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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
19781845425906Appreciative Inquiry And Knowledge Management: A Social Constructionist PerspectiveDilpreet Chowdhry2007£ 61
29780838440933Atlas Learning Centered CommunicationDavid Nunan1995$ 19
39780534630461Audio In Media 7edStanley R. Alten2005$ 135
49788132110972Bollywood Baddies: Villains, Vamps And Henchmen In Hindi CinemaTapan K. Ghosh2013IRs. 450
59788125047551Bollywood In The Age Of New Media The Geo-Televisual AestheticAnustup Basu2012IRs. 765
69788183562966Broadcasting JournalismAjay Dash2007IRs. 750
79788125051268Censorium : Cinema And The Open Edge Of Mass PublicityWilliam Mazzarella2013IRs. 795
89788132117902Cinematically Speaking The Orality Paradigm For Visual NarrativeSheila J.Nayar2014IRs. 795
99780073365183Communicating At Work Principles Of Practice For Business And The Professions 9edRonald B. Adler2008$ 49
109780273620556Communication: Intermediate And AdvancedWilliam Melrose1995$ 19
1170455104Communications Source BookMcgraw Hill1998$ 39
129788131715314Comparing Media From Around The WorldRobert Mckenzie2007IRs. 250
139780534526603Copywriting For The Electronic Media A Practical Guide 4edMilan D. Meeske2002$ 49
149780534562168Creative Editing 4edDiane L. Borden2004$ 85
159780495095712Creative Editing 5edDiane L. Borden2008$ 79
169781843768074Cultural Diversity And International Economic Integration: The Global Governance Of The Audio-Visual SectorGeorg Koopmann2005£ 75
179781401837792Design Fundamentals New For MediaGordon Bennett2004$ 49
189788125047308Digital Cool Life In The Age Of New MediaPramod K. Nayar2012IRs. 595
199788132109044Digital India Understanding Information Communication And Social ChangeThomas2012IRs. 750
209781847205759Dissent And The Failure Of Leadership (New Horizons In Leadership Studies)Stephen P.Banks2008£ 65
219780814324578Dreams Of Chaos Visions Of OrderJames Peterson1994$ 15
229780538438087E-Commerce MarketingKleindi And Burrow2004$ 49
239788131760345Effective Communication And Soft Skills Strategies For SuccessMamta Bhatnagar2011IRs. 340
249780534558482Essentials Interviewing A Programmed Approach To Effective Communication 6edUhlemann Ivey2003$ 25
259788125054252Figurations In Indian FilmAnustup Basu2014IRs. 875
269780072862935Fundamentals Of Human CommunicationMelvin L. Defleur2005$ 44
279780230108264Gay Rights And Moral PanicFred Fejes2011£ 19
289789351500506Indian News Media : From Observer To ParticipantMaya Ranganathan2014IRs. 995
299788132109662Internal Communications Insights Practice And ModelsAniisu K.Verghese2012IRs. 395
309780195167078Interplay The Process Of Interpersonal CommunicationRussell Proctor2003£ 25
319780534633400Living In The Information Age A New Media ReaderErik P. Bucy2005$ 65
329780415501637Making News In IndiaSomnath l2012IRs. 695
339781847201096Management And Innovation In The Media IndustryKranenburg2008£ 69.95
349788131789353Managerial CommunicationChaturvedi2012IRs. 175
359780340884997Mass Media And Society 4edMichael2005$ 35
369788132110132Media Analysis TechniquesArthur Asa2014IRs. 445
379780335206919Media And Audiences New PerspectivesNightingale2003$ 28
389780195514025Media And Society An Introduction 2edJane Stadler2003£ 12
399788132117414Media Construction Of Environmrnt And Sustainability In IndiaPrithi Nambiar2014IRs. 995
409788132109051Media, Communication And Development: Three ApproachesLinje Manyozo2014IRs. 475
419781847204783Media, Development, And Institutional ChangePeter T.Leeson2009£ 65.1
429780170122184Nelson Media Vce Units 1-4Jo Flack2004$ 49
439798131706168News Reporting And WritingJohn Vivian2006IRs. 350
449781138822030Popular Cinema And Politics In South IndiaS. Rajanayagam2015IRs. 895
459780275990800Post-Pop Cinema: The Search For Meaning In New American FilmJesse Fox2007$ 39
469788132110392Practical Newspaper Reporting 4edGeoffrey Harris2013IRs. 445
479788125056720Public Interest Journalism A Guide For StudentsSivaramakrishna2014IRs. 675
489788132110248Publishing Journal ArticlesPam Denicolo2013IRs. 295
499780814756881Reality Tv Remaking Television CultureLaurie Ouellette2004$ 19
509788132113126Science And Technology In China Implications And Lessons ForMaharajakrishna Rasgotra2013IRs. 910
519789332536562Social Media MarketingTracy Tuten2014IRs. 450
529788183562911Sting Operation And LawAjay Dash2007IRs. 775
539789332518599Technical Communication Process And ProductSteven Gerson2014IRs. 769
549780805812213Television Aesthetics Perceptual Cognitive And CompositionalNikos Metallinos1996$ 19
559788189643355Television At Large In South AsiaPunathambekar2014IRs. 795
569788125051022Texbook Development Communication Contexts For The TwentyDipankar Sinha2013IRs. 310
579780072562965The Art Of Public Speaking 8edStephen E. Lucas2004$ 42
589789382423225The Dbs Handbook JournalismM. A. Shewan2014IRs. 5995
599789382423065The Dbs Handbook Of EditingChandra Gupta2014IRs. 5995
609789382423072The Dbs Handbook Of Mass Media And CommunicationRuchika Gupta2014IRs. 5995
619789382423218The Dbs Handbook Of News And News EditingM.S. Ishshan2014IRs. 5995
629789382423003The Dbs Handbook ReportingShri Prakash2014IRs. 5995
639781598631692The Gadget Geek`Sguide To Portable Media DevicesDave Field2006$ 19.99
649788132113560The Indian Media BusinessVanita Kohli2013IRs. 755
659780155070813The Internet Effective Online CommunicationNorman Clark2001$ 25
669781572305502The Internet Handbook For Writers Researchers And JournalistsLaurel Hyatt2000$ 19
679781405000987The Writer`S Handbook Guide To Writing For Stage & ScreenBarry Turner2003£ 9.99
689788132113928Understanding India Cultural Influences On Indian Television CommercialsRohitashya Chattopadyay2014IRs. 695
699788132113638Understanding Journalism 2edLynette Sheridan2013IRs. 395
709788131208052Writing For Visual Media 2edAnthony2006IRs. 595

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