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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
13540970266Acidic Precipitation Vol 4 Soils Aquatic Processes And Lake AcidificationA.L.Page1990EUR 85
23540970150Acidic Precipitation Vol Iii Sources Deposition And Canopy InteractionsS.A.Norton1990EUR 45
39780471978688Advances In Hydrological Processes Water Quality Trnds And Geochemical Mass BalanceM.M.Kennedy1998$ 110
4851992285Against The Grain Agri Environmental Reform In The United States And The European UnionClive Potter1998$ 110
59788132110118An Invitation To Environmental Sociolgy 4edMayerfeld Bell2012IRs. 525
69783540664727Anthropogenic Platinum Group Element EmissionsF.Zereini F. Alt1999EUR 70
79798174732643Assessing Microbial Safty Of Drinking WaterLorna Fewtrell2005IRs. 395
8803127227Astm Standards On Biological Effects And Environmental Fate 2edAstm1999$ 145
9080311835xAstm Standards On Environmental Sampling 2edAstm1997$ 89
109781566702928Basic Concepts Of Industrial HygieneRonald Scott1997£ 69
119781858986678Bioeconomics And Sustainability: Essays In Honor Of Nicholas Georgescu-RoegenJohn M. Gowdy1999£ 85.99
12849345162Bioenvironmental Systems Vol IvDonald L. Wise1987£ 25
13387538879Biofouling And Biocorrosion In Industrial Water SystemsGill Gregory1991EUR 60
14309039908Biologic Markers In Pulmon ToxNational Research Council1989$ 15
15898625858Biological Clocks & Environmental TimeEberhard Gwinner1989$ 35
169788120321106Bioprocess Engineering Basic Concepts 2edFikret Kargi2005IRs. 325
179780195515572Communicating In Geography And The Environmental Sciences 2edIain Hay2003£ 9.95
189789382423812Communicating Sustainability For The Green EconomyLynn R. Kahle2014IRs. 2495
19818356044xComprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment Of Water Resources Projects Ii Vol SetS.A.Abbasi2005IRs. 1650
20849336511Crc Handbook Of Natural Pesticides Methods Vol1Mandava1985£ 145
21849356857Crc Properties Of Biomaterials In The Physiological EnvironmentStephen D.Bruck1980£ 45
229780851869612Detection Methods For Cyanobacterial ToxinsE.Potter1994$ 65
238186247203Diseases Of Bamboos In AsiaC. Mohanan1997IRs. 650
249780415598194Ecological Modernistation And Environmental ComplianceShahpar Selim2011IRs. 795
259781840643268Economics And Environment: Essays On Ecological Economics And Sustainable DevelopmentDavid Pearce2000£ 19.95
269788120351356Economics Of EnvironmentSubhashini Muthukrishnan2015IRs. 250
279781847206466Economics Of Water Resources (International Library Of Critical Writings In Economics) 2vol SetR.Quentin Grafton2009£ 289
289780070294264Envirnomental Science A Global ConcernCunningham Saigo2001$ 108
299780415214650Environment Society And International Relations Towards More Effective International Environmental AgreementsGabriela Kutting2000£ 69
309789382423652Environmental And Natural Resources EconomicsJonathan M. Harris, Brian Roach2014IRs. 5500
318171417566Environmental BiologyMishra2004IRs. 625
329780851995984Environmental Change And Geomorphic Hazaeds In ForestsR.C.Sidle2002$ 95
339781843762683Environmental Economics And Evaluation: Selected Essays Of Peter Nijkamp Vol 4Peter Nijkamp2004£ 83
349788131771631Environmental EducationSuresh Pachauri2012IRs. 285
359789332515819Environmental ManagementJacob Thomas2014IRs. 350
36824785231Environmental Management SystemsB.W.Marguglio1991£ 35
379781872748191Environmental MutagensisS. Venitt1995EUR 42
389780471579281Environmental OxidantsMilagros S.Simmons1994$ 69
399781847205896Environmental Protection In China: Land-Use ManagementLei Zhang2008£ 65
409788120326057Environmental Science And Engineering 2edGary W. Heinke2005IRs. 325
419781858986227Environmental Taxes And Economic Welfare: Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions (New Horizons In Environmental Economics)John Creedy1997£ 49
429780195117134Environmental Toxicology And ChemistryDonald G. Crosby1998£ 89
439780072951721Environmetal Science A Global Concern 8edBarbara Saigo2004$ 140
449788120347861Essential Of Ecology And Environmetal ScienceS.V.S. Rana2015IRs. 375
459781843760481Ethics, Equity And International Negotiations On Climate ChangeMohan Munasinghe2002£ 59
469780854047383Fire Retardancy Of Polymers The Use Of IntumescenceR. Delobel1998$ 120
479781843760559Firms, Governments And Climate Policy: Incentive-Based Policies For Long-Term Climate ChangeChristian Egenhofer2003£ 79
489780643069619Flora Of Australia Vol 44b Poaceae 3 (Flora Of Australia Series)Australian Biological Resources Study2005$ 89
499780643092419Flora Of Australia Vol 51 Mosses 1Australian Biological2006$ 60
509780643067127Flora Of Australia Vol 58a Lichens 3Australian Biological Resources2001$ 55
519780643090569Flora Of Australia Volume 56a: Lichens 4 (Flora Of Australia Series)Katy Mallett2004$ 68
529780643096653Flora Of Australia Volume 57: Lichens 5Australian Biological2009$ 119
539780643096646Flora Of Australia, Volume 57: Lichens 5Australian Biological2009$ 125
549780849396571Fundamentals Of Environmenral Discharge ModelingLorin R. Davis1998£ 40
559780884154303Gas Migration Events Preceding EarthquakesJohn O. Robertson2000$ 180
5680327842Geopres Sured Geothermal EnergyRobert Morton1985$ 85
571560800011Geotechnical And Environmental Geophysics Vol IiStabley H. Eard1990$ 110
589781858987415Global Aspects Of The Environment 2vol SetPeter Nijkamp1999£ 275
599780521564816Global Biodiversity AssessmentUnep1995£ 25
609781843764199Global Warming And The Asian PacificDaigee Shaw2003£ 69
619780643066250Growing Crops With Reclaimed WastwaterDaryl Stevens2006$ 95
629780444500632Handbook Of Environmental Economics Vol I Environmental Degradation And Institutional ResponsesJeffrey R. Vincent2003$ 125
639780805832709Handbook Of Virtual Environment Design Implementation And ApplicationsKay M. Stanney2002$ 185
649781566705714Hazardous Air Pollutant Handbook: Measurements, Properties, And Fate In Ambient AirR.Mukund2002£ 89
659798174732650Heterotrophic Plate Counts And Drinking Water SafetyA. Glasmacher2005IRs. 395
66824794796Idoor Air Pollution And HealthAnthony Montanaro1996£ 85
679780873719957In Situ Treatment TechnologySuthan S. Suthersan1996£ 49
681560321458Incinerating Municipal And Industrial WasteBryers1990$ 89
699781845420970Industrial Ecology And Spaces Of InnovationSally Randles2006£ 78
70122896769Industrial Ventilation Design GuidebookEsko Tahti2001$ 125
719781845424725Integrated Assessment And Management Of Public ResourcesMarcella Veronesi2006£ 55
729780884159278Introduction To Water Pollution BiologyRichard J. Schmitz1995$ 60
739780471549134Introduction To Wildland Fire 2edRichard D. Laven1997$ 95
749788120348264Irrigation Water ManagementDilip Kumar Majumdar2015IRs. 450
759780643068681Managing Arsenic In The EnvironmentPeter Nadebaum2006$ 115
769781843741275Managing Environmental RiskHilary Stone2004$ 19
779781847208095Markets For Carbon And Power Pricing In Europe: Theoretical Issues And Empirical AnalysesFrancesco Gulli2008£ 69
789788132117414Media Construction Of Environmrnt And Sustainability In India \Prithi Nambiar2014IRs. 995
799788181284747Modern Electrochemistry 2b Electrondics In Chemistry Engineering Biology And Environmental Science 2edAmulya K.N.Reddy2008IRs. 850
809781566703567Motor Carrier Safety: A Guide To Regulatory ComplianceE.Scott Dunlap2000£ 69
819781566705530Mtbe Effects On Soil And Groundwater ResourceChristy Herron2000£ 25
829781566703024Natural Attenuation Cercla Rbca`S And The Future Of Environmental RemediationDavid J. Borns1997£ 82
839788125056140Nature Without BordersGhazala Shshabuddin2014IRs. 595
849781566702621Non -Hydrocarbon Methods Of Geophysical Formation EvaluationJames K. Hallenburg1997£ 49
859781574770360Permeable Barriers For Grounwater Remediation Design Construction And MonitoringDennis O`Sullivan1998$ 39
869781847205612Perspectives On Corporate Social Responsibility (Corporations, Globalisation And The Law)Nina Boeger2008£ 59
87851994385Principles Of Cattle ProductionC.J.C.Phillips2001$ 45
889780854047550Protozoan Parasites And WaterJ. Watkins1995$ 75
899789332518940Remote Sensing Of The Enevironemnt An Earth Resource Perspective 2edJohn R. Jensen2013IRs. 975
909788120319028Renwable Energy Sources And Their Environmental ImpactNaseema Abbasi2004IRs. 150
919781566704663Reuse Of Surfactants And Cosolvents For Napl RemediationC.Herb Ward1999£ 19
923540969527Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Vol 109George W. Ware1989EUR 39
93354097444xReviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Vol 119George W. Ware1991EUR 39
943540977260Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Vol 123Dr. George W. Ware1992EUR 39
953540977627Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Vol 125Dr. George W. Ware1992EUR 39
969780387944531Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Vol 141Francis A. Gunther1995EUR 65
979781847204707Science And Public Policy: The Virtuous Corruption Of Virtual Environmental ScienceAynsley Kellow2007£ 52
989780170103749Society And EnvironmentDodd Powell1996$ 19
999780126394818Spectral Imaging Of The AtmosphereGordon G. Shepherd2002$ 120
1009780123898456Streams And Ground WatersPatrick J. Mulholland2000$ 95
1019781840647204Sustainable Farm Forestry In The TropicsJ.L.Herbohn2001£ 69
1029781840641615Sustainable Forest Management And Global Climate Change: Selected Case Studies From The AmericasRuben Guevara2000£ 80
1039780534496722Sustaining The Earth 7edG.Tyler Miller2004$ 85
1049781566393348The Aesthetics Of EnvironmentArnold Berleant1995$ 25
1053014175924The Arabian Sea Living Marine Resource And The EnvironmentNasima M. Tirmizi1995PKR 850
1069781843766261The Crisis Of Innovation In Water And WastewaterRoger R. Ford2005£ 79
1079788192372891The Dbs Handbook Of Climate ChangeBharat Singh Tippal2013IRs. 4995
1089789382423010The Dbs Handbook Of EcologyUdai Veer Singh2013IRs. 4995
1099789384229283The Dbs Handbook Of Energy Power SystemD. K. Chauhan2016IRs. 6995
1109789384229290The Dbs Handbook Of Environmental PoluttionRak Kumar2016IRs. 6995
1119788192372860The Dbs Handbook Of Environmental ScienceFatma Sarwar Khan2013IRs. 4995
1129788192372877The Dbs Handbook Of Global WarmingAbdul Salam Khan2013IRs. 4995
1139789382423911The Dbs Handbook Of PollutionAshwani Kumar2015IRs. 5995
1149781858986142The Economics Of Energy Policy In China: Implications For Global Climate Change (New Horizons In Environmental Economics)Zhongxiang Zhang1998£ 69
1159781843764533The Environment In Corporate Management New Directions And Economic InsightsSteven G.M.Schilizzi2002£ 59
1169780419199007The Environmental Tradition: Studies In The Architecture Of EnvironmentDean Hawkes1995£ 31
1179781848441927The International Handbook On Environmental Technology ManagementJohn Phillimore2008£ 35.8
1189781840646641The International Yearbook Of Environmental And Resource Economics 2001/2002: A Survey Of Current Issues (New Horizons In Environmental Economics Series)Henk Folmer2002£ 24
1191852788720The Politics Of The EnvironmentRobert E. Goodin1994£ 145
1209781559638319The Wellbeing Of NationsRobert Prescott2001$ 50
1219781566702836Total Quality Safety Management And AuditingMichael B. Weinstein1997£ 85
1229780854047819Toxic Impacts Of Wastes On The Aquatic EnvironmentJ.R.Eharfe1996$ 95
1239780873716215Toxicological Chemistry 2edStanley E. Manahan1992£ 59
1249781847204929Understanding The Costs Of Environmental Regulation In EuropeDominic Moran2009£ 69.9
1259789384229092Urban Environmental Policy AnalysisHeather E. Campbell, Elizabeth A. Corley2014IRs. 2995
126306445395Use Of Biomarkers In Assessing Health And Environmental Impacts Of Chemical PollutantsCurtis C. Travis1993$ 125
1279781840641486Valuing The Environment In Developing CountriesCharles Palmer2002£ 102
1289788131302620Water And Waste WaterDr Krishna Gopal2007IRs. 495
1299781845424237Water Management In Arid And Semi-Arid Regions: Interdisciplinary PerspectivesManfred A, Lange2006£ 68
1309781856494670World Who Is Who And Does What In Environement & ConservationLynn M Curme1997$ 45

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