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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
19788132116103300+ Classroom Management Strategies To Make Your Job Easier And More Fun 3edLowden Kimmel2013IRs. 495
29780155079977A Brief History Of PsychologyWertheimer2000$ 39
39788125040095A Course In Academic WritinRenu Gupta2012IRs. 295
49788132110484A Half-Century Of Indian Higher EducationPawan Agarwal2014IRs. 995
59780072880168A Topical Approach To Life-Span Development 2edJohn W.Santrock2005$ 62
69780072880168A Topical Approach To Life-Span Development 2edJohn W.Santrock2005$ 62
79789332518988Abnormal Psychology 15edJill M. Hooley2014IRs. 750
89780072562460Abnormal Psychology 3edSusan Nolen2004$ 65
99780130422545Action Research A Guide For The Teacher Researcher 2edGeoffrey E. Mills2003$ 15
109780072900156Adolescence 10edJohn W. Santrock2005$ 69
119780072323498Adolescence 8edJohn W. Santrock2001$ 45
129780072491999Adolescence 9edJohn W.Santrock2003$ 59
13306446928Adolescent Substance Abuse A Comprehensive Guide To Theory And PracticeYifrah Kaminer1994$ 125
149781413001907Allons-Y Le Francais Par Etapes 6edDonald B. Rice2003$ 125
159780697235640An Introduction To PsychologyJeffrey Goldstein1996$ 55
169780072863796Annual Editions Educational Psychology 9edKathleen Cauley2005$ 29
179780072863796Annual Editions Educational Psychology 9edKathleen M. Cauley2005$ 29
189780073397511Annual Editions Human DevelopmentKaren Freiberg2008$ 29
199788132110125Applied Social Psychology Understanding And Addressing Social And Practical Problems 2edLarry M. Coutts2012IRs. 595
209780471982166Attributions In Action A Practical Approach To Coding Qualitative DataHegla Hanks1999$ 115
219780176166526Authentic Childhood Experiencing Reggio Emilia In The ClassroomSusan Fraser2000$ 39
229780176166526Authentic Childhood Experiencing Reggio Emilia In The ClassroomSusan Fraser2000$ 39
233540941673Autobiographical Memory And The Validity Of RetrospectiveSeymour Sudman1994EU 49
249788131771525B.Ed.(Core Paper) Questions And Answers Paper Development Of Educational Systems In IndiaExpress Learning2012IRs. 160
259788131771532B.Ed.(Core Paper) Questions And Answers Paper Development Of Learner And Teaching Learning ProcessExpress Learning2012IRs. 140
269788131771549B.Ed.(Core Paper) Questions And Answers Paper Essentials Of Educational Technology And ManagementExpress Learning2012IRs. 130
279788131771570B.Ed.(Core Paper) Questions And Answers Paper Teacher In Emerging Indian SocietyExpress Learning2012IRs. 160
289780520077829Between Therapist And ClientMichael Kahn1992$ 10
299780534588168Biological Psychology 8edJames W. Kalat2004$ 105
309780521401036Biological Risk Factors For Psychological DisordersPaul Casaer1991£ 49
319789332540934Brilliant Psychology How To Understand Yourself And OtherLouis Deacon2015IRs. 450
329789332520929Brilliant Teacher Series In The Series Primary School Teacher, Trainee Teacher,Teaching Assistant,Subject Leader.Head Teacher,Secondary School Teacher (6 Vol Set)Pearson Series2013IRs. 1350
339770007099765British Journal Of Educational PsychologyThe British Psychological2006P 10
349770007099765British Journal Of Educational PsychologyThe British Psychological Society2006£ 10
359780170132701Building Capacity Strategic Professional Development For Early ChildhoodJan Deans2003$ 19
369780170132701Building Capacity Strategic Professional Development For Early ChildhoodJan Deans2003$ 19
379788132116189Building Connections Between Literacy And NumeracyLeslie Minton2012IRs. 450
389788175963504Cambridge International Diploma For Teachers And Trainers WorkbookIan Barker2007IRs. 195
399781426631351Career Development And Planning A Comprehensive ApproachGary W. Peterson2009$ 85
409780534348137Career Development And Systems Theory A New RelationshipMary Mcmahon1999$ 59
41894342754Career Discovery EncyclopediaChicago Illinois2000$ 45
429780534559212Case Approach To Counseling And PsychotherapyGerald Corey2005$ 45
439788132110293Case Study Research Waht Why And HowPeter Swanborn2012IRs. 445
449780534512729Casebook In Child Behavior Disorders 3edChristopher A. Kearney2006$ 35
459780838408742Cause & Effect Intermediate Reading Practice 3edPatricia Ackert1999$ 20
469788132109655Child And Adolescent Mental HealthUsha S. Nayar2013IRs. 1195
479788132109655Child And Adolescent Mental HealthUsha S. Nayar2013IRs. 1195
489788131770740Child PsychologyNaima Khatoon2012IRs. 185
49395755891Childern & Their World Atrategies For Teaching Social StudiesWelton Mallan1996$ 45
50395755891Childern & Their World Atrategies For Teaching Social Studies 5edWelton Mallan1996$ 45
51082613856XChronic Illness In Children An Evidence Based ApproachJ.Rick Turner2002EU 45
529780534640675CoglabIan Neath2003$ 25
539780534608675Cognition Theory And Applications 6edStephen K. Reed2004$ 85
549789351500360Cognitive Planning And Executive Functions Application In Management And EducationSasi B. Misra2014IRs. 995
559789332536739Cognitive Psychology 8edKimberly Maclin2014IRs. 570
569780534600846Cognitive Psychology In And Out Of The Laboratory 3edKathleen Galotti2004$ 95
579788131788394Communication And Nursing EducationAnurag Bhai Patidar2012IRs. 275
589780273620556Communication: Intermediate And AdvancedWilliam Melrose1995$ 19
598183560539Community College Curriculum And TeachingBhaskara Rao2006IRs. 225
609780534607173Comparing Theories Of Child Develoment 6edR.Murray Thomas2005$ 115
619780071101882Concepts Of Fitness And Wellness 7edKaren A. Welk2006$ 49
629788132113492Consciousness Quest Where East Meets WestJ.P.Das2014IRs. 895
639788131759486Contemporary Trends In Education A Handbook For EducatorsVandana Saxena2012IRs. 165
643764336153Cotical Memory FunctionsC.M.Fair1992EU 39
659781401809102Counseling Skills For Speech Language PathologistsPaul T. Fogle2004$ 69
669788132116066Counseling Skills For Teachers 2edEllen Kottler2012IRs. 450
679788132116066Counseling Skills For Teachers 2edEllen Kottler2012IRs. 450
689788131730447Counselling Childern With Psychological ProblemsMalavika Kapur2012IRs. 250
699788131730447Counselling Childern With Psychological ProblemsMalavika Kapur2012IRs. 250
719789332517011Creative Activities For The Secondary ClassroomMark Labrow2013IRs. 240
729780534562168Creative Editing 4edDiane L. Borden2004$ 85
739780495095712Creative Editing 5edDiane L. Borden2008$ 79
749780534256203Critical Thinking In PsychologyD. Alan Bensley1998$ 49
759788132116127Critical Thinking Skills In All Children Teaching For InquiryJohn Barell2013IRs. 595
769788131773017Curriculum Development Perspectives Principles And IssuesMrunalini Talla2012IRs. 250
779788183562072Curriculum Of School SubjectBhaskara Rao2007IRs. 725
789780170128186Cybercells Learning In Actual And Virtual GroupDavid Stewart2005$ 19
799780534529864Data Analysis Interpretation In The Behavioral ScienceEmil J. Posavac2002$ 165
808188836451Deaf EducationsBhaskaar Rao2004IRs. 525
819788132116158Developing Standards-Based Report CardsJane M. Bailey2012IRs. 695
829789332537910Development Across The Life Span 7edRobert S. Feldman2014IRs. 520
839789332537910Development Across The Life Span 7edRobert S. Feldman2014IRs. 520
849788131769423Development And Problems Of Indian EducationR.P.Pathak2012IRs. 270
859788131772973Development Of Learner And Teaching Learning ProcessUdita Rakheja2012IRs. 315
869780534572143Developmental Psychology 6edDavid R. Shaffer2002$ 95
879780070696174Developmental Psychopathology From Infancy Throught Adolescence 4edPatricia Kerig2000$ 45
889788132115991Differentiated Science InquiryDouglas Llewellyn2013IRs. 695
899780534344948Disability A Diversity Model Approach In Human Service PracticeRichard Salsgiver1999$ 45
909780534344948Disability A Diversity Model Approach In Human Service PracticeRichard Salsgiver1999$ 45
919788131734025Discovering The Life SpanNandita Babu2012IRs. 299
929788131734025Discovering The Life SpanNandita Babu2012IRs. 299
93082478457XDual Diagnosis In Substance AbuseAndrew E. Slaby1991£ 25
949780170103510Eduactional Psychology For Learning And TeachingSue Duchesne2003$ 85
959780170103510Eduactional Psychology For Learning And TeachingSue Duchesne2003$ 85
969781848445796Educating Economists: The Teagle Discussion On Re-Evaluating The Undergraduate Economics MajorKimmarie Mcgoldrick2009£ 66.5
979780415693783Education & Social Justice In The Era Of GlobalisationMarie Lall2011IRs. 695
989780230217928Education & Trainning 2edAnne Brown2009£ 16
999788131728246Education Equality And Development Persistent Paradoxes In Indian Women`S HistoryVina Mazumdar2012IRs. 699
1009788131771624Educational Administration And ManagementI.S.Sindhu2012IRs. 285
1019788131772522Educational ManagementSandeep Chauhan2012IRs. 295
1029788131773499Educational PsychologyI.S.Sindhu2013IRs. 299
1039788131771204Educational PsychologyQuazi Ferdoushi Islam2012IRs. 210
1049789332536753Educational Psychology 12edAnita Woolfolk2014IRs. 750
1059789332536753Educational Psychology 12edAnita Woolfolk2014IRs. 750
1069788131754290Educational TechnologyJagdeesh Chaudhary2012IRs. 200
1079788130933702Educational Technology PlanningBard Williams2016IRs. 395
1089780697327260Effective Group Discussion 9edGloria J. Galanes1997$ 15
1099788131765661Effective Teaching Methods Research Based Practice 7edGary D. Borich2012IRs. 585
1109781876633677Effective Teaching Strategies Lessons From Research And Practice 3edRoy Killen2003$ 45
1119788132111603E-Learning In ChinaChen Geng2014IRs. 1095
1121876633158Engaging With Ethics Ethical Inquiry For TeachersGilbert Burgh2002$ 15
1139789382423560Enhancing Teaching And LearningJean Donham2014IRs. 2495
1149781845424220Entrepreneurship Education (International Library Of Entrepreneurship)Mark P. Rice2007£ 135
1159788131771631Environmental EducationSuresh Pachauri2012IRs. 285
1169788132110309Essential Psychology A Concise IntroductionBelinda Winder2014IRs. 645
1179788131773505Essentials Of Educational Technology And ManagementSeries In Education2012IRs. 265
1189788120327061Essentials Of Organizational Behavior 8edStephen .Robbins2008$ 195
1199780534633967Essentials Of Statistics For The Behavioral Sciences 5edLarry B. Wallnau2005$ 89
1209788125046684Essentials Readings For Teachers Of English From Research Insights To Classroom PracticesAnju Shagal Gupta2012IRs. 490
1219788132110323Essentials Social Psychology 2edRhiannon Turner2012IRs. 645
1229780170131469Ethics & Professional Practice For PsychologistsPrasuna Reddy2006$ 29
1239788132113850Ethnographies Of Schooling In Contemporary IndiaMeenakshi Thapan2014IRs. 895
1249781847207487European Universities In Transition: Issues, Models And CasesAngelo Riccaboni2008£ 69
1259788131770214Experimental PsychologySamina Bano2012IRs. 170
1269780534556693Familey Therapy An Overview 6edGoldenberg2004$ 69
1279780896039421Fatty Acids Physiological Behavioral FunctionsNorman Salem2001$ 175
1289780230008205Foucault, Psychology And The Analytics Of Power (Critical Theory And Practice In Psychology And The Human Sciences)Derek Hook2010£ 19
1299789332526365Foundations And Applications Of Indian PsychologySuneet Varma2014IRs. 450
1309781550771091Foundations: Society, Challenge And Change 2edBrian Burnie1999$ 39
1319780534399511Fundamental Statistics For The Behavioral Sciences 5edDavid C. Howell2003$ 98
1329788132110170Fundamentals Of Cognitive Psychology 2edRonald T. Kellogg2013IRs. 575
1339788131758663Fundamentals Of Educational Psychology 11edArbind Kumar Jha2012IRs. 498
1349788131758663Fundamentals Of Educational Psychology 11edArbind Kumar Jha2012IRs. 498
1359788131502419Fundamentals Of Organizational BehaviorSlocum Hellriegel2007IRs. 435
1369788131759530Fundamentals Of Social PsychologyGopa Bhardwaj2012IRs. 150
1379789332516885Games Ideas And Activities For Learning Outside The Primary ClassroomPaul Barron2013IRs. 230
1389789332517240Games Ideas And Activities For Primary HumanitiesRichard Green2013IRs. 370
1399789332517318Games Ideas And Activities For Primary LiteracyAmanda Snowden2013IRs. 370
1403540975780Gender Interaction And InequalityCecilia Ridgeway1991EU 25
1419788131759998General PsychologyNaima Khatoon2012IRs. 305
1423540979484Global Report On Student Well BeingAlex C.Michalos1993EU 35
1433540974601Global Report On Student Well Being Vol IAlex C.Michalos1991EU 25
1449781847207395Governing Universities Globally: Organizations, Regulation And RankingsRoger King2009£ 58
1459780534261481Group Dynamics 3edDonelson Forsyth1998$ 85
1469780534347895Groups Process And Practice 6edGerald Corey2002$ 45
1479780230249455Haelth PsychologyKaren Rodham2010£ 9
1489780805832709Handbook Of Virtual Environment Design Implementation And ApplicationsKay M. Stanney2002$ 185
1499780170135696Handbook On Child DevelopmentIrina Verenikina2000$ 35
1509780170135696Handbook On Child DevelopmentIrina Verenikina2000$ 35
1519788131760741Health PsychologyNaima Khatoon2012IRs. 265
1529789332537620Health Psychology Concepts In Health And Well BeingManika Ghosh2014IRs. 360
1539788125051312Higher Education In India In Search Of Equality Quality And QuantityJandhyala B.G. Tilak2013IRs. 745
1549788132116110How To Deal With Parents Who Are Angry Troubled Africa Or Just Plain Crazy 2edElaine K. Mcewan2013IRs. 595
1559788132116097How To Hire, Coach And Mentor Successful TeachersElaine K. Mcewan2013IRs. 550
1569789332517189How To Improve Your Critical Thinking & Reflective SkillsJonathan Weyers2013IRs. 340
1579789332516953How To Improve Your Maths SkillsSteve Lakin2013IRs. 245
1589789332516946How To Improve Your Memory For StudyJonathan Hancock2013IRs. 240
1599789332517196How To Use StatisticsSteve Lakin2013IRs. 335
1609789332517202How To Write Dissertations & Project Reports 2edJonathan Weyers2013IRs. 340
1619780071148351Human Development 6edVander Zanden1997$ 25
1629780071180054Human Development 8edR Duskin Feldman2001$ 49
1639780534595623Human Memory 2edAimee Surprenant2003$ 115
1649780534555306Human MotivationRobert E.Franken2002$ 89
1659780534633165Hurting The One You Love Violence In RelationshipsHanson Frieze2004$ 39
1669780071462570I Am More Than OneHyman2006$ 18.95
1679780072841282Improving Your Teaching Skills A Guide For Student Teacher And PractitionersB.Ann Boyce2003$ 25
1689780170114264Inclusion In ActionPhil Foreman2005$ 39.95
169805800727Income And Choice In Biological Control Systems A Framework For Understanding The Function And Dyfunction The BrainGershom-Zvi Rosenstein1991$ 45
1709789382423577Information Literacy Instruction That WorksPatrick Ragains2014IRs. 2495
1719788131770245Infromation Technology In EducationManju Gehlawat2012IRs. 299
1729788125044772Innovations In English Language Teaching Voice From The Indian ClassroomZ.N Patil2012IRs. 270
1739788132116028Inquire Within Implementing Inquiry Based Science Standards 2edDouglas Llewellyn2013IRs. 795
1749780534530938Integrating Religion And Spirituality In To CounselingWiggins Frame2003$ 69
1759780534611415Integrating The Arts Across The Elementary School CurriculumR.Phyllis Gelineau2003$ 49
1769780534519797Intentional Interviewing And CounselingMary Bradford2003$ 49
1779789382423379International EducationDaniel Ness2014IRs. 9995
17872519576Internet Literacy 3edFred Hofstetter2003$ 25
1799780072312539Interpersonal Conflict 6edWilmot Hocker2001$ 39
1809780534538965Interviewing In Action Relationship Process And Change 2edCarolyn Dillon2003$ 45
1819781876633820Introducing Research To Early Childhood StudentsBeverley Lambert2006$ 20
1829781876633820Introducing Research To Early Childhood StudentsE. Beverley Lambert2006$ 20
1839780155050693Introduction To Psychology 14edEdward E. Smith2003$ 189
1849780155050693Introduction To Psychology 14edEdward E. Smith2003$ 189
185697059529Introduction To Psychology 2edNathan1987$ 15
1869780534356156Issues & Ethics In The Helping Professions 6edPatrick Callanan2003$ 65
1878171416527Job Satisfaction Of School TeachersDamera Sridhar2003IRs. 225
1881850008345Knowledge Culture & Power International Perspectives On Literacy As Policy And PracticeAnthony R. Welch1993$ 45
1899788132116141Language And Lireracy In Inquiry Based Science ClassroomsRose M. Pringle2013IRs. 525
1909788130930848Leaders As TeachersEdward Betof2015IRs. 495
1919780335095858Learning About Education An Unfinished CurriculumDavid Hamilton1990$ 15
1929788132109693Learning Disability Theory To PracticeS.P.K.Jena2012IRs. 525
1939781845425814Learning From Exporting: New Insights, New PerspectivesRobert Salomon2006£ 59
1949781892746887Life Drive & Death Drive Libido & LetheHellerau2001$ 50
1959781861527547Lifespan DevelopmentRisks2001$ 25
1969780534354428Life-Span Human Development 3edCarol K. Sigelman1999$ 49
1979780170128018Literacy Learning In Australia Practical Ideas For Early Childhood EducatorsPaul Adams2006$ 15
1989780262023702Long Term Potentiation Vol 2Joel L. Davis1994$ 45
1999780170111584Making The Most Of Field PlacementJill Wilson2004$ 24
2009781861527806Managing Employee Performance: Design And Implementation In Organizations: PsychologyRichard S.Williams2002$ 15
2019780335195602Managing Equal Opportunities In Higer EducationKaren Ross2000$ 49
2029781861527837Managing Innovation And ChangeNeil Anderson2002$ 19
2039789041120250Marco Biagi Selected WritingsMichele Tiraboschi2004$ 165
2049788131769430Measurement And Evaluation In EducationR.P.Pathak2012IRs. 260
2059788125041597Meetings Meetings Skills Meetings Language Evaluation ChecklistsAnne Laws2011IRs. 245
2069798174733848Mental Health And Psychiatric NursingMaya George2008IRs. 125
2079788131770221Methodology Of Teaching ScienceSonika Rajan2012IRs. 160
2089788131770993Methodology Of Teaching Social ScienceDhananjay Joshi2012IRs. 195
2099788131771198Methodology Of Teachning Life SciencesA.Ramakrishna2012IRs. 330
210817650792Methods In Comparative PsychoacousticsW.C.Stebbins1995EU 75
2119780407015906Migraine In ChildhoodJudith Hockaday1988$ 25
2129788131501276Modern Human Relations At WorkKathryn W. Hegar2007IRs. 350
2139780895823861Motor Behavior Learning PerformanceDardene A. Kluka2000$ 85
2149780896039971Neural Mechanisms Of AnesthesiaDouglas E.Raines2003$ 195
2159780896035942Neuroglia In The Aging BrainJean De Vellis2002$ 169
2169788125051251New Perspective In The History Of Indian EducationParimala V. Rao2014IRs. 875
2179780127219851Nitric Oxide In The Nervous SystemSteven Vincent1995$ 125
2189788131771877Objectives And Functions Of EducationMeenu Chaudhary2012IRs. 245
2199780170129732Observations And Reflection In ChildhoodDiane Szarkowicz2006$ 25
2209780170129732Observations And Reflection In ChildhoodDiane Szarkowicz2006$ 25
2219789332517264Occupational Psychology An Applied ApproachGail Steptoe2013IRs. 370
2229780170133036Organisational Behaviour: Managing PeopleGrant Jones2006$ 19
2239780324323634Organizational Behavior 11edHellriegel Slocum2007$ 199
2249788174732248Organizational Behaviour And HrmDr.H.L.Kaila2003IRs. 150
2259780199261413Organizational Behaviour And Work:: A Critical Introduction 2edFiona M. Wilson2004£ 15
226256018111Organizational Behaviour: An Applied Psychological ApproachHamner Organ1978$ 45
2279781843763611Overeducation In Europe: Current Issues In Theory And PolicyAntji Mertens2003£ 65
2289781881273127Parenting Your Adult Child: How You Can Help Them Achieve Their Full PotentialGary Chapman2000$ 10
2299788131700341Participatory PathwaysRajiv Balakrishnan2007IRs. 600
2309780750701556Partnership In Maths: Parents And Schools: The Impact ProjectJeff Vass1993$ 35
2319780534598716Personality Contemporary Theory And Research 3edWarren H. Jones2005$ 95
2329788131772546Perspectives In Modern EducationDushyant Kumar2012IRs. 275
2339780534619022Persuasion Reception And Responsibility 10edCharles U. Larson2003$ 49
2349788131758441Philosophical And Sociological Principles Of EducationR.P.Pathak2012IRs. 210
2359788171566532Philosophical Foundation Of EducationSrinibas Bhattacharya2006IRs. 250
2369788126121120Philosophy Of LearningNarendra Kumar2006IRs. 1150
2379781903765166Policy And Practice In EduactionJohn Dobie2003$ 13
2389789332537927Positive PsychologyMarie Crothers2014IRs. 350
2399788132116004Powerful Lesson Planning Every Teacher`S Guide To Effective InstructionJanice Skowron2013IRs. 695
2409788132111283Ppp Paradox Promise And Perils Of Bublic Privite Partnership In EducationPritha Gopalan2013IRs. 495
2419789332517226Practical Ideas Games And Activities For The Primary ClassroomPaul Barron2013IRs. 340
2429788132110392Practical Newspaper Reporting 4edGeoffrey Harris2013IRs. 445
2439780071453172Precale For The Clueless 3edBob Miller`S2005$ 12.95
2449788131771365Principles And Trends In EducationR.P.Pathak2012IRs. 238
2459780074704080Psychological Science An IntroductionBond Mcconkey2001$ 69
2469788131770238Psychological TestingAkbar Husain2013IRs. 230
2479789332536715Psychological Testing History ,Principles And Applications 6edRobert J. Gregory2014IRs. 699
2489788131773444Psychology 5edGirishwar Misra2014IRs. 650
2499780205368181Psychology 8edLinda Brannon2003$ 69
2509780072563146Psychology An Introduction 8edBenjamin B.Lahey2004$ 85
2519789332536494Psychology And Work Today 10edEllen Schultz2014IRs. 525
2529789332516892Psychology Experss Statistics In PsychologyDominic Upton2014IRs. 220
2539789332516977Psychology Express Biological PsychologyEmma Preece2014IRs. 240
2549789332517080Psychology Express Cognitive PsychologyJonathan Catling2013IRs. 265
2559789332516960Psychology Express Conceptual And Historical Issues In PsychologyBrian M.Hughes2013IRs. 225
2569789332517127Psychology Express Development PsychologyPenney Upton2013IRs. 260
2579789332516922Psychology Express Research Methods In PsychologyMark Forshaw2013IRs. 230
2589789332517042Psychology Express Social PsychologyDebbie Clayton2013IRs. 250
2599789332537934Psychology For Living Adjustment Growth And Behavior Today 11edEastwood Atwater2014IRs. 495
2609780335214624Psychology For Nurses And The Caring Professional 2edNikki Jarrett2005$ 39
2619780071215022Psychology The Science Of Mind And Behavior 2edSmith2004$ 59
2629780534632885Psychology Themes & Variations 6edWayne Weiten2005$ 67
2639781592851522Ptsd And Addiction A Practical Guide For Clinicians And CounselorsJerry A. Boriskin2004$ 25
2649781861564214Pulmonary RehabilitationRachel Garrod2004$ 25
265387825797Qualitative Resoning Modeling And The Generation Of BehaviorHannes Werthner1994EU 12
2669788132110064Quality Assurance In Distance Education And E-Learning: Challenges And Solutions From AsiaTian Belawati2014IRs. 910
2679780071459488Raising An Optimistic Child: A Proven Plan For Depression-Proofing Young Children--For LifeAlicia Fortinberry2006$ 14.95
2689780321089687Reading Across The Disciplines College Reading And BeyondKathleen T.Whorter2002$ 45
2699781845421854Recruitment, Retention And Retirement In Higher Education: Building And Managing The Faculty Of The FutureJennifer Ma2005£ 77.3
2709780864694355Reflection To Transformation A Self Help Book For TeachersLinda Leach2003$ 39
2719780230553088Reflexivity In Therapeutic PracticeFran Hedges2010£ 15
2729781845429324Research Companion To The Dysfunctional Workplace: Management Challenges And SymptomsRichard J. Klimoski2007£ 135
2739788131758434Research In Education And PsychologyR.P.Pathak2012IRs. 299
2749788131758434Research In Education And PsychologyR.P.Pathak2012IRs. 299
2759788131772515Research Methodology In EducationSandeep Chauhan2012IRs. 265
2769789332536517Researchmethods Desing And Analysis 11edLisa A. Turner2014IRs. 575
2779788132111689Scarred Communities Psychosocial Impact Of Man Made And Natural Disasters On Sri Lankan SocietyDaya Somasundaram2014IRs. 1250
2789788125045311School Education Pluralism And MarginalitySanjay Kumar2012IRs. 985
2799788132113126Science And Technology In China Implications And Lessons For IndiaMaharajakrishna Rasgotra2013IRs. 910
2809780787656331Science Of Everyday Things Vol 2 Real Life PhysicsJudson Knight2001$ 125
2819780729536141Secondary Schooling In A Changing WorldMcfadden Mitchell2001$ 65
2829780534251345Seeing Both Sides: Classic Controversies In Abnormal PsychologyScott O.Lilienfeld1995$ 125
2839780534527365Self Directed BehaviorRoland G. Tharp2002$ 25
2849780534639914Sensation And Perception 6edE.Bruce Goldstein2003$ 95
2859790849302762Sensory Evaluation Techniques 3edCiville Carr1999P 30
2869780852969793Skills Development For Engineers An Innovative Model For Advanced Learning In The WorkplaceKevin Hoag2001$ 39
2879780852969793Skills Development For Engineers An Innovative Model For Advanced Learning In The WorkplaceKevin Hoag2001$ 39
2889788131760000Social PsychologyAkbar Husain2012IRs. 210
2899789332537903Social Psychology 13edNyla Branscombe2014IRs. 498
2909789332536463Social Psychology 8edRobin M. Akert2014IRs. 625
2919788125046554Sociocultural Theory In Second Lang Education: An Introduction Through NarrativesLinda Steinman2012IRs. 380
2929788131773482Special EducationSeries In Education2012IRs. 199
2939780230249875Sport PsychologyRachel Rahman2010£ 9
2949788131759288Statistics In Education And PsychologyR.P.Pathak2012IRs. 120
2959788131759288Statistics In Education And PsychologyR.P.Pathak2012IRs. 120
2969780534641511Strengths Based Generalist Practice A Collaborative ApproachJohn Poulin2005$ 69
2979788131785973Stress Mastery The Art Of Coping GracefullyDaisy Chauhan2012IRs. 325
2989788131773000Student Counselling And MentoringQuazi Ferdoushi2012IRs. 223
2999780074708255Studying Psychological ScienceDarren Walton2001$ 12
3001876633298Studying Society And Environment A Guide For TeachersRob Gilbert2003$ 19
3019788132116080Talk About Teaching Leading Professional ConversationsCharlotte Danielson2013IRs. 495
3029781418015046Targeting A Great CareerKate Wendleton2006$ 12.95
3039788131773468Teacher In Emerging Indian SocietySeries In Education2012IRs. 270
3049788132116172Teacher Leader Stories The Power Of Case MethodsJeanne Harmon2013IRs. 595
3059781893751729Teacher`S Handbook A Practical Guide To Reading Renaissance In Middle SchoolBonita Burel2000$ 16.95
3069780619201807Teachers Discovering Computers Integrating Technology In The Classroom 3edShelly Cashman2003$ 85
3079781418859879Teachers Discovering Computers: Integrating Technology And Digital Media In The Classroom 4edShelly Cashman2005$ 85
3089780170107983Teaching Challenges And DilemmasLe Cornu2003$ 49
3099780170128971Teaching Childern With Reading Difficulties 2edDeslea Konza2006$ 29
3109788132116011Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry A Case Study ApproachDouglas Llewellyn2013IRs. 675
3119780838466759Teaching Language From Grammar To GrammaringDiane Larson Freeman2003$ 25
3121876633131Teaching Mathematics Against The Grain Investigation For Primary TeachersMary Klein2000$ 19.95
3139788120337183Teaching Of Biological SciencesJasim Ahmad2009IRs. 295
3149788131767634Teaching Of Social StudiesR.P.Pathak2012IRs. 220
3159788131767641Teaching SkillsR.P.Pathak2012IRs. 210
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