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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
19781843116783A Guide To Reinsurance Law (Practical Insurance Guides)Robert Merkin2007£ 105
2A Handbook For Drawing & Disbursing OfficersS.A Abid2010PKR 600
31111111111A History Of Islamic LawN.J.Coulson2012PKR 500
49781843117292A Practical Guide To International Arbitration In London (Dispute Resolution Guides)Hilary Heilbron2008£ 19.95
59781847663139A Practitioner's Guide To Trusts 7edJohn Thurston2009$ 89
69781847663801Accounting Principles Tax Purposes 4edPaul Tuck2010$ 125
79781847205971An Emerging Intellectual Property ParadigmYsolde Gendreau2008£ 75
89781403912169An Introduction To Criminology And Criminal JusticeChris Crowther2007$ 35
99781847203441Anti-Dumping And Countervailing Action: Limits Imposed By Economic And Legal TheoryAubrey Silberston2007£ 65
109781847207616Antitrust And Regulation In The Eu And Us: Legal And Economic PerspectivesHoward Shelanski2010£ 59.5
11420471502Arnould's Law Of Marine Insurance And AverageSir J. Arnold1997$ 89
129781845924539Asylum Law And Practice 2edPeter Jorro2010$ 145
139780195508031Australian Criminal Justice 2edStanley Yeo2003£ 15
149780830635030Automated Crime Information SystemsJ.Van Duyn1991$ 25
159781847663085Banking And Capital Markets Companion 5edGerald Montagu2011$ 75
161859785093Banks, Liability And Risk 3edWilliam Blair2001£ 159
179781845426514Behavioral Law And Economics (Economic Approaches To Law) 3vol SetJeffrey J. Rachlinski2009£ 445
189781847660961Beswick And Wine: Buying And Selling Private Companies And Businesses 7edSusan Singleton2008$ 98
199781847666987Beswick And Wine: Buying And Selling Private Companies And Businesses 8edSusan Singleton2011$ 155
209781843116318Bills Of Lading And Bankers' Documentary Credits 4edPaul Todd2007£ 195
219780814735275Black Rage Confronts The LaePaul Harris1997$ 35
229781847668844Bloomsbury's Tax Rates And Tables 2011/12 FinanceSarah Laing2011$ 29
239781847669735Bloomsbury's Tax Rates And Tables 2012/13 Budget EditionMark Mclaughlin2012$ 25
249780170121392Business & The Law 4edDes Giugni2005$ 89
259788132111399Business And Human RightsManoj Kumar2014IRs. 995
269788131759417Business LawTejpal Sheth2011IRs. 475
279781847665423Buying And Selling Insolvent Companies And BusinessesSusan Singleton2010$ 89
289781845922399Charity Administration Handbook 4edKate Kirkland2008$ 89
299788184110210Child Labour The Innocent`S AgonyK.N.Bishoyi2006IRs. 400
309789041124180China Business Law Guide Vol IiCch Asia2005$ 189
319781847660756Clinical Negligence 4edAnthony Barton2008$ 199
321843113279Commercial Agents And The LawJeremy Scholes2004£ 149
331859785042Commercial And Maritime StatutesRobert Merkin2000£ 110
349780872187207Commercial General Liability 8edArthur L. Flitner2005$ 75
359789332526273Commercial Law 2edJason Chuah2014IRs. 625
369781845426576Commons And Anticommons 2 Vol SetMichael Heller2009£ 285
378174968741Companies (Accounting Standerds RulesTaxmann`S2007IRs. 245
389781845424152Company Law In The New Europe: The Eu Acquis, Comparative Methodology, And Model LawMichael Blecher2007£ 89
399781843117018Compendium Of Insurance LawJohanna Hajlamarsson2007£ 189
409780230281141Core Documents On European And International Human Rights 1edRhona Smith2010£ 19
419780230281080Core Documents On International Law 1st EdKaren Hulme2010£ 5.52
429781847663290Core Tax Annual: Trusts And Estates 2009/10Matthew Hutton2009£ 6.11
439781847209238Corporate Governance In The 21st Century: Japan's Gradual TransformationKent Anderson2008£ 79
449781847202741Corporate Rescue Law: An Anglo-American PerspectiveGerard Mccormack2008£ 72.75
459781845429171Counter-Terrorism And The Post-Democratic StateColleen Lewis2007£ 65
469788132109778Crime And Justice In IndiaN.Prabha Unnithan2014IRs. 910
479781847202758Criminal Law And Economics Vol Iii 2edNuno Garoupa2009£ 115
489780935732511Criminological Theories Introduction And Evaluation 2edRonald L. Akers1997$ 15
499781843117959Deceit: The Lie Of The LawMacdonald Eggers2009£ 159
509781845424480Democratic Governance And European Integration: Linking Societal And State Processes Of DemocracyErik Albaek2007£ 66.5
511859780733Dictionary Of Shipping TermsAlex Ivanov1997£ 19
529781843116981Dictionary Of Shipping Terms 5edPeter Brodie2007£ 25
531843110210Directives: Rights And Remedies In English And Community LawRichard Brent2001£ 179
549781847205759Dissent And The Failure Of Leadership (New Horizons In Leadership Studies)Stephen P.Banks2008£ 65
559781847661579Dissolving The Family Company 2edPaul Seal2008$ 85
569781847207579Distributive Justice And The New MedicineGeorge P. Smith2008£ 59
579789041124203Doing Business In Asia VOL 1Cch2005$ 189
589781847200341Dynamics And Obstacles Of European GovernanceChristine Neuhold2007£ 59
59185044207XEc Banking Law 2edMarc Dassesse1992£ 135
601859781780Ec Shipping Law 2edVincent Power1998£ 125
619781848443075Economics And The Enforcement Of European Competition LawChristopher Decker2009£ 75
629781845428655Economics Of Comparative LawGerrit De Geest2009£ 185
639781845429393Economics Of Evidence, Procedure And Litigation (Economic Approaches To Law Series) 2vol SetChris William Sanchirico2007£ 295
649781845425456Economics Of Intellectual Property Law (Economic Approaches To Law) 2vol SetRobert P.Merges2007£ 210
65184542316XEconomics Of Patents (International Library Of Critical Writings In Economics) 2vol SetJohn Cantwell2006£ 259.9
669781847201140Economics Of Property Law (Economic Approaches To Law Series)Richard A.Epstein2007£ 135
679781847662705Employment Law In Europe 2edFederico Strada2008$ 189
68421561807Enforceability Of Leasehold CovenantsTimothy Fancourt1997$ 105
699788125055037Environmental Judisprudence And The Supreme CourtGeetanjoy Sahu2014IRs. 695
701859785123Essential Law Arbitration Act 1996Robert Merkin2000£ 8
719781582931180Essentials Of Business Insurance 3edGlenn E.Stevick2013$ 49.95
729780314129000Essentials Of Paralegalism 3edWilliam Statsky1998$ 49
739781582931210Ethics For The Financial Services Professional 5edJulie Pagatz2013$ 39
749781845424169Eu Communications Law: Significant Market Power In The Mobile SectorEva Lievens2005£ 59
759781845427740Eu Corporate Law And Eu Company Tax LawLuca Cerioni2007£ 69
769781845426972Eu Criminal Law And JusticeBill Gilmore2008£ 75.95
779781845426064Eu Regulation Of Gmo's: Law And Decision Making For A New TechnologyMaria Lee2008£ 66
78185978691XEuropean Banking Law: The Banker-Customer Relationship 2edRoss Cranston1999£ 145
799788130912202Exploring International Human Rights Essential ReadingsJulie Harrelson Stephens2010IRs. 995
809781843118381Financial Crisis Management And Bank ResolutionDalvinder Singh2009£ 169
811850448191Force Majeure And Frustration Of Contract 2edEwan Mckendrick1995£ 115
829781845920951Fransman's British Nationality LawLaurinefransman2001$ 198
839781847669209Freshfields On Corporate Pensions LawCharles Magoffin2012$ 115
849788125045571From Village Elder To British JudgeAsoka Kumar Sen2014IRs. 765
859780074713716Fundamentals Of Business Law 4edR.J.A.Fletcher2004$ 135
869780074715444Fundamentals Of Business Law 5edM.L.Barron2006$ 39
879781932819694Fundamentals Of Insurance Planning 3edEric A. Weining2009$ 89
889694023424Fundamentals Rights And Judicial Review In PakistanRaza Rizvi2000PKR 595
899781847208361Gene Cartels: Biotech Patents In The Age Of Free TradeLuigi Palombi2009£ 84.5
901843114186General Average: Law And Practice 2edF.D.Rose2005£ 169
919781847667229Gibraltar: International Financial Centre 5edCaplan Montagu & Hassans2011$ 89
929781843769422Global Intellectual Property LawV B Chithra2008£ 79
939781848440906Global Pharmaceutical Policy: Ensuring Medicines For Tomorrow's WorldGraham Dukes2009£ 61
949781848440630Global Privacy Protection: The First GenerationGraham Greenleaf2008£ 79.8
959780521703383God Vs. The Gavel: Religion And The Rule Of LawMarci A. Hamilton2005£ 12
969781847661326Guide To The Tax Treatment Of Specialist Occupations 3edKeith M Gordon2008$ 115
979781845421816Handbook Of Research In Trans-Atlantic AntitrustPhilip Marsden2006£ 157
989780849312854Handwriting Identification Facts And FundamentalsA.M.Headrick1999£ 89
999780534507176Hard Time Understanding And Reforming The Prison 3edRobert Johnson2001$ 39
100421458003He Law And Practice Of Intestate SuccessionC.H. Sherrin1994$ 135
1019781847661692Hmrc Investigations And EnquiriesJohn Newth2008$ 135
1029781570713767How To File For Divorce In Georgia 3edEdward A.Haman1998$ 15
1039789041123350How To Hire And Fire In 76 JurisdictionsLabat Oliveau2005$ 110
1049788132110477Human Trafficking: The Stakeholders' PerspectiveVeerendra Mishra2014IRs. 1250
1059781843118824Illustrated Dictionary Of Cargo Handling 3edPeter Brodie2010£ 110
1069788132109464In Custody: Law, Impunity And Prisoner Abuse In South AsiaNitya Ramakrishnan2014IRs. 1055
1079788131763858Income Tax 2edB.B.Lal2011IRs. 450
1089788125051800Indian Tax Administration A DialogueVijay Kelkar2013IRs. 1025
1099781845429591Innovation Without Patents: Harnessing The Creative Spirit In A Diverse WorldKit Boey Chow2007£ 59.1
1109781843119029Insurance Law And The Financial Ombudsman ServiceDr Judith P. Summer2010£ 169
1119781843116776Insurance Law: An Introduction (Practical Insurance Guides)Robert Merkin2007£ 135
1129781845428754Intellectual Property And Trips Compliance In China: Chinese And European PerspectivesJohan Erauw2007£ 66.5
1139781848441637Intellectual Property Policy Reform: Fostering Innovation And DevelopmentWilliam Van Caenegem2009£ 77
1149780324261028International Business Law And Its Environment 6edFiliberto Agusti2004$ 199
1159780072822519International Business Law Environments And TransactionsJohn A. Willes2005$ 129
1169781843117599International Commercial Mediation (Dispute Resolution Guides)Cyril Chern2008£ 129
1171850442916International Commodity ArbitrationKirby Johnson1991£ 29.95
1199781907877452International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs (Part A & B)International Accounting Standards Board2012£ 60
1209781847207272International Governance And Law: State Regulations And Non-State LawJonathan Verschuuren2008£ 59
1219789041123923International Labour LawJean Michel Servais2005$ 33.55
1229781859788831Introduction To Arbitration (Disputes Resolution Guides)Harold Crowter1998£ 8
1231843114356Introduction To Eu Competition LawPeter R.Willis2005£ 149
1249780849381287Introduction To Excutive ProtectionDale L. June1998£ 65
1259781843117568Introduction To Marine Cargo Management (Lloyd's Practical Shipping Guides)J Mark Rowbotham2008£ 145
1269780328240302Investigations Student Activity BookScott Foresman2008$ 49
1279781845923280Joint Ventures In Europe 3edMartin Mankabady2008$ 198
1289780155058392Judicial Process Law Courts And Politics In The United States 3edStephen S. Meinhold2003$ 59
129354094012XJustice Under PressureWilliam R. Kelly1993EU 39
1309780534629823Juvenile Delinquency The Core 2edBrandon C. Welsh2005$ 69
1319781847207296Labor And Employment Law And Economics 2edOrly Lobel2009£ 158
1329788132110095Law And Economics 2vol SetV.Santhakumar2013IRs. 1530
1339781854318015Law For Legal ExecutivesTimothy Blakemore1998£ 17.95
1349781847200907Law, Economics And Antitrust: Towards A New PerspectivePatrick A. Mcnutt2006£ 26.95
1359781849800273Law, Informal Rules And Economic Performance: The Case For Common LawSvetozar Pejovich2009£ 15
1369788132111580Left-Wing Extremism And Human RightK.V.Thomas2014IRs. 995
1379781847207883Legal Challenges In Eu Administrative Law: Towards An Integrated AdministrationAlexander H. Turk2009£ 86
1389780074715772Legal Dictionary For Australians 2edPeter Alderson2006$ 49
1399781843117452Legal Issues Relating To Time CharterpartiesProf.D.Rhidian Thomas2008£ 175
1409781847664785Legal Practice Companion 2009/10 15edMark Weston2009$ 59
1419781847665409Legal Practice Companion 2010/11 16edMark Weston2010$ 55
1429781847667458Legal Practice Companion 2011/12 17edMark Weston2011$ 55
1441859785433Lex Mercatoria: Essays On International Commercial Law In Honour Of Francis ReynoldsFrancis Rose2000£ 169
1459781843116547Liability Regimes In Contemporary Maritime LawProf.D.Rhidian Thomas2007£ 189
1469788132111238Life As A Dalit Views From The Bottom On Caste In IndiaJoan P. Mencher2013IRs. 1525
1471859781284Limitation Of ActionsMerkin1998£ 135
1481850447985Lloyd`S Law Reports Vol IiLloyd`S1998£ 29
1499781843119494Lloyd's Maritime Atlas Of World Ports And Shipping Places 26edGordon Collen2011£ 24
1509781847663238LLP LEGISLATION HANDBOOKJames MATHER2010$ 125
1519781847201980Making European Private Law: Governance DesignHoratia Muir Watt2008£ 79
152Manual Of Environmental LawsAhmad Rafay2010PKR 500
1539781843118756Marine Insurance LegislationRobert Merkin2010£ 85
1549781843119517Marine Insurance: Law And PracticeF.D.Rose2012£ 189
1551843114275Marine War RisksMichael D.Miller2005£ 35
1569780421823600Matrimonial Conveyancing A Draftsmans Handbook 7edStephen Harker2000$ 25
1571859785638Merchant Shipping Act 1995 An Annotated Guide 2edNicholas Craig2001£ 145
1581843113295Merchant Shipping LegislationAengus R. M. Fogarty2004£ 169
1599781847663412National Insurance ContributionsSarah Bradford2009$ 89
1609781845422653New Directions In Copyright Law Vol 6Fiona Macmillan2007£ 95
1619780421693609Non-Means Tested Benefits The LegislationR.White1999$ 98
1629781847209252Ntellectual Property And The Limits Of Antitrust: A Comparative Study Of Us And Eu ApproachesKatarzyna Czapracka2010£ 57
1639780495004219On The Philosophy Of LawDavid A. Reidy2007$ 15
1641843112485Partnering And Collaborative Working (Practical Construction Guides)Rona Westgate2002£ 89
1659781845424817Patents: Economics, Policy And MeasurementF.M.Scherer2005£ 69
1669781847662880Pension Scheme Taxation And Retirement PlanningGavin Moffatt2008$ 89
1679781847667472Pensions Law Handbook 10edNabarro Nathanson2011$ 89
1689781849040587Policing And Prisons In The Middle East Formations Of CoercionJillian Schwedler2010£ 15
1691843113287Port State Control 2edDr Z. Oya Ozcayir2004£ 189
1701859785530Practical Construction Guides Construction Claims Current Practice And Case ManagementJeremy Hackett2000£ 85
1711859780563Practical Guides Reinsurance ManagementPeter Green1996£ 65
1721850445028Practice And Procedure Of The Companies CourPhilip Marshall1997£ 149
173Principles Of Criminology With Islamic Perspectives In Pakistan`S ContextDr.Abdul Majeed Aulakh2009PKR 350
1749781843115328Private International Law Of Reinsurance And InsuranceMarcus Smith2006£ 189
1751859785980Privity Of ContractRobert Merkin2000£ 189
1761859786987Professional Liability : Law & InsuranceRay Hodgin1999£ 169
1779781847663672Property TaxesRobert W Maas2009$ 149
1789781845427160Public Choice And Public Law (Economic Approaches To Law)Daiel A Farber2007£ 119
1799781847663788Ray & Mclaughlin`S Practical Inheritance Tax Planning 9edRalph Ray2010$ 145
1809781843117742Reforming Marine And Commercial Insurance LawDr Baris Soyer2008£ 169
1819781848441958Regulatory Impact Assessment: Towards Better RegulationDavid Parker2008£ 19.5
1829781843117964Reinsurance Practice And The LawLyde & Gilbert2009£ 89
1831859780660Reinsurance UnderwritingStephen Kiln1996£ 35
1849781843118893Reinsuring ClausesOzlem Gurses2010£ 150
1859781847208453Research Handbook In International Economic LawAlan O. Sykes2008£ 31.8
1869781845420475Research Handbook On Intellectual Property And Competition LawJosel Drexl2008£ 138.5
1879780534534370Research Methods And Statistics In Criminal Justice: An Introduction 3edSteven M Cox2001$ 59
1889781847667663Revenue Law Principles And Practice 29 EdNatalie Lee2011$ 135
1899781843118343Risk And Liability In Air LawGeorge Leloudas2009£ 189
1901859781519Robert Kiln's Predictions On Lloyd's And ReinsuranceDavid Rowland1997£ 13
1919781845927783Scottish Legal System 4edIan D Willock2007$ 69
1929781843769972Security Perspectives Of The Malay Archipelago: Security Linkages In The Second Front In The War On TerrorismAndrw T.H.Tan2004£ 71
1939780534545697Serial Murderers And Their VictimsEric W. Hickey2002$ 39
1941859780695Ship Performance: Technical, Safety, Environmental And Commercial Aspects 2edCyril Hughes1996£ 19
195185044482XShipbuilding Contracts 2edMalcolm A. Clarke1992£ 45
1969781843113232Shipping And The Environment 2edCharles B. Anderson2009£ 198
1979781843119463Shipping Law Handbook 5edMichael Bundock2011£ 189
1989781843118190Singapore Arbitration Legislation AnnotatedJohanna Hajlamarsson2009£ 169
1999788125041467Stages Of Capital Law Culture And Market Governance In Late Colonial IndiaRitu Birla2011IRs. 600
2009781847665621Stamp TaxesKavin Griffin2010$ 115
2019781845923594Studying Scots Law 3edHector Macqueen2004$ 25
2021843113341Tackling Insurance Fraud: Law And Practice (Practical Insurance Guides)Lynne Skajaa2004£ 15
2039781847663535Tax Aspects Of The Purchase And Sale Of A Private Company`S Shares 18edHammonds2009$ 125
2059781847665263Tax Planning 2010/11Mark Mclaughlin2010$ 135
2069780421724907Tax Treaties: Uk Law And PracticeJonathan Schwarz2001$ 125
2079781847663092Taxation For Employment Specialists 2edJonathan Peacock2009$ 69
2089781847664792Technology Transfer: Law And Practice 3edMark Anderson2010$ 169
2099780421566309The Doctrine Of Proprietary EstoppelMark Pawlowski1996$ 110
2109780333637586The Economic And Social Law Of The European UnionChloe Wallace2008£ 29
211184064351XThe Economics Of Intellectual Property 4vol SetRudi Holzhauer2002£ 530.9
2121850442754The Empire Ships: Record Of British-Built And Acquired Merchant Ships During The Second World WarL.A.Sawyer1990£ 19
2139780521435994The Ethical Dimensions Of The Biological SciencesJoel Reiser1993£ 15
2149781848444652The European Constitution: Cases And Materials In Eu And Member States LawJacques Ziller2009£ 25
2159780955114496The European Union And Security Sector ReformPhilipp Fluri2008$ 29
2169781845427016The Evolution Of European Competition Law: Whose Regulation, Which CompetitionHanns Ullrich2006£ 78
2179781843118084The Evolving Law And Practice Of Voyage CharterpartiesProf.D.Rhidian Thomas2009£ 169
2189781847203601The Global Challenge Of Intellectual Property RightsSubhash C. Jain2008$ 69
2199781843118800The Handbook Of Maritime Economics And BusinessCostas Th. Grammenos2013£ 169
2201859786774The Institute Clauses 3edN.Geoffrey Hudson1999£ 9
2219781847203458The Institutions Of The Enlarged European Union: Change And ContinuityPierpaolo Settembri2008£ 69.9
2229781847662941The International Tax Handbook 2edNexia International2009$ 110
2231843114712The Ism Code: A Practical Guide To The Legal And Insurance Implications 2edDe Phil Anderson2005£ 88
2249788125055310The Judiciary I ServedJaganmohan Reddy P2012IRs. 670
2259780684802350The Killing SeasonMiles Corwin1998$ 15
2269781847661425The Law Of Global Custody 3edGerald Montagu2009$ 195
2271859780687The Merchant Shipping Act 1995: An Annotated GuideDavid Stell1996£ 79
2289781843105220The Nearestrelative HandbookDavid Hewitt2007$ 24
2299781843117308The Practice And Procedure Of The Commercial Court 6edPhilippa Hopkins2008£ 19
2309780415091831The Problem Og PornographySusan M.Easton1994£ 15
2319781845426224The Role Of Committees In The Policy-Process Of The European Union: Legislation, Implementation And DeliberationTorbjorn Larsson2007£ 75
2329788125054320The Shifting Scales Of Justice: The Supreme Court In Neo-Liberal IndiaSiddherth Narrain2014IRs. 725
2339781847202543The Theory And Practice Of Local Government ReformLorenzo Robotti2008£ 74.6
2349781843118862The York-Antwerp RulesMichael D. Harvey2010$ 189
2359781847206596Tort Law And Economics (Encyclopedia Of Law And Economics) Vol 1 2edMichael Faure2009£ 137.5
2369781845427382Trade Marks At The LimitJeremy Phillips2008£ 66
2379781849800198Trademark Law And Theory: A Handbook Of Contemporary Research (Research Handbooks In Intellectual Property)Mark D Janis2009£ 35
2389781847668752Trusts And Estates In ScotlandSimon Mackintosh2011$ 89
2399781845921323Trusts And Estates Law Handbook 3edPenelop Reed Barrister2008$ 89
2409781847204929Understanding The Costs Of Environmental Regulation In EuropeDominic Moran2009£ 69.9
2419780814766668Unspeakable Acts Why Men Sexually Abuse ChildernDouglas W. Pryor1999$ 19
2429781847661678Vat Issues And SolutionsJohn Davsion2008$ 125
2439780314716903West's Legal Thesaurus/DictionaryWilliam Statsky1985$ 45
2449788132113133Women And Law Critical Feminist PerspectivesKalpana Kannabiran2014IRs. 995
2459781847665430Youth Court Guide 4edTony Rendell2010$ 79

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