Islam and Pak Studies

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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
11848857322Islam, Sharia & Alternative Dispute ResolutionMohamed Keshavjee2014IRs. 1895
29780415707800Questioning The Muslim WomanNida Kirmani2013IRs. 695
39781850659921Holy Ignorance: When Religion And Culture DivergeRos Schwartz2010P 15
49788125046585Islam In South Asia A Short HistoryJamal Malik2012IRs. 875
59788125046691Understanding IslamNazir Ahmad2012IRs. 490
69788125047582Other Orientalisms: India Between Florence And Bombay (1860 - 1900)Lowndes Vicente2012IRs. 1020
79788125050186Language Of Secular Islam Urdu Nationalism And Colonial IndiaKavita Saraswathi Datla2013IRs. 810
89788132110422Being Muslim And Working For PeaceRaphael Susewind2013IRs. 650
99788132110460Living The Qur'an In Our TimesJamal Khwaja2014IRs. 755
109788132111672Muslim Backward Classes A Sociological PerspectiveAzra Khanam2014IRs. 795
119788178242699Islamism And Democracy In India The Transformation Of Jamaat-E-IslamiIrfan Ahmad2009IRs. 695
129788178243467The Powerful Ephemeral Everyday Healing In On Ambiguously Islamic PlaceCarla Bellamy2011IRs. 795
139788178243603Islam In South Asia: In PracticeBarbara D. Metcalf2012IRs. 545
149789004042571Encyclopedie De L'islam: H-Iram (Vol 3)√Čtablie Par B. Lewis1997$ 195

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