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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
19781845428693A Biographical Dictionary Of Australian And New Zealand EconomistsJ.E.King2007£ 105
29781858983288A Dictionary Of EconometricsAdrian C. Darnell1996£ 35
39781843763185A Dictionary Of Environmental Economics, Science, And PolicyHarry W. Nelson2002£ 18
49788183563208A Textbook Of Mathematics EconomicsMary George2007IRs. 295
59780324282658Active Learning Guide: Introduction To Economics 2edRobert E. Hall2004$ 29
69781845426040Adjusting To Eu Enlargement: Recurring Issues In A New SettingConstantine A. Stephanou2006£ 59
79781845427191Advancing Public Goods (The Cournot Centre For Economic Studies Series)Jean Philippe Touffut2006£ 19.4
89781845424466Agglomeration, Technology And Business GroupsDonato Lacobucci2007£ 59
9185278301XAgricultural Economics (International Library Of Critical Writings In Economics)George H. Peters1995£ 195
109781840649345Alliance Capitalism For The New American Economy (New Horizons In International Business Series)Gavin Boyd2003£ 77.3
119781845420802America's Changing Coasts: Private Rights And Public Trust (Advances In Ecological Economics)M. Van Den Bergh2005£ 61
129781847205971An Emerging Intellectual Property ParadigmYsolde Gendreau2008£ 75
139781848440302An Employment-Targeted Economic Program For KenyaJames Heintz2008£ 69
149781848442474An Introduction To The Economic Theory Of Market Behavior: Microeconomics From A Walrasian PerspectiveDonald W. Katzner2008£ 38
159781858981109Analytical Urban EconomicsHeonsoo Park1996£ 180
169781847203441Anti-Dumping And Countervailing Action: Limits Imposed By Economic And Legal TheoryAubrey Silberston2007£ 65
179781847207616Antitrust And Regulation In The Eu And Us: Legal And Economic PerspectivesHoward Shelanski2010£ 59.5
189781847205773Applied Welfare EconomicsAndrew Schmitz2008£ 185
199781845425906Appreciative Inquiry And Knowledge Management: A Social ConstructionistDilpreet Chowdhry2007£ 61
209781840649406Austrian Economics And The Political Economy Of FreedomRichard M. Ebeling2003£ 64
219781845426514Behavioral Law And Economics (Economic Approaches To Law) 3vol SetJeffrey J. Rachlinski2009£ 445
229781847209641Benefit-Cost Analysis (International Library Of Critical Writings In Economics) 2vol SetRichard O.Zerbe2008£ 274
239781845426637Beyond Conventional Economics: The Limits Of Rational Behaviour In Political DecisionBonnie Wheeler2006£ 65
249788132109495Beyond Gandhian Economics Towards A Creative DeconstructionB.N.Ghosh2012IRs. 810
259781840642445Beyond The New Public Management: Changing Ideas And Practices In GovernanceDavid Hulme1999£ 15
269781840643459Biodiversity In The Balance: Land Use, National Development And Global WelfareRaffaello Cervigni2001£ 75.1
279781858986678Bioeconomics And Sustainability: Essays In Honor Of Nicholas Georgescu-RoegenJohn M. Gowdy1999£ 85.99
289781847206367Biographical Dictionary Of New Chinese Entrepreneurs And Business LeadersIlan Alon2009£ 99.95
299780230202313Bootstrap Tests For Regression ModelsLeslie Godfrey2009£ 15
309780324236972Brief Principles Of Macroeconomics 4edN.Gregory Mankiw2006$ 125
319781845429065Business Growth: Activities, Themes And VoicesMona Ericson2007£ 51.5
329781840644807Business Strategy And National Culture: Us And Asia Pacific Microcomputer Multinationals In EuropeDenise Tsang2002£ 66.5
339788120329997Business Strategy In A Semiglobal EconomyPanos Mourdoukoutas2006IRs. 195
349781843764731Capital Mobility Exchange Rates And Economic CrisesGeorge Fane2003£ 25
359781840644814Capital Theory 3vol SetG.C.Harcourt2005£ 419.2
369781858988603Capitalism In Evolution: Global Contentions--East And WestNoburharu Yokoawa2001£ 59
379781848445666Career Choice In Management And Entrepreneurship: A Research CompanionAyala Malach Pines2009£ 32.8
389780071123525Cases In Electronic Commerce 2edScott Schneberger2002$ 45
399781843767732Ce Marking, Product Standards And World TradeDavid Hanson2005£ 59
409781848448377Changing Climate, Changing EconomyJean-Philippe Touffut2009£ 19
419781843765158Changing Institutions In The European Union: A Public Choice PerspectiveFriedrich Schneider2004£ 69.95
421858982162Chaos Theory In Economics: Methods, Models And EvidenceDavis Dechert1996£ 170
439781840640328Classics In Risk Management Vol IiTed Gayer2004£ 185
449780324136760Commercial Real Estate Analysis And InvestmentsNorman G. Miller2000$ 185
459781845426576Commons And Anticommons 2 Vol SetMichael Heller2009£ 285
469781845424152Company Law In The New Europe: The Eu Acquis, Comparative Methodology, And Model LawMichael Blecher2007£ 89
479781840647495Competing Capitalisms: Institutions And Economies (2vol Set)Richard Whitley2002£ 275.4
489781845427511Competing Claims In Work And Family LifePascale Peters2007£ 66.5
499781843760320Competition Policy: History, Theory And PracticeManfred Naumann2002£ 15
509781843769873Complexity, Endogenous Money And Macroeconomic TheoryMark Setterfield2006£ 89
519781847203410Conflict, Cooperation And Institutions In International Water ManagementInes Dombrowsky2007£ 79.95
529781843766179Contemporary Issues In Economics And Econometrics: Theory And ApplicationStan Hurn2004£ 59.6
539781847202659Continuous-Time Methods And Market Microstructure (International Library Of Financial Econometrics)Andrew W. Lo2007£ 159
549781843766629Contracts In The New Institutional Economics Vol 3Claude Menard2004£ 125
559781843766667Controversies & Challenges In The New Institutional Economics Vol 7Claude Menard2004£ 125
569781840649956Conversations On Growth, Stability And Trade: An Historical PerspectiveBrian Snowdon2002£ 95
579781847209238Corporate Governance In The 21st Century: Japan's Gradual TransformationKent Anderson2008£ 79
589781847208200Corporate Governance, Organization And The Firm: Co-Operation And Outsourcing In The Global EconomyMario Morroni2009£ 68
599781847202741Corporate Rescue Law: An Anglo-American PerspectiveGerard Mccormack2008£ 72.75
609781843767275Corporate Restructuring 2 Vol Set ( The International Library Of Critical Writings In Financial Economics)David J. Denis2005£ 295
619781847201416Corporate Strategies In The Age Of Regional IntegrationPierre Bruno Ruffini2007£ 79
629781847202383Cost-Benefit Analysis And Incentives In Evaluation: The Structural Funds Of The European UnionMassimo Florio2007£ 78
639780749429300Costing, Pricing And Credit ControlStuart Howard1998£ 14.99
649781858988955Credit, Money And Production: An Alternative Post-Keynesian ApproachLouis - Philippe Rochon1999£ 89
659781847202758Criminal Law And Economics Vol Iii 2edNuno Garoupa2009£ 115
669781843768074Cultural Diversity And International Economic Integration: The Global Governance Of The Audio-Visual SectorGeorg Koopmann2005£ 75
679781847203557Cyber Security: Economic Strategies And Public Policy AlternativesBrent R. Rowe2008£ 65
689781845424480Democratic Governance And European Integration: Linking Societal And State Processes Of DemocracyErik Albaek2007£ 66.5
699781845428778Deregulation And Its Discontents: Rewriting The Rules In AsiaMichael Howlett2006£ 59.5
709789385919060Development And UnderdevelopmentMitchell A. John T.2016IRs. 795
719788125051305Development On TrialAnjan Chakrabarti2013IRs. 925
729781845427177Developments In The Economics Of Privatization And RegulationDavid Parker2008£ 166.3
731858984424Discrete And Continuous Systems, Cointegration And Chaos (Foundations Of Probability, Econometrics And Economic Games Series, 10)J.C.R.Rowley1997£ 125
749781847205759Dissent And The Failure Of Leadership (New Horizons In Leadership Studies)Stephen P.Banks2008£ 65
759781847206411Divergences In Productivity Between Europe And The United States: MeasuringHans - Werner Sinn2007£ 58
769781848447974Does Company Ownership MatterJean Philippe2009£ 19
779780324223262Doing Nothing Is Not An Option!: Facing The Imminent Labor CrisisRobert K. Critchley2004$ 25
789781422110096Driving Groth Breaking Down Barriers To Global ProsperityDiana Farrell2006$ 15
799781847200341Dynamics And Obstacles Of European GovernanceChristine Neuhold2007£ 59
809781847201010Ecological Economics And Sustainable Development: Selected Essays Of Herman DalyHerman E. Daly2007£ 69
819780643090224Ecological Engineering For Pest Management Advances in Habitat Manipulation For ArthropodsMiguel A Altieri2004$ 185
829788125051794Ecology Economy Quest For Socially Informed ConnectionJeemol Unni2013IRs. 850
839780521623940ECONOMETRIC FOUNDATIONSDouglas J. Miller2000£ 54
849780073200309EconometricsStephen J.Schmidt2005$ 63
859781843764182Economic Analysis For Eu Accession Negotiations: Agri-Food Issues In The Eu's Eastward ExpansionNicholas Perdikis2003£ 58
869780335218462Economic Analysis For Management And PolicyKate ARCHIBALD2005$ 39
879781845422332Economic And Monetary Union In Europe: Theory, Evidence And PracticePhilip Whyman2005£ 18
889789382423355Economic DevelopmentGrabowski, Shields2014IRs. 2495
899788120300552Economic Development:Past & Present 3edRichard T. Gill2008IRs. 75
909781138890466Economic Growth, Effciency And InequalitySatish K. Mukherji2015IRs. 795
919781845427689Economic Growth, Transition And Globalization In China (Advances In Chinese Economic Studies Series)Yanrui Wu2006£ 65
929788132113591Economic Impact Of Hiv/Aids On HouseholdsSavio P. Falleiro2014IRs. 845
939788132111245Economic In Action An Easy Guide For Development PractitionersV. Santhakumar2013IRs. 545
949788132108580Economic Liberalisation And Indian Agriculture A District Level StudyGurmail Singh2012IRs. 935
959788125050513Economic Policies And India`S Reform Agenda New ThinkingY.V. Reddy2013IRs. 610
969780072549027EconomicsColander2004$ 89
979788125046325Economics A Primer For IndiaG. Omkarnath2012IRs. 350
989781843760207Economics And Ecology In Agriculture And Marine Production: Bioeconomics And Resource UseClem Tisdell2003£ 88
999781840643268Economics And Environment: Essays On Ecological Economics And Sustainable DevelopmentDavid Pearce2000£ 19.95
1009788187358558Economics And Its StoriesAmal Sanyal2012IRs. 650
1019781848443075Economics And The Enforcement Of European Competition LawChristopher Decker2009£ 75
1029780074707012Economics For Business 2edSimon Fraser2000$ 49
1039780074715154Economics For Business 3edSimon Fraser2005$ 39
1049780170104623Economics For TodayIrvin B. Tucker2002$ 79
1059788175961821Economics Gce O Level Examination Past Papers With Answer GuidesFoundation Books2006IRs. 250
1069781845428655Economics Of Comparative LawGerrit De Geest2009£ 185
1079781845429393Economics Of Evidence, Procedure And Litigation (Economic Approaches To Law Series) 2vol SetChris William Sanchirico2007£ 295
1089781845425456Economics Of Intellectual Property Law (Economic Approaches To Law) 2vol SetRobert P.Merges2007£ 210
1099781847206756Economics Of Knowledge: Theory, Models And MeasurementsMartin J. Beckmann2009£ 69
110184542316XEconomics Of Patents (International Library Of Critical Writings In Economics) 2vol SetJohn Cantwell2006£ 259.9
1119781847201140Economics Of Property Law (Economic Approaches To Law Series)Richard A.Epstein2007£ 135
1129780471448976Economics Of Strategy 3edM. Shanley S. Schaefer2003$ 110
1139780415660235Economics Of The International Financial SystemSukumar Handi2014IRs. 595
1149781847206466Economics Of Water Resources (International Library Of Critical Writings In Economics) 2vol SetR.Quentin Grafton2009£ 289
1159781847202369Economics, Competition And Academia: An Intellectual History Of Sophism Versus VirtueDonald R. Stabile2007£ 52
1169781847205919Economics, Uncertainty And European Football: Trends In Competitive BalanceLoke Groot2008£ 59
1179781848445796Educating Economists: The Teagle Discussion On Re-Evaluating The Undergraduate Economics MajorKimmarie Mcgoldrick2009£ 66.5
1189780619063115Electronic Commerce 3edGary P. Schneider2003$ 55
1199781845420192Elgar Companion To Adam SmithJeffrey T. Young2009£ 115
1209781848447028Elgar Companion To Neo-Schumpeterian EconomicsAndreas Pyka2009£ 35.8
1219781843768388Empirical Methods In International TradeMichael G. Plummer2004£ 77
1229781847208064Employees And Entrepreneurship: Co-Ordination And Spontaneity In Non-Hierarchial Business OrganizationsIvan Pongracic2009£ 61.1
1239781845424077Entrepreneurship And Global Capitalism (The International Library Of Entrepreneurship) 2vol SetR.Daniel Wadhwani2007£ 265
1249781847200747Entrepreneurship And Innovations In Functional RegionsBorje Johansson2009£ 85.95
1259781845426477Entrepreneurship And The Financial Community: Starting Up And Growing New BusinessesTom Schamp2007£ 68
1269781845424220Entrepreneurship Education (International Library Of Entrepreneurship)Mark P. Rice2007£ 135
1279781847208002Entrepreneurship In Emerging Regions Around The World: Theory, Evidence And ImplicationsS. Ramakrishna Velamuri2008£ 79.99
1289781847203274Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness And Local Development: Frontiers In European Entrepreneurship ResearchMario Raffa2007£ 59
1299781845427092Entrepreneurship, Cooperation And The Firm: The Emergence And Survival Of High-Technology Ventures In EuropeFrank Lasch2007£ 93
1309781847201164Entrepreneurship, Growth And Public Policy: Prelude To A Knowledge Spillover Theory Of EntrepreneurshipZoltan J. Acs2008£ 108
1319781847203861Entrepreneurship, Industrial Location And Economic GrowthManjon Antolin2008£ 89.9
1329781847208538Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Growth And Performance: Frontiers In European Entrepreneurship ResearchDavid Smallbone2008£ 79
1339789351500414Environment And Fiscal Reforms In IndiaK.S.Kavi Kumar2014IRs. 995
1359781843762683Environmental Economics And Evaluation: Selected Essays Of Peter Nijkamp Vol 4Peter Nijkamp2004£ 83
136824785231Environmental Management SystemsB.W.Marguglio1991£ 35
1379781847205896Environmental Protection In China: Land-Use ManagementLei Zhang2008£ 65
1389781843761327Environmental Tax Reform And The Labour Market: The Double Dividend In Different Labour Market RegimesKurt Kratena2002£ 54
1399781858986227Environmental Taxes And Economic Welfare: Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions (New Horizons In Environmental Economics)John Creedy1997£ 49
1409781858989280Equilibrium: Introduction To Equilibrium In Economics (Critical Ideas In Economics Series) 3vol SetDonald A. Walker2000£ 445
1419780072820218Equity Valuation & AnalysisRichard Sloan2004$ 45
1429788132113737Essays In Economics And Other Cheerful ThemesS. Subramanian2014IRs. 850
1439789332517394Essentials Mathematics For Economic Analysis 4edArne Strom2015IRs. 775
1449781843760429Ethics As Social Science: The Moral Philosophy Of Social CooperationLeland B. Yeager2002£ 29
1459781843760481Ethics, Equity And International Negotiations On Climate ChangeMohan Munasinghe2002£ 59
1469781845422851Eu Administrative GovernanceAlexander H. Turk2006£ 119
1479781845424169Eu Communications Law: Significant Market Power In The Mobile SectorEva Lievens2005£ 59
1489781845427740Eu Corporate Law And Eu Company Tax LawLuca Cerioni2007£ 69
1499781845426972Eu Criminal Law And JusticeBill Gilmore2008£ 75.95
1509781843765202Eu Expansion To The East: Prospects And ProblemsMike Ingham2003£ 24
1519781845426064Eu Regulation Of Gmo's: Law And Decision Making For A New TechnologyMaria Lee2008£ 66
1529781843763321Europe In The International Economy 1500 To 2000Anthony Sutcliffe2003£ 21
1539781848441965Europe, Globalization And The Lisbon AgendaMaria Joao Rodrigues2009£ 95
1559781847202222European Multi Level Gobernance Contrasting Images In National ResearchFabrice Larat2009£ 59
1569781847207487European Universities In Transition: Issues, Models And CasesAngelo Riccaboni2008£ 69
1579781840645705Exchange Rate Regimes In The Twentieth CenturyMichael J. Oilver2001£ 15.8
1589781848444683Expectations, Rationality And Economic Pe0rformance: Models And ExperimentsTobias F. Rotheli2009£ 21
1599780324544664Exploring Economics Module 4edRobert L.Sexton2008$ 15
1609780333737989Facilities Management An Explanation 2edAlan Parh1998£ 19
1619781845427146Fairness In The World Economy Us Perspectives On International Trade RelationsBeviglia Zampetti2006£ 59
1629788132117421Fieldwork In South Asia Memories Moments And ExperiencesSucheta Sen Chaudhuri2014IRs. 995
1639788132109716Financial Engineering For Low Income HouseholdsAmit Shah2013IRs. 695
1649781843769491Financial Intermediation In The New Europe: Banks Markets And Regulation In Eu Accession CountriesDonato Masciandaro2004£ 75.5
1659781405308779Financial Times World Desk ReferenceAndrew Heritage2005£ 25
1669781843760559Firms, Governments And Climate Policy: Incentive-Based Policies For Long-Term Climate ChangeChristian Egenhofer2003£ 79
167874111404Fiscal & Monetary Policy: An International PerspectiveReza G Hamzaee1987$ 15
1689781847200792Fiscal Reform In Spain: Accomplishments And ChallengesJose Felix Sanz - Sanz2007£ 125
1699788132108740Foreign Aid In South Asia The Emerging ScenarioSaman Kelegama2012IRs. 875
1709781858989297Foreign Direct Investment And Technological Change (2vol Set)John Cantwell1999£ 245
1719781847209153Foreign Policy Challenges In The 21st CenturyTom Conley2009£ 65
1729781845428402Frontier Issues In Ecological EconomicsPhilip Lawn2007£ 88
1739781843760771Frontiers Of Environmental EconomicsAdam Rose2002£ 26.8
1749781843763376Frontiers Of Evolutionary Economics: Competition, Self-Organization, And Innovation PolicyJ.Stanley Metcalfe2002£ 29
1759781847200587Global Agricultural Policy Reform And Trade: Environmental Gains And LossesJoseph Cooper2006£ 15
1769781858987415Global Aspects Of The Environment 2vol SetPeter Nijkamp1999£ 275
1779788125041856Global Crisis Recession And Uneven RecoveryY.V. Reddy2010IRs. 655
1789781845427733Global Divergence In Trade, Money And PolicyHans-Helmut Kotz2006£ 54
1799781843769422Global Intellectual Property LawV B Chithra2008£ 79
1809781843764199Global Warming And The Asian PacificDaigee Shaw2003£ 69
1819788125051121Globalization And Money A Global South PerspectiveSupriya Singh2013IRs. 775
1829781840641738Globalization And The Welfare StateRamesh Mishra1999£ 12.11
1839781858988917Globalization, Economic Development And InequalityErik S. Reinert2004£ 72.7
1849788132107378Good Governance Delivering Corruption Free Public ServicesN.Bhaskara Rao2013IRs. 695
1859781845428570Governance For Sustainable Development: The Challenge Of Adapting Form To FunctionWilliam M. Lafferty2006£ 19.4
1869781847207395Governing Universities Globally: Organizations, Regulation And RankingsRoger King2009£ 58
1879781845421144Green Accounting In Europe: A Comparative Study, Volume 2Marialuisa Tamborra2005£ 118
1889780444500632Handbook Of Environmental Economics Vol I Environmental Degradation And Institutional ResponsesJeffrey R. Vincent2003$ 125
1899781845429003Handbook Of Intergenerational JusticeJoerg Chet Tremmel2006£ 115
1909781843769583Handbook Of Organizational RoutinesMarkus C. Becker2008£ 99.95
1919781845421816Handbook Of Research In Trans-Atlantic AntitrustPhilip Marsden2006£ 157
1929781848440920Handbook Of Research On Asian BusinessHenry Wai Chung Yeung2008£ 32
1939781845427337Handbook Of Research On Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship: A Co-Evolutionary View On Resource ManagementLeo-Paul Dana2007£ 169
1949781845425012Handbook Of Research On European Business And Entrepreneurship: Towards A Theory Of InternationalizationVanessa Ratten2008£ 167.2
1959781845429638Handbook Of Research On Strategy And ForesightRobert Bradley Mackay2009£ 142
1969781848443129Handbook On International Trade PolicyJames D. Gaisford2008£ 38.8
1979781843765929Handbook On Small Nations In The Global Economy: The Contribution Of Multinational Enterprises To National Economic SuccessWenlong Yuan2009£ 95
1989781847202611He Golden Constant: The English And American Experience 1560-2007Jill Leyland2009£ 59
1999781843767572Health Policy And High-Tech Industrial Development: Learning From Innovation In The Health IndustryStuart O. Schweitzer2005£ 79
2009781843768838Human Capital, Trade And Public Policy In Rapidly Growing EconomiesPing Wang2004£ 69
2019781847206565Identity And Strategy: How Individual Visions Enable The Design Of A Market Strategy That WorksOlaf G. Rughase2007£ 19.5
2029781848444089Immigration, Internal Migration, And Local Mobility In The U.S.Michael Kozloski2009£ 72
2039788125051770Imppssible Citizens Dubai`S Indian DiasporaNeha Vora2013IRs. 725
2049789351500438India 2050 A Roadmap To Sustainable ProsperityRamgopal Agarwala2014IRs. 995
2059788125042662Indian Diaspora In The United StatesAnjali Sahay2011IRs. 875
2069788125051800Indian Tax Administration A DialogueVijay Kelkar2013IRs. 1025
2079781847202208Industrial Innovation And Firm Performance: The Impact Of Scientific Knowledge On Multinational CorporationsMario I. Kafouros2008£ 65
2089781845426149Industrial Relations In The New Europe: Enlargement, Integration And ReformUlke Veersma2007£ 69.5
2099788132109587Industrial Restructuring In Asia : Implications Of The Global Economic CrisesWen Jen Hsieh2013IRs. 1160
2109781847209412Infrastucture And Trade In AsiaJayant Menon2008£ 61.95
2119781845425265Innovation Agglomeration And Regional CompetitionRoger R. Stough2009£ 99.8
2129781845429737Innovation And Entrepreneurship: Successful Start-Ups And Businesses In Emerging EconomiesFriederike Welter2008£ 64
2139781845429591Innovation Without Patents: Harnessing The Creative Spirit In A Diverse WorldKit Boey Chow2007£ 59.1
2149781845427153Innovation, Evolution And Economic Change: New Ideas In The Tradition Of GalbraithJohn Kenneth Galbraith2006£ 75
2169781847206695Institutional Competition (New Thinking In Political Economy)Rolf Hoijer2008£ 72
2179781840642452Institutional Economics: Social Order And Public PolicyManfred E. Streit2000£ 35
2189781845426286Institutions And Sustainable Transport: Regulatory Reform In Advanced EconomiesRoger R. Stough2007£ 69
2199781847203335Insurance And Risk Management 2vol SetGregory R. Niehaus2008£ 234.5
2209781845424725Integrated Assessment And Management Of Public ResourcesMarcella Veronesi2006£ 55
2219781845429102Intellectual Capital Revisited: Paradoxes In The Knowledge Insentive OrganisationBino Catasus2007£ 56
2229781845428754Intellectual Property And Trips Compliance In China: Chinese And European PerspectivesJohan Erauw2007£ 66.5
2239781848441637Intellectual Property Policy Reform: Fostering Innovation And DevelopmentWilliam Van Caenegem2009£ 77
2249781847202512International Business Marketing In Emerging Country Markets: The Third Wave Of Internationalization Of FirmsHans Jansson2007£ 75.5
2269789332536791International Economics 6edJames Gerber2014IRs. 599
2279781843765035International Economics And Confusing PoliticsDavid Robertson2006£ 65
2289781845428792International Entrepreneurship In Family BusinessesAna M. Moreno2007£ 79
2291858988667International Finance (The International Library Of Critical Writings In Economics Series) 2vol SetRobert Z. Aliber2001£ 335
2309781858981536International Financial Centers Global Financial Centeres London New York TokyoRichard Roberts1994£ 135
2319781858981543International Financial Centres: International Financial Centres Of Europe, North America And Asia V. 3Richard Roberts1994£ 169
2329781847207272International Governance And Law: State Regulations And Non-State LawJonathan Verschuuren2008£ 59
2339781847204592International Handbook Of Urban Policy, Volume 2. Issues In The Developed WorldH.S. Geyer2009£ 105.8
2349781848441798International Handbook On Industrial PolicySandrine Labory2008£ 22
2359781845424282International Management Of Research And DevelopmentOliver Gassmann2008£ 146
2369781845421168International Perspectives On Household WealthEdward N. Wolff2006£ 89
2379781843765936International Yearbook Of Industrial StatisticsUnited Nations Industrial2004£ 145
2389781843764977Internationalizing The Internet: The Co-Evolution Of Influence And TechnologyByung Keun Kim2005£ 72
2399781843761358Internet Entrepreneurship In Europe: Venture Failure And The Timing Of Telecommunications ReformWaesche2003£ 78
2409781847201447Interpreting And Implementing The Trips Agreement: Is It Fair?Charles Lawson2008£ 59.1
2419789351500797Interrogating Women`S Leadership & EmpowermentQmita Goyal2015IRs. 895
2429780324117691Introduction To Economics 2edRobert E. Hall2004$ 149
2439780534203702Introductory Statistics For Management And Economics 4edJames L. Kenkel1996$ 169
2449781848444614Inventing Leadership: The Challenge Of DemocracyJ.Thomas Wren2008£ 29
2459781840642582Japanese Investment In The World Economy: A Study Of Strategic Themes In The Internationalisation Of Japanese IndustryRoger Farrell2008£ 105
2469788125049357Kerala`S Gulf Connection 1998-2011 Economics And Social Imapct Of MigrationIrudaya Rajan2012IRs. 820
2479781845427863Knowledge Management In Developing Economies: A Cross-Cultural And Institutional ApproachKavoos Mohannak2007£ 65.1
2489781843767855Knowledge Spillovers And Knowledge ManagementSven Ake Horte2004£ 105
2499781840648058Knowledge, Learning And Routines 2vol SetEdward Lorenz2003£ 265
2509781847207296Labor And Employment Law And Economics 2edOrly Lobel2009£ 158
2519788132113607Land Policies For Equity Growth Transforming The Agrarian Structure In Uttar PradeshSantosh Mehrotra2014IRs. 1095
2529788132111405Latin America 2040: Breaking Away From Complacency: An Agenda For Resurgence 2edDrew Arnold2014IRs. 3100
2539788132110095Law And Economics 2vol SetV.Santhakumar2013IRs. 1530
2549781847200907Law, Economics And Antitrust: Towards A New PerspectivePatrick A. Mcnutt2006£ 26.95
2559781849800273Law, Informal Rules And Economic Performance: The Case For Common LawSvetozar Pejovich2009£ 15
2569781845429539Leadership In ContextMark N. Wexler2006£ 15
2579781845422189Leading Issues In Competition, Regulation And DevelopmentDavid Parker2005£ 32
2589781847207883Legal Challenges In Eu Administrative Law: Towards An Integrated AdministrationAlexander H. Turk2009£ 86
2599781847202420Linkages Between China's Regions: Measurement And Policy (Advances In Chinese Economic Studies)Guoping Lee2008£ 59
2609781843760993Local Enterprises In The Global Economy: Issues Of Governance And UpgradingHubert Schmitz2004£ 79
2619781843766582Local Public Finance In Central And Eastern EuropeZeliko Sevic2008£ 89
2629780170104609Macro Economics A Contemporary IntroductionWilliam Mceachern Paul2002$ 39
2639781845424947Macroeconomic Policies For Sustainable Growth: Analytical Framework And Policy Studies Of Brazil And ChileClaudio Ferraz2006£ 85
2649780074708859MacroeconomicsFischer Startz2003$ 115
2659788131761014Macroeconomics 2edErrol D`Souza2012IRs. 469
2669780324301977Macroeconomics For Today 4edIrvin B.Tucker2004$ 142
2679789332536609Macroeconomics Principlea Applications And Tools 8edStephen Perez2014IRs. 550
2689788132117728Macroeconomics Simplified Understanding Keynesian And Neoclassical Macroeconomics SysetmsG. Visakh Varma2014IRs. 495
2699780170111539Macroeconomics: A Contemporary Introduction 2edWilliam A Mceachern2004$ 49
2709781847201980Making European Private Law: Governance DesignHoratia Muir Watt2008£ 79
2719788132117926Making Growth Happen In India A Road Map For Policy SuccessV.Kumaraswamy2014IRs. 650
2729781840645996Malaysian Economics And Politics In The New CenturyKok Wah2003£ 59.1
2738171417590Man And EnvironmentM.L Narasaiah2004IRs. 275
2749781845423797Management And Innovation In The Media IndustryEric Nowell2005£ 12
2759788131775622Manageria EconomicsVanita Agarwal2013IRs. 425
2769780072828092Managerial Economics & Organizational Architecture 3edSmith Zimmerman2004$ 45
2779788126512539Managerial Economics: Analysis, Problems, Cases 8edTruett Truett2001IRs. 549
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