Electrical Engineering

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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
1824323130Abnual Review Of EnergyGerald A. Leach1988£ 25
29780852969373Aviation Weather Surveillance Systems Advanced Radar And Surface Sesors For Flight Safety And Air Traffic ManagementPravas Mahapatra1998$ 89
39788131754566Basic Electrical And Electronics EngineeringBhattacharya2011IRs. 425
49798181283114Cmos Integrated Analog To Digital And Digital To Analog Converters 2edVan De Plassche2005IRs. 550
59788131764671Cmos Vlsi Design A Circuits Ans Systems Perspective 3edAyan Banerjee2011IRs. 525
69780070111271Communication Systems An Introduction To Signals And Noise In Electrical Communication 4edJanet C Rutledge2002$ 79
7038719827XCompound Semiconductor Device ModellingE.Miles1993EUR 110
83764336110Computation And Control IiJ.Lund1991EUR 98
99788131767696Control Systems EngineeringS.K.Bhattacharya2011IRs. 350
109788131788240Control Systems TechnologyHeidar Malki2012IRs. 479
119788131758373Control Systems Theory And Applications 2edSmarajit Ghosh2012IRs. 525
129780121791902Control Theory And DesignArturo Locatelli1997$ 95
139789332518582Digital And Analog Communication Systems 8edLeon W. Couch2013IRs. 765
149780130833426Digital And Microprocessor Fundamentals Theory And Applications 3edWilliam Kleitz1999$ 115
159788131790298Digital Signal Processing Principles Algorithms And Applications 4edDimitris G. Manolakis2012IRs. 499
169788131785935Electical Technology Electrical Fundamentals Vol 1Surinder Pal Bali2013IRs. 459
179788131767740Electric Energy Generation Ultilization And ConservationD. Srilatha2011IRs. 375
189788120352469Electrical And Electronic MeasurementsG. K. Banerjee2016IRs. 695
199788131760901Electrical Machines 2edSmarajit Ghosh2012IRs. 499
209789332518537Electrical Machines Drives And Power Systems 6edTheodore Wildi2014IRs. 825
21824771869Electrical Phenomena At InterfacesAkira Watanabe1984£ 49
229789332514416Electrical Technology Machines And Measurements Vol IiSurinder Pal Bali2013IRs. 549
239788131773727Electricity And MagnetismIcfai University2012IRs. 350
249788131760611Electromagentic Field TheoryYaduvir Singh2011IRs. 425
259788131760895Electronic Devices And CircuitsRekha Singh2012IRs. 599
269789384229344Electro-Optical System Analysis And DesignCornelius J. Willers2016IRs. 5995
279789382423362Energy Policy AnalysisMichael S. Hamilton2014IRs. 2495
289789332507586Engineering Mathematics A Foundation For Electronic Electrical Communications And Systems Engineers 4edJaems Flint2013IRs. 769
299788120351363Engineering PhysicsK. Rajagopal2015IRs. 450
309788120348233Engineering PhysicsA. Marikani2015IRs. 350
319780534371753Feedaback Control Problems Using Matlab And The Control System ToolboxJoe Chow2000$ 29
327070925Ferrite Phase Shifters And Control DevicesHelszajn1989$ 45
339788131760642Finte Element Analysis Theory And Application With Ansys 3edSaeed Moaveni2015IRs. 639
349780824788940Flat Rolling FundamentalsRobert Ballas2000£ 149
359788120350762Foundation EngineeringBikash Chandra Chattopadhyay, 2015IRs. 595
369788131764039Foundations Of Electric PowerJ.T.Cogdell2011IRs. 475
379788131787960Fundamentals Of Analog Circuits 2edFloyd Buchla2012IRs. 839
389788131510049Fundamentals Of Electric DrivesMohamed A. El-Sharkawi2009IRs. 250
399789332535138Fundamentals Of Engineering ElectromagneticsDavid K. Cheng2014IRs. 575
409788131201350Hardware And Computer OrganizationArnold S. Berger2005IRs. 450
419780766813403Heavy Duty Truck Systems 3edJohn A. Corinchock2000$ 180
429789384229399Image Acquisition And Preprocessing For Machine Vision SystemP.K. Sinha2016IRs. 4995
439789384229436Integrated Optomechanical AnalysisKeith B. Doyle2016IRs. 4995
449780852967973John Logie Baird Television PioneerRussell Burns2000$ 95
459788131203156Lossless Compression HandbookKhalid Sayood2006IRs. 395
469788120350922Material Science And EngineeringV. Raghavan2015IRs. 295
479780070459786Mcgraw Hill National Electrical Code HandbookBrian Mcpartland1994$ 29
483540138110Measurement Techniques In Power EngineeringNaim H. Afghan1984EUR 49
49863412122Metres To MicrowavesE.B.Callick1990$ 49
509788131789568Microprocessors And MicrocontrollersLyla B.Das2013IRs. 499
519788131799444Microwave And Radar EngineeringBhushana Rao2014IRs. 519
529788131704431Modern Wireless CommunicationsMichael Moher2011IRs. 650
539783540199496Optimal Sampled Data Control SystemsBruce Francis1996EUR 75
549788131768990Pluse And Digital CircuitsManmadha Rao2011IRs. 325
559789332518445Power Electronics Circits Devices And Applications 3edMuhammad H. Rashid2014IRs. 699
569788131769003Power Systems -IS.Sivabagaraju2011IRs. 375
579780750634472Practical Radio Frequency Handbook 2edIan Hickman1997$ 35
589780195685688Principles Of Vibration 2edBenson H. Tongue2007IRs. 395
599780852969984Process Technology For Silicon Carbide DevicesCarl-Mikael Zetterling2002$ 85
60852964919Properties Of Indium PhosphideInspec1991$ 145
61085296949XProperties, Processing And Applications Of Indium Phosphide (E M I S Datareviews Series)T.P.Pearsall2000$ 125
62891160663Reference Manual Of Countermeasures For Hazardous Substance ReleasesFitzhugh Gbush1988$ 59
639788131762189Rf Circuit Design Theory And Applications 2edGene Bogdanov2013IRs. 675
649789332518636Rf Microelectronics 2edBehzad Razavi2014IRs. 775
659788131758625Sears And Zemansky`S University Physics Electricty And Magnetism 12edRoger A.Freeman2011IRs. 399
669780852967799Selected Topics In Advanced Solid State And Fibre Optic SensorsS.M.Vaezi Nejad2000$ 69
679780170089784Single And Three Phase CircuitsArthur Mychael1995$ 25
689789332536821The 86 Microprocessors 8086 To Pentium Multicores Atom And The 8051 Microcontroller Architecture Programming And Interfacing 2edLyla B.Das2014IRs. 489
699788120352797Theory And Problems Of Basic Electrical EngineeringD. P. Kothari, I.J. Nagrath2017IRs. 595
709781418030513Using Multisim Troubleshooting Dc/Ac Circuits 3edReeder2005$ 61
713764334371Weak Convergence Methods And Singularly Perturbed Stochastic Control And Filtering ProblemsHarold J.Kushner1990EUR 50
729789382423324Writing Successful Technology Grant ProposalsPamela H. Mackeller2014IRs. 2495

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