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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
19781418049119Accessing Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007William G. Wyatt2007$ 115
29780803163270Annual Book Of Astm Standards Construction Roofing And Waterproofing Section Four Volume 04.04Astm2009$ 160
39780803163430Annual Book Of Astm Standards Construction Building Construction Ii: Property Management Systems: Technology And Underground Utilities Section Four Volume 04.12Astm2009$ 250
49780803163331Annual Book Of Astm Standards Construction Building Seals And Sealants Fire Standards Dimension Stone Section Four Volume 04.07Astm2009$ 250
59780803163416Annual Book Of Astm Standards Construction Buliding Constructions (I) Section Four Volume 04.11Astm2009$ 240
69780803163294Annual Book Of Astm Standards Construction Chemical-Resistant Nonmetallic Materials; Vitrified Clay Pipe; Concrete Pipe; Fiber-Reinforced Cement Products; Mortars And Grouts; Masonry; Precast Concrete Section Four Volume 04.05Astm2009$ 250
79780803163454Annual Book Of Astm Standards Construction Geosynthetics Section Four Volume 04.13Astm2009$ 145
89780803163256Annual Book Of Astm Standards Construction Road And Paving Materials Vehicle Pavement Systems Section Four Volume 04.03Astm2009$ 245
99780803163317Annual Book Of Astm Standards Construction Thermal Insulation Building And Envernmental Acoustics Section Four Volume 04.06Astm2009$ 245
109780471498254Architects+Engineers StructuresIvan Margolius2002$ 39
11803125909Astm Standards On Lead Hazards Associated With BuildingsAstm1998$ 25
12803118457Astm Standards Related To Flammability And Sensitivity Of Materials In Oxygen-Enriched AtmospheresAstm1999$ 39
139788131764060Building Applications In The Cloud Concepts Patterns And ProjectMoyer2011IRS 470
149788120352841Building ConstructionP. C. Varghese2017IRS 395
159780442278472Building Design And Human PerformanceN.C.Ruck1989$ 39
169780333620960Building Technology 5edIvor H.Seeley1995P 29
179780070125360Cast In Place Concrete In Tall Building Design And ConstructionHabitat1991$ 49
189788131758915Classical Mechanics 3edJohn Safko2011IRS 725
199789332500297Compiler ConstructionK.V.N. Sunitha2013IRS 355
209788131510919Construction ProductivityEddy M. Rojas2009IRS 250
219788131788240Control Systems TechnologyHeidar Malki2012IRS 479
229781861526199Engineerign Mechanics Statics 2edPytel Kisalaas2000$ 69
239780074710432Engineering Drawing 6edA.W.Boundy2001$ 54
249788120352438Engineering HydrologyManish Kumar Goyal2016IRS 425
259780324360103Experiential Exercises In Organization Theory And Design 2edBaker & Paulson2006$ 39
269788131759103Experimental Stress AnalysisU.C.Jindal2012IRS 350
279788131797297File Structure 3edGreg Riccardi2012IRS 550
289788131760642Finte Element Analysis Theory And Application With Ansys 3edSaeed Moaveni2015IRS 639
299788120352186Fluid MechanicsBidya Sagar Pani2016IRS 450
30387914145Form Structure And MechanismMichael French1992EU 49
319789332535008Foundation Design Principles And Practices 2edDonald P.Coduto2014IRS 749
329789332507593Fundamentals Of Hydraulic Engineering Systems 4edNed H. C.Hwang2013IRS 549
339781418014889Harnessing Autodesk Civil 3dZimmerman2007$ 69
349781138795983India Transport ReportNtdpc2014IRS 6995
359788120333765Introduction To AcousticsRobert D. Finch2005IRS 495
369780412814501Knowledge Intensive Cad Vol IiTetsuo Tomiyama1997$ 115
379788131761625Material Science & MetallurgyParashivamurthy2012IRS 275
389788131759110Material Science And MetallurgyU.C.Jindal2012IRS 389
399789332535220Materials For Civial And Construction Engineers 3edJohn P. Zaniewski2014IRS 699
419788131773734MechanicsSomnath Datta2012IRS 399
429789332518605Mechanics Of Materials 9edRussell C.Hibbeler2014IRS 815
439788131758885Mechanics Of Solids 2edAbdul Mubeen2011IRS 499
44387516123Membrane Separation ProcessesBhra1989EU 45
459788122408430Metal Casting Principles And PracticeT.V.Ramana Rao2007IRS 350
469781574770360Permeable Barriers For Grounwater Remediation Design Construction And MonitoringDennis O`Sullivan1998$ 39
47891165479Phase-Interface Phenomena In Multiphase FlowJ.R.Riznic1991$ 145
489780727726421Pre Failure Deformation Behaviour Of GeomaterialsS.E.Stalleberass1998$ 60
499788120351691Prestressed ConcreteK. U. Muthu, Azmi 2016IRS 395
509789332513754Prestressed Control DesignPraveen2013IRS 379
51853129940Programming The Matrix Analysis Of Skeletal StructuresP.Bhatt1986$ 25
529788131791073Properites Of Concrete 5edA.M.Neville2012IRS 789
539780316895576Renal Function Mecahnisms Preserving Fluid And Solute Blance In Health 2edHeinz Valtin1983$ 15
54442262264Retrofitting Of Commercial Institutional And Industrial Building For Energy ConservationLilton Meckler1983$ 49
559780784408148Sedientation Engineering Processes Measurements Modeling And PracticeMarcelo H. Garcia2008$ 160
569788131790816Soil Mechanics And Foundations Engineering 2edPurushothama Raj2013IRS 669
579780072321661Spreadsheet Tools For Engineers Excel 2000 VersionRyron S. Gottfried2000$ 25
589788131768549Strength Of MaterialsV. Ramasamy2012IRS 425
599780419199403Structural Glass 2edHugh Dutton1995$ 65
609789332505711Structural Steel Design 5edStephen Csernak2013IRS 625
619788131774472System Simulation And ModelingSankar Sengupta2013IRS 199
629781401883669The Illustrated Autocad 2005 Quick Reference GuideRalph Grabowski2004$ 39
639788131510940Theory Of Beam Columns Vol 2Toshio Atsuta2009$ 550
649788131797327Theory Of Machines And MechanismsSadhu Singh2012IRS 399
659780074516850Torsteel Design HandbookIyengar2005IRS 500
669780071257657Vector Mechanics For Engineering StaticsElliot R. Eisenberg2007$ 69

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