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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
19780071485487101 Outer Space Projects For The Evil GeniusDave Prochnow2007$ 24.95
2978007145823850 Awesome Auto Projects For The Evil GeniusGavin D. J. Harper2005$ 24.95
3978007146984550 Model Rocket Projects For The Evil GeniusGavin D.J. Harper2006$ 24.95
497893325357568051microcontroller Internals Instruction Programming And Interfacing 2edSubrata Ghoshal2014IRs. 439
59780170089166Ac PrinciplesArthur Mychael1994$ 15
69788131759561Advanced ElectronicsRaj Kamal2011IRs. 250
79788131787984Analog Signals And SystemsDavid C.Munson2012IRs. 550
89788131767689Antennas And Wave PropagationG.S.N.Raju2011IRs. 375
9803118082Astm Standards On Electronic Data InterchangeAstm1998$ 35
109789332521698Basic Electonics EngineeringTanuj Chauhan2013IRs. 160
119788131754566Basic Electrical And Electronics EngineeringBhattacharya2011IRs. 425
129780072229042Build Your Own Pc Recording StudioJoh Chappell2003$ 29
139798181283114Cmos Integrated Analog To Digital And Digital To Analog Converters 2edVan De Plassche2005IRs. 550
149788131764671Cmos Vlsi Design A Circuits Ans Systems Perspective 3edAyan Banerjee2011IRs. 525
15038719827XCompound Semiconductor Device ModellingE.Miles1993EUR 110
169788120349391Control SystemsA. Anand Kumar2015IRs. 495
179788131767696Control Systems EngineeringS.K.Bhattacharya2011IRs. 350
189780121791902Control Theory And DesignArturo Locatelli1997$ 95
19891167315Cooling Technology For Electronic EquipmentWin Aung1988$ 115
209780534526603Copywriting For The Electronic Media A Practical Guide 4edMilan D. Meeske2002$ 49
219788131208168Descriptive Meta Data For Television ProductionEllen Mulder2006IRs. 295
229780852969762Design Of High Frequency Integrated Analogue FiltersYichuang Sun2002$ 69
239788177585513Design With Pic MicrocontrollersJohn B. Peatman2002IRs. 525
249788126127344Dictionary Of NanotechnologyThomas George2006IRs. 250
259789332518582Digital And Analog Communication Systems 8edLeon W. Couch2013IRs. 765
269780130833426Digital And Microprocessor Fundamentals Theory And Applications 3edWilliam Kleitz1999$ 115
279789332522299Digital ElectronicsBetty Lincoln2014IRs. 399
289788131734483Digital Fundamentals 10edThomas L. Floyd2011IRs. 750
299789332518469Digital Image Processing 3edRichard E.Woods2013IRs. 899
309788131764657Digital Signal Processing Principles Agorithms And Applications 4edJohn G. Proakis2011IRs. 485
319788131789582Digital Signal Processing Principles Algorithms And Applications 4edManolakis2012IRs. 625
329788177585704Digital Systems Principles And DesignKamal2013IRs. 525
339789332535039Discrete-Time Signal Processing 3edRonald W. Schafer2014IRs. 699
349788131785935Electical Technology Electrical Fundamentals Vol 1Surinder Pal Bali2013IRs. 459
359788131791554Electric Circuit AnalysisK.S.Suresh Kumar2013IRs. 399
369788131767740Electric Energy Generation Ultilization And ConservationD. Srilatha2011IRs. 375
379789332518537Electrical Machines Drives And Power Systems 6edTheodore Wildi2014IRs. 825
389788131760611Electromagentic Field TheoryYaduvir Singh2011IRs. 425
399780230429123Electromic Document Preparation & ManagementDr Mike Taylor2012$ 35
409788131754283Electronc Circuit AnalysisRama Murty2011IRs. 450
419788131764596Electronic Devices And Circuit Theory 10edLouis Nashelsky2011IRs. 540
429788131760895Electronic Devices And CircuitsRekha Singh2012IRs. 599
439780071475563Electronic Games For The Evil Genius: 21 Do-It-Yourself Entertaining ProjectsTom Petruzzellis2006$ 24.95
449788131790731Electronic Measurements And InstrumentationK.Lal Kishore2012IRs. 350
453540965297Elements Of Detection And Signal DesignCharles L. Weber1987EUR 49
469788131787045Express Learning Digital Electronics And Logic DesignItl Education2013IRs. 339
477070925Ferrite Phase Shifters And Control DevicesHelszajn1989$ 45
489789332535022Field And Wave Electromagnetics 2edDavid K. Cheng2015IRs. 749
499788131764046Foundations Of ElectronicsJ.R.Cogdell2011IRs. 475
50387560181Funadmentals Of Electronic Imaging Systems 3edW.F.Schreiber1993EUR 45
519788131787960Fundamentals Of Analog Circuits 2edFloyd Buchla2012IRs. 839
529788131510049Fundamentals Of Electric DrivesMohamed A. El-Sharkawi2009IRs. 250
539789332535138Fundamentals Of Engineering ElectromagneticsDavid K. Cheng2014IRs. 575
549789332534988Fundamentals Of Signals And Systems Using The Web And Matlab 3edBonnie S. Heck2014IRs. 725
559788131767092Fundametals Of Electronic EngineeringTechnical University2011IRs. 250
569788120352681Fundamnetals Of Digital CircuitsA. Anand Kumar2016IRs. 550
579780521520515Guide To Observing And Discovering CometsDavid H. Levy2003P 15
589780750647731Handbook Of Qs-9000 Tooling And Equipment CertificationGeorge Mouradian2000$ 69
599780766813403Heavy Duty Truck Systems 3edJohn A. Corinchock2000$ 180
609788181288592High -Energy Density Physics Fundamentals Intertial Fusion And Experimental AstrophysicsR.P.Drake2008IRs. 895
619780072257649How To Do Everything With Your Camera PhoneJohn Frederick Moore2004$ 24.99
629780949199362Introducing TechnologyBasil Slynko1991$ 15
639789332534995Introduction To Optics EdLeno S Pedrotti2014IRs. 810
649780072226324Introduction To Pc Hardware And TroubleshootingMike Meyers2003$ 65
659789332518612Introductory Circuit Analysis 12edRobert L. Boylestad2014IRs. 840
669780852967676Knowledge Discovery And Data MiningM A Bramer1999$ 78
679780412814501Knowledge Intensive Cad Vol IiTetsuo Tomiyama1997$ 115
689781418038649Lab Manual To Accompany Circuit Analysis Theosr And Practice 4edWilhelm C. Miller2006$ 65
699780078281334Laboratory Manual Principles Of Electronics Communication Systems 2edDavid L. Heiserman2004$ 59
709780071481472Lego Mondstorms Nxt Hacker`S GuideDave Prochnow2006$ 24.95
719788120351653Matlab Easy Way Of LearningS. Swapna Kumar, Lenina S V B2016IRs. 395
723540138110Measurement Techniques In Power EngineeringNaim H. Afghan1984EUR 49
739780863413353Mems PackingTai Ran Hsu2003$ 98
74863412122Metres To MicrowavesE.B.Callick1990$ 49
75471093173Mhd And Fusion Magnets Field And Force Design CinceptsJohn M Tarrh1982$ 125
769788131790755Microcontrollers And Interfacing 2edRolin D. Mckinlay2012IRs. 399
779788131769065Microprocessors And MicrocontrollersDas2011IRs. 325
789789332517967Microprocessors And Multicore SystemsLyla B.Das2013IRs. 350
799780780311572Microsystems Technology For Multimedia Application An IntroductionWu1989$ 65
809788131799444Microwave And Radar EngineeringBhushana Rao2014IRs. 519
819067640751Modelling Non Linear Wave ProcessesYu A. Berezin1987$ 85
829788131761670Modern Control Theory 3edWilliam L. Brogan2011IRs. 699
839780387944203Monographs In Computer Science Asynchronous CircuitsH.Seger1995EUR 135
84387824049Multigrid Methods For Process SimulationSlobodan Mijalkovic1994EUR 69
859788120334823Multiobjective Optimisation & ControlJ.F.Whidborne2008IRs. 395
869780471623786Optical Emmision Lines Of The ElementsPeter Larkins2000$ 230
879789384229368Optical SatelliteShen-En-Qian2016IRs. 5995
889783540199496Optimal Sampled Data Control SystemsBruce Francis1996EUR 75
89387526854Paths Flows And Vlsi LayoutAlexander Schrijiver1990EUR 49
909780071473606Pc Mods For The Evil Genius 265 Custom Builds To Turbo Charge Your ComputerJim Aspinwall2006$ 24.95
91387576819Phase Separation In Cuprate SuperconductorsK.A.Muller1994EUR 73
929788131768990Pluse And Digital CircuitsManmadha Rao2011IRs. 325
939789332518445Power Electronics Circits Devices And Applications 3edMuhammad H. Rashid2014IRs. 699
949788131769003Power Systems -IS.Sivabagaraju2011IRs. 375
959780070580787Practical Electronics For InventorsPaul Scherz2000$ 39.95
969780750634472Practical Radio Frequency Handbook 2edIan Hickman1997$ 35
979788126511440Principles Of Highway Engineering And Trtaffic AnalysisScott S. Washburn2009IRs. 315
989780852969984Process Technology For Silicon Carbide DevicesCarl-Mikael Zetterling2002$ 85
999780071344067Programming And Customizing The Hc11 MicrocontrollerTom Fox2000$ 39.95
1009780030206931Pushing Electrons A Gudie For Students Of Organic Chemistry 3edWeeks1998$ 25
101883186020Quantum Electrodynamics At High EnergiesDavid Parsons1989$ 75
1029788131762189Rf Circuit Design Theory And Applications 2edGene Bogdanov2013IRs. 675
1039789332518636Rf Microelectronics 2edBehzad Razavi2014IRs. 775
1049780071406857Robot Builder`S SourcebookGordon Mccomb2002$ 27.95
1053540975357Robot Reliability And SafetyB.S.Dhillon1991EUR 69
1069780071376839Robots, Androids And Animatrons 2edJohn Iovine2002$ 19.95
107387198342Romansy 9K.Jaworek1993EUR 49
1089780852967799Selected Topics In Advanced Solid State And Fibre Optic SensorsS.M.Vaezi Nejad2000$ 69
1099783540570868Self Organization In Optical Systems And Applications In Information TechnologyW.B.Miller1995EUR 75
1103540977074Shock Wave Reflection PhenomenaGabi Ben Dor1991EUR 49
1119789332518490Signals Systems And Transforms 4edEve Riskin2014IRs. 849
1129780170089784Single And Three Phase CircuitsArthur Mychael1995$ 25
1139788120352568Speech And Audio Signal ProcessingA. R. Jayan2016IRs. 195
114138399948Stable Adaptive SystemsAnnaswamy1989$ 49
1159781402080913Static Crosstalk Noise Analysis For Deep Sub Micron Digital DesignsKurt Keutzer2004$ 110
116780304071Surface Mount TechnologyJan Vardaman1993$ 49
1179780070248342Tab Electronics Technician Library Maintaining And Repairing Vcrs And CamcordersRobert L.Goodman1999$ 34.95
1189780070157651Tab Electronics Technician Library Troubleshooting & Repairing Consumer Electronics Without A SchematicHomer L. Davidson1996$ 29
1199789332536821The 86 Microprocessors 8086 To Pentium Multicores Atom And The 8051 Microcontroller Architecture Programming And Interfacing 2edLyla B.Das2014IRs. 489
1209780071448291The Complete Book Of Locks And Lockmithing 6edBill Phillips2005$ 29.95
1219789384229306The Dbs Handbook Of Laser TechnologyAnil Kumar2016IRs. 6995
1229780071463096The Official Robosapien Hacker`S GuideDave Prochnow2006$ 24.95
1239780729512855Theory And Practice Of Gas Metal Arc WeldingS.A.Davies1992$ 45
1249788131207406Theory Of Modeling And Simulation 2edTag Gon Kim2007IRs. 325
125716781514Transmission Analysis In Communication Systems Vol IiOsamu Shimbo1988$ 35
1269781418030513Using Multisim Troubleshooting Dc/Ac Circuits 3edReeder2005$ 61
127387549420Wave BreakingC.M.Lemos1992EUR 29
1289788120351042Wave Propagation And Antenna EngineeringSanjay Kumar, Saurabh Shukla2016IRs. 595

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