993EUR 45
1939788120312562Mathematical Methods And ProgrammingA.F.Nizard2004IRs. 125
1949780821868911Mathematical Modeling A Case Studies ApproachThea Van Roode2011IRs. 450
195387555951Mathematical Modeling Of Industrial ProcessesH.K.Kuiken1992EUR 25
1969780821868850Mathematical Omnibus Thirty Lectures On Classic MathematicsSerge Tabachnikov2011IRs. 895
1979780444527936Mathematical Problems For Chemistry StudentsGyorgy Pota2006$ 25
198716718022Mathematical Structures For Computer Science 2edJudith Gerstung1987$ 39
1999788183822169MathematicsPriya Malhotra2010IRs. 125
200470202890Mathematics And Computational Concepts In ChemistryN. Trinajstic1986$ 79
2019781861560438Mathematics For Dyslexics A Teaching Handbook 2edChinn & Ashcroft2005$ 35
2029780387948652Mathematics In Industrial ProblemsAvner Frieman1996EUR 105
2039780070172869Mathematics ToolboxMathematcs Toolbox2007$ 40
2049788120352865Matrix And Linear AlgebraKanti Bhushan Datta2017IRs. 625
2059780821868928Matrix Group For UndergraduatesKristopher Tapp2011IRs. 450
2069781470409197Measure And IntegrationSterling K. Berberian2010IRs. 720
2079780821887189Measure Theory And IntegrationMichael E. Taylor2012IRs. 720
2089067643556Methods Of Spectral Mappings In The Inverse Problem TheoryV.Yurko2002$ 120
2099788122422603Metric Spaces And Complex AnalysisAnindya Dey2008IRs. 325
210038753170XMinimal Surfaces IiA.Kuster O. Wohlrab1992EUR 102.95
2119780821891834Models Of Conflict And CooperationDavid Housman2013IRs. 800
2129780387946092Modular Forms And Fermats Last TheoremGlenn Stevens2000EUR 55
2139780534274177Multivariable Calculus 5edJames Stewart2003$ 49
2149780534410056Multivariable Calculus Concepts & ContextsDan Clegg2004$ 45
2153540907688Multivariable Feedback SystemsC.A.Desoer1982EUR 39
216354097704XNoncommutative RingsSmall1991EUR 85
2173540967710Nonlinear Diffusion Equations And Their Equilibrium States IJ.Serrin1988EUR 49
2189789810234706Nonlinear Functional Analysis & Applications To Differential EquationsI.Ekeland1998$ 65
2193540979670Normal FamiliesJoel L.Schiff1993EUR 45
220387530045Number Theory IiiS.Lang1991EUR 59
2219780821887318Number Theory In The Spirit Of RamanujanBruce C. Berndt2012IRs. 640
2229773540620588Numerical Computation Methods Software And AnalysisUeberhuber1997EUR 39
2239788120327658Numerical Methods Using Mat lab 4edKurtis D. Fink2009IRs. 325
2249788131799345Operations Research An IntroductionP.Mariappan2013IRs. 325
2259788122408829Operations Research Methods And PracticeC.K.Mustafi2007IRs. 185
2269789810242923Paradigms Of ComplexityMiroslav M. Novak2000$ 68
2279788120350434Partial Differential EquationsPurna Chandra Biswal2015IRs. 325
2289781470409142Partical Differential Equations And Boundary Value Problems With Applications 3edMark A. Pinsky2010IRs. 840
2299780750701556Partnership In Maths: Parents And Schools: The Impact ProjectJeff Vass1993$ 35
230387526854Paths Flows And Vlsi LayoutAlexander Schrijiver1990EUR 49
2313540965378Percolation Theory And Ergodic Theory Of Infinite Particle SystemsHarry Kesten1987EUR 55
232122203186Phase Transitions And Critical Phenomena Vol 18J.L.Lebowitz2000$ 125
2339780387943497Philosophical Eaasy On ProbabilitiesAndrew I.Dale1998EUR 85
234817626484Pisot And Slem NumbersJ.P. Schreieber1993EUR 98
2359780070281875Plane Trigonometry 7edDalton Tarwater1993$ 59
2369067643742Poorly Visible Media In X-Ray TomographyI.V.Prokhorov2002$ 185
2379780071453172Precale For The Clueless 3edBob Miller`S2005$ 12.95
2383540969578Predicate Calculus And Program SemanticsCarel S. Scholten1990EUR 45
2393540904387Probabilistic Number Theory Ii Central Limit TheoremsP.D.T.A.Elliott1980EUR 65
2409780821868812Probability Theory In Finance A Mathematical GuideSean Dineen2012IRs. 755
2413540908366Problems Books In Mathematics Demography Through ProblemsJohn A. Beekman1989EUR 49
2429780821887165Problems In Operator TheoryC.D.Aliprantis2012IRs. 800
2439789810243876Proceeding Of The European Conference Numerical Mathematics And Advanced ApplicationsPasi Tarvaine2000$ 145
2449788131503089Quantitative Methods For Business 10edSweeney Williams2007IRs. 570
2459788131757987Real AnalysisV.Karunakaran2011IRs. 375
2469780821891858Real Analysis And ApplicationsFrank Morgan2013IRs. 640
2479783540152996Recursively Enumerable Sets And DegreesRobert I.Soare1999EUR 45.95
2489788181280619Ripples In MathematicsA. Jensen2005IRs. 295
2493602799012004070000000Russian Mathematical Surveys Vol 59Hayk2004$ 39
2509780071544290Schaum`S Outline Math For Liberal Arts MajorsChristopher Thomas2008$ 18.95
251387820566Selected Papers On The Teachning Of Mathematics As A Service SubjectDe Turckheim1988EUR 29
2529780387977102Sheaves In Geometry And Logic A First Introduction Topos TheoryLeke Moerdijk1994EUR 52
2539780072837339Single Variable Calculus 2edRoland B.Minton2002$ 80.17
2549780534393717Single Variable Calculus 5edJames Stewart2002$ 45
2553540966528Singularities And Group In Bifurcation Theory Vol IiDavid G. Schaeffer2000EUR 75
2563540977090Singularities And Topology Of HypersurfacesAlexandru Dimca1992EUR 39
2573764331852Singularities Differentiable Maps Vol IiA.N.Varchenko1988EUR 49.5
258387570586Smooth Four Manifolds And Complex SurfacesJohn W. Morgan1994EUR 95
259387566708Solving Ordinary Differential Equations INorsett G. Wanner1993EUR 62
2603764334770Spatial Stochastic ProcessesJoseph C. Watkins1991EUR 26
2619788131785010Special Theory Of RelativityS.P.Puri2013IRs. 299
2629780534931414Statistical Research Methods In The Life SciencesP.V.Rao1997$ 125
263387533354Stochastic Differential Equations An Introduction WithBernt Oksendal1992EUR 30
2649780534393601Student Solutions Manual Multivariables Calculus 5edJames Stewart2003$ 19.95
2659780534393694Student Solutions Manual Single Variable Calculus 5edJames Stewart2003$ 19.95
2663764335424Sums, Trimmed Sums And ExtremesDaniel C. Weiner1991EUR 45
2679781402074714Systematic Design Of Analog Ip BlocksM. Steyaert2003$ 95
2689791567655475Teacher's Manual Amsco`S Mathematics AEdward P. Keenan2002$ 28.92
269877202737Teacher's Manual Integrated Mathematics Course Ii 2edIsidore Dressler1990IRs. 20.95
2709780877202943Teacher's Manual Integrated Mathematics IntroductoryAmsco1995$ 15
271007062481XTeachers Edition For Intermediate AlgebraDon Hutchison1988$ 25
2721876633131Teaching Mathematics Against The Grain InvestigationMary Klein2000$ 19.95
2739781470409234Tensors Geometry And ApplicationsJ.M.Landsberg2010IRs. 800
2743540975969Tex In Practice Vol Ii Paragraphs Math And FontsStephan Von1993EUR 49.95
2753540975985Tex In Practice Vol Iv Output Routines TablesVon Bechtolsheim1993EUR 49
276817141995XText Book Cirles And ParabolaA.K.Sharma2005IRs. 200
2778171419968Text Book Of 3-D ConicoidsA.K.Sharma2005IRs. 190
2788171419763Text Book Of 3-D Co-Ordinate Systems And Straight LinesA.K.Sharma2005IRs. 175
2798183560008Text Book Of Conic SectionA.K.Sharma2008IRs. 130
2808183560296Text Book Of Elementry Co-OrdinateA.K.Sharma2008IRs. 160
2818171419976Text Book Of Rotational MechanicsD.K.Jha2006IRs. 200
2828171419542Text Book Of Sampling And AttributesA.K.Sharma2005IRs. 180
2838171418252Textbook Of Differential EquationsA.K.Sharma2004IRs. 475
2849788120345072Textbook Of Tensor Calculus And Differential GeometryPrasun Kumar Nayak2015IRs. 425
2859780821868768The Algebraic And Geometric Theory Of Quadratic FormsAlexander Merkurjev2011IRs. 895
2869780387942964The Bayesian ChoiceChristian P. Robert1997EUR 60
2873540966374The Boltzmann Equation And Its ApplicationsCarlo Cercignani1988EUR 65
2889788173717239The Calculus Of FinanceAmber Habib2011IRs. 425
2899788174731388The Elements Of Statics And DynamicsS.L.Loney2004IRs. 55
2903540976582The Energy Methods Stability And Nonliner ConvectionBrian Straughan1991EUR 45
2913764336897The Gelfand Mathematical Seminars 1990-1992J. Lepowsky1992EUR 85
2923540971815The History Of Ptolemys Star CatalogueGred Grasshoff1990EUR 85
2939780821887233The Knot Book An Elementary Introduction To The Mathematical Theory Of KnotsColin C. Adams2012IRs. 720
2949788174733863The Lements Of The Theory Of ProbabilityDr. Deepak Kumar2009IRs. 125
2959783540594406The Mathematical World Of Walter NollYurie A. Ignatieff1996EUR 45
296387944575The New Book Of Prime Number RecordsPaulo Ribenoim1996EUR 125
2973764333111The Non Euclidean RevolutionRichard J. Trudeau1995EUR 39
2989781470419172The Prime Numbers And Their DistributionMichel Mende France2014IRs. 640
2999789332536548The Strategy And Tactics Of Pricing A Guide To MoreJoseph Zale2014IRs. 499
3003540961917Theoretical Approaches To TurbulenceR.G.Voigt1985EUR 49.95
301906764367XTheory Of Linear Iii-Posed Problems And Its ApplicationsV.P.Tanana2002$ 170
302906764353XTheory Of Linear OptimizationI.I.Eremin2002$ 181
3039788184890259Time Series Analysis And Its Applications With R Examples 2edDavid S. Stoffer2006IRs. 900
3049780821887219Topics In Differential GeometryPeter W.Michor2012IRs. 840
305817625704Topics In Matrix And Operator TheoryM.A.Kaashoek1991EUR 85
3069788173196942Topological Measures And Weighted Radon MeasuresW. Rolcke2008IRs. 695
3079780821868904Transformation Group For BeginnersB.D.Chebotarevsky2011IRs. 640
3089780821891841Translations Of Mathematicals Monographs Mathematics Of Financial ObligationsM.L.Nechaev2013IRs. 640
3099780821868836Twenty-Four Hours Of Local CohomologyUli Walther2011IRs. 755
3109780314025197Understanding Elementary Algebra A Course For College Students 3edGoodman Hirsch1994$ 58
311817624872Unilateral Problems In Structural Analysis Iv (International Series Of Numerical Mathematics)F.Maceri1991EUR 59
312038752004XVertically Transmitted Diseases Models And DynamicsKenneth1993EUR 45
3133764334371Weak Convergence Methods And Singularly Perturbed Stochastic Control And Filtering ProblemsHarold J.Kushner1990EUR 50

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