Food Science

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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
1849389445Abbreviations Dictionary 9edKaren Kerchelich1994£ 69
29780125435901Antioxidant Food Supplements In Human HealthToshikazu1999$ 145
39780851864464Bioformation Of FlavoursA.A Williams1989$ 85
49788181289339Biosensing International Research And DevelopmentCharles A. Hales S L. Wilkins2008IRs. 550
59788189729035Bioseparation Process In FoodsP. B. Bansal2012IRs. 650
69780276445460Conquering Heart Attach & Stroke: Readers Digest Health SolutionsOf Reader's Digest2011$ 45
79780767425582Core Concepts In Health 9edWalton T. Roth2002$ 49
8849362865Crc Legume - Based Fermented FoodsD.K.Salunkhe1986£ 45
9849353238Crc Preservation Of Food Ionizing Radiation Vol 1Martin S.Peterson1982£ 45
109781845694326Designing Functional FoodsD. Julian2012IRs. 7500
119780854047703Detection Methods For Irradiated FoodsJack Pearce1996$ 125
12851993303Egg Nutrition And BiotechnologyW. Guenter1999$ 175
139781418029975Fast And Fabulous Flavor SecretsJudy Gilliard2005$ 17.95
149780851998213Fetal Nutrition And Adult Disease Programming Of Chronic Disease Through Fetal Exposure To UndernutritionLangley Evans2004$ 110
159788181283955Food Analysis 3edS.Suzanne Nielsen2009IRs. 1595
169780851864556Food And Cancer Prevention Chemical And Biological AspectsG.R.Fenwick1993$ 85
178123911491Food ChemistryMeyer2004IRs. 190
189780313347672Food Culture In Central AmericaMichael Mcdonald2009$ 45
191560322551Food Engineering In A Computer ClimateW.Hamm1992$ 149
209788170354345Food MicrobiologyNeelam Khetarpaul2006IRs. 290
219781926895017Food ScienceA.K. Haghi2012IRs. 6594
229788132109068Food Security In AsiaAmitava Mukherjee2012IRs. 950
239781845693428Functional And Speciality Beverage TechnologyPaul Paquin2012IRs. 7500
249780412988516Functional Foods Designer Foods Pharmafoods NutraceuticalsIsrael Goldberg1995$ 65
259780895947468Good Food The Complete Guide To Eating WellWittenberg1995$ 18.95
269780304364091Grape VarietsPierre Galet2002$ 15
279789382423621Haccp & Sanitation In Restaurants And Food Service OperationsLora Arduser2014IRs. 5500
289780895778536Heartland Cooking Crockery Favorites: Traditional American RecipesFrances Towner Giedt1996$ 19
299781408816875Kitchen SecretsRaymond Blance2011£ 25
309781401850098Modern Garde MangerAngus Campbell2006$ 110
319780854047932Natural Antioxidants And Anticarcinogens In Nutrition Health And DiseaseJ.T.Salonen1999$ 125
329780854047215Natural Antioxidants And Food Quality In Atherosclerosis And Cancer PreventionJukka T. Salonen1996$ 125
339789382423607Non-Commercial Food ServiceDouglas Robert2014IRs. 5500
349780824799793Nonthermal Preservation Of FoodsBarry G. Swanson1997£ 25
359780534564667Nutrition Concepts And ControversiesEleanor Whitney1999$ 49.95
369780495220114Nutrition Concepts And Controversies 10edEllie Whitney2006$ 95
379780313349751Poisons On Our PlatesMorrone2008$ 49
389780766800380Practical Food & Beverage Cost ControlClement Ojugo1998$ 59
399788120321618Principles Of Crop Production Theory Techniques And TechnologyGeorge Acquaah2005IRs. 325
409780471596608Quantity Food Sanitation 5edKarla Longree1996$ 45
419780407011632Recent Advances In Animal NutritionD J A Cole1987$ 49
429780857090096Recent Trends In Soft BeveragesL. Jagan Mohan Rao2011IRs. 2995
439780131088207Super Healing FoodsSheridam Goulart1998$ 15
449781845332624Super JuiceMitchell Beazley2006$ 10
459789382423522The Dbs Handbook Of Food ServicesDauglas R. Brown2015IRs. 14995
469789382423386The Encyclopedia Of Restaurant TrainingLora Arduser2014IRs. 5500
479780062585172The Flavor Of CaliforniaMarlena Spieler1994$ 19
489789382423614The Food Service Manager's Guide To Creative Cost CuttingDbs Imprints2014IRs. 5500
499780854047338The Malillard Reaction In Foods And MedicineJennifer M. Ames1998$ 125
509781843767626The Political Economy Of Genetically Modified FoodsTerri Raney2007£ 125
519781594864056The Power Food Nutrition PlanJeff O` Connell2005$ 69
529789382423393The Professional Bar & Beverage Manager's HandbookDouglas Robert2014IRs. 5500
539788125041955The Writer`S Feast Food And The Cultures Of RepresentationRimi B. Chatterjee2011IRs. 655
54824791207Vitamin A In Health DiseaseRune Blomhoff1994£ 110
55824793137Vitamin C In Health And DiseaseJurgen Fuchs1997£ 85

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