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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
1195079809A Guide To Phospolipid ChemistryDonald J. Hanahan1997£ 10
29780316293945A Review With Questions And Explanations Biochemistry 4edPaul Jay Friedman1992$ 19
39788126514144A Textbook Of Pharmaceutical Analysis, 3rdKenneth A.Connors2001IRs. 1250
4120085224Advances In Chemicals Engineering Vol 22Chonghun Han1995$ 57
59780471978688Advances In Hydrological Processes Water Quality Trnds And Geochemical Mass BalanceM.M.Kennedy1998$ 110
63764336663Advances In Hypersonics Modeling Hypersonic Flows Vol 2J. Ballmann1991EUR 35
79780471982937Amorphous SiliconT. Shimada H.1999$ 195
89780470847138An Introduction To Surface Analysis By Xps And AesJohn Wolstenholem2003$ 65
99780851869568Analysis For Drug And Methabolites Including Anti- Infective AgentsD.Wilson1990$ 65
103540961852Analytical And Chromatographic Techniques In Radiopharmaceutical ChemistryThomas J. Mangner1991EUR 35
119783540664727Anthropogenic Platinum Group Element EmissionsF.Zereini F. Alt1999EUR 70
129780854047079Anti-Infectives Recent Advances In Chemistry And Structure Activity RelationshipsP.J.O`Hanlon1997$ 116
139788120302525Applications Of Absorption Spectroscopy Of Organic CompoundsJohn R. Dyer2009IRs. 95
149780030355530Applications Of Microsoft Excel In Analytical ChemistryF.James Holler2003$ 49
158183562027Aromatic Organic ChemistryAmit Arora2006IRs. 260
16080311835XAstm Standards On Environmental Sampling 2edAstm1997$ 89
179789332533530Atomic And Molecular SpectroscopyH.S.Randhawa2014IRs. 575
189780851869261Biochemical Approaches Cellula, (Methodological Surveys In Biochemistry And Analysis)J.P.Luzio1990$ 99
199780851866444Biofluid And Tissue Analysis For Drugs Including HypolipidaemicsI.D.Wilson1998$ 115
209780854047413Biofluid Assay For Peptide Related And Other DrugsIan D. Wilson1996$ 115
21387538879Biofouling And Biocorrosion In Industrial Water SystemsGill Gregory1991EUR 60
229788131219416Capillary Electrophoresis Methods For Pharmaceutical Analysis Vol 9M. Ilias Jimidar2008IRs. 955
239780521437998Chaos In Dynamical SystemsEdward Ott1993£ 15
249780521527798Checkpoints Vce Chemistry 2Roger Slade2003£ 5
259780854047062Chemical Aspects Of Drug Delivery SystemsR.A.Stephenson1996$ 75
263540972927Chemical DependenceH.Thomas Milhorn1990EUR 49
279780854047727Chemical In The Oil Industry Recent DevelopmentPaul H.Ogden1998$ 60
289780521413756Chemical Safety MattersIpcs1992£ 10
29841207275Chemically Modified Surfaces In Catalysis And ElectrocatalysisDavid Allara1982$ 35
309780495112990Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity 6edTreichel Weaver2006$ 140
319780521724562Chemistry 1 For OcrLawrie Ryan2008£ 19
329788131721230Chemistry 5edRobert G.Fay2011IRs. 765
339780073656014Chemistry 7edRaymond Chang2001$ 70
349780080443829Chemistry And Biology Of HyalubronanCharles A. Hales2004$ 150
359780521346290Chemistry And Biology Of N-Nitroso CompoundsWilliam Lijinsky1992£ 45
369788130908410Chemistry For Class XNivedita Bose2009IRs. 100
379780534380304Chemistry In Focus 2edAnn Tro2000$ 19
38721644066Clinical Chemistry A Fundamental TextbookDonald F.Calbreath1992$ 52
399780854047710Coliforms And E. Coli Problem Or SolutionC. Fricker1997$ 85
40125953429Compendium Of Chiral Auxiliary Applications Vol 1Gregory Roos2002$ 170
41125953437Compendium Of Chiral Auxiliary Applications Vol 2Gregory Roos2002$ 170
42012646863XComprehensive Biological Catalysis A Mechanistic Reference Vol IiiMichael Sinnott1997$ 140
439780471928638Continuous-Flow Fast Atom Bombardment Mass SpectrometryRichard M.Caprioli1990$ 65
449788175961739Core ChemistryPeter Evans2007IRs. 295
45849370841Crc Handbook Of Clinical Chemistry Vol IvMario Werner1989£ 35
46849331933Crc Handbook Of Ion Exchange Resings Their Application To Inorganic Analytical Chemistry Vol IiiJohann Korkisch1989£ 65
47849331935Crc Handbook Of Ion Exchange Resins Their Application To Inorganic Analytical Chemistry Vol IiiJohann Korkisch1998£ 110
48849351278Crc Recent Developments In Hydrogen Technology Vol IiEdeskuty1985£ 60
49084936065XCrc Transformations Of Bioactives Compounds Vol 1John P.Rosazza1982£ 25
503540907602Descartes On Poyyhedra A Study Of The De Solidorum ElementisHeidelberg Berlin1982EUR 49
519780851869612Detection Methods For Cyanobacterial ToxinsE.Potter1994$ 65
529780854047703Detection Methods For Irradiated FoodsJack Pearce1996$ 125
539780851864358Develoments And Ethical Considerations In ToxiologyM.I.Weitzner1994$ 75
549788131220818Development And Validation Of Analytical MethodsThomas Rosanke2009IRs. 995
559780851869711Developments In The Analysis Of LipidsM.H.Gordon1998$ 125
56306439166Dioxin Perspectives Apilot Study On International Onformation Exchange On Dioxins And Related CompoundsDi Domenico1992$ 145
579780849375200Dry Skin And Moisturizers Chemistry And FunctionHoward I. Maibach1999£ 30
58824771869Electrical Phenomena At InterfacesAkira Watanabe1984£ 49
599788131756881Elementary Practical Organic Chemistry Quantitative Organic Analysis Part 3 2edArthur I.Vogel2010IRs. 550
609788131756874Elementary Practical Organic Qualitative Organic Analysis 2ed Part 2Arthur I.Vogel2010IRs. 550
61132634767Elements Of Chemical Reaction EngineeringH.Scott Fogler1986$ 79
629780824799205Environmental Degradation of Metals: Corrosion TechnologyRoy2002$ 250
639780471579281Environmental OxidantsMilagros Simmons1994$ 69
649788120326057Environmental Science And Engineering 2edGary W. Heinke2005IRs. 325
659780195117134Environmental Toxicology And ChemistryDonald G. Crosby1998£ 89
669780495013273Essential Algebra For Chemistry Students 2edDavid W. Bll2005$ 25
679780851868042Essentials Of Carbon Carbon CompositesC.R.Thomas1993$ 45
689780853695707Essentials Of Pharmaceutical ChemistryDonald Cairns2003$ 22
699781401889258Essentials Of Pharmacology Health Occupations 5edRuth Woodrow2006$ 95
708188449210Essentials Of Physical PharmacyD V Derle2008IRs. 175
711560320788Extraction 90Ichem1991$ 85
729780854047383Fire Retardancy Of Polymers The Use Of IntumescenceR. Delobel1998$ 120
739789814021210Flow Cytometry 2edM.G.Ormerod1999EUR 12
74471506494Fluorine In Bioorganic ChemistryJohn T.Welch1991$ 85
75387195483Foams Physics Chemistry And StructureA.J. Wilson1989EUR 65
768123911491Food ChemistryMeyer2004IRs. 190
779780471451648Foundations Of College Chemistry 11edHein & Arena2004$ 70
78891169857Freezing And Melting Heat Transfer In EngineerigN. Seki1991$ 150
799780851860978Frontiers Of Organosilicon ChemistryP.P Gaspar1991$ 65
80444509216Funadmentals Of Molecular CataysisAkio Yamamoto2003$ 165
818123906080Fundamentals Of Dairy Chemistry 3edE.H.Marth2001IRs. 295
829780534212100Fundamentals Of Organic Chemistry 3edMcmurry1993$ 65
839780534395803Fundamentals Of Organic Chemistry 5edMcmurry2003$ 65
849780851865454Further Advances In Chemical InformationH. Collier1994$ 85
859780884154303Gas Migration Events Preceding EarthquakesJohn O. Robertson2000$ 180
869788175961791Gce O Level Examinations Past Papers With Answer Guides ChemistryFoundation Books2004IRs. 295
879780030062223General Chemistry With Qualitative Analysis 5edDavis Peck1996$ 75
889780028283784Glencoe Chemistry Matter And ChangeChery Wistrom2001$ 85
899783540655466Glycoscience Synthesis Of Substrate Analogs And MimeticsJ.Thiem1999EUR 95
903540937633Gmelin Handbook Of Inorganic And Organometallic ChemistryEkkehard Fluck1997EUR 39
919788120351349Group Theory And Its Applications In ChemistryA. Salahuddin2015IRs. 295
92891167145Handbook Of Properties Of Condensed Phases Of Hydrogen And OzygenB.I.Verkin1991$ 65
939780442219727Handbook Of Quality Assurance For The Analysis ChemistryJames P. Dux1986$ 35
949781566705714Hazardous Air Pollutant Handbook: Measurements, Properties, And Fate In Ambient AirR.Mukund2002£ 89
959788131794647Heat And Mass Transfer 2edK. Mayilsamy2012IRs. 375
969780387987989Heat Bearing And Lubrication Engineering Analysis Thermally Coupled Chear Flows And Elastic Solid BoundariesRalph A. Burton2000EUR 85
979781560320272Heat Conduction 3edY. Yener1992£ 49
989780851868776Heterocycles In Bio Organic ChemistryM.Simonyi1991$ 65
99818356142XHydrocarbonsAmit Arora2006IRs. 190
100824794796Idoor Air Pollution And HealthAnthony1996£ 85
1019780849300615Immune And Receptor Assays In Theory And PracticePatrick1999£ 85
1029780444511744Impact Of Zeolites And Other Porous Materials On The New Technologies At The BeginningF.Testa2002$ 185
1039780851862279Industrial Applications Of Surfactants IiiD.R.Karsa1992$ 69
104122896769Industrial Ventilation Design GuidebookEsko Tahti2001$ 125
1059780471163923Infrared And Raman Apectra Of Inorganic And Coordination Compounds 5edKazuo Nakamoto1997$ 95
106817627820Inhibitors Monoamine Oxidase BSzelenyi1993EUR 115
1079780198502333Intelligent Data Analysis In ScienceHugh Cartwright2000£ 15
1089780030334818Interactive Organic ChemistryWilliam J. Vining2000$ 25
1099780174900023Intermediate ScienceKen Gadd1995$ 15
110471493155Intermetallic Compounds Principles And Practice Vol 3progressR.L.Fleischer2002$ 195
1119789332536708Introduction To Nuclear Engineering 3edAnthony J. Baratta2014IRs. 829
1129780495015178Introductory Chemistry An Active Learning Approach 3edCracolice Peters2007$ 45
113824703251Ion Exchange: Highlights Of Russian ScienceDmitri Muraviev2000£ 115
1148188449334Ipr Handbook For Pharma Students And ResearchersParikshit Bansal2008IRs. 250
1159780748762422Key Science Chemistry 3edEileem Ramsden2001$ 35
1169783540639756Kinetics Of Metal Gas Interactions At Low TemperaturesFromm1998EUR 63
1179788131734179Laboratory Manual For Engineering ChemistryB.B.Patra2010IRs. 115
118354097752XMajor Research Topics In CombustionR.G.Voigt1992EUR 57
1199780444527936Mathematical Problems For Chemistry StudentsGyorgy Pota2006$ 25
120470202890Mathematics And Computational Concepts In ChemistryN. Trinajstic1986$ 79
1219780198558637Matrix -Isolations Techniques A Practical ApproachIan R. Dunkin1998£ 85
122824792289Metalloporphyyrins In Catalytic OxidationsRoger A. Sheldon1994£ 85
1239780849307294Methods In Cell Wall CytochemistryK.V.Krishnamurthy2000£ 29
124470274972Methods Of Protein AnalysisIstvan Kerese1984$ 49
1253540941770Micelles Membranes Micoemulsions And MonolayersDidier Roux1990EUR 145
1269783540657200Microbial Extracellular Polymeric SubstancesC. Flemming1999EUR 60
127632006838Microbial GeochemistryKrumbein1983$ 45
128824779894Microbore Column ChromatographyFrank J. Yang1988£ 145
1299788181284747Modern Electrochemistry 2b Electrondics In Chemistry Engineering Biology And Environmental Science 2edAmulya K.N.Reddy2008IRs. 850
1309780471184393Molecular Dynamics SimulationJ.M.Haile1997$ 69
131471276812Molecular Interactions Vol 2Thomas1981$ 75
1329780124065550Molecular Structure Description The Electrotopological StateLowell H. Hall2000$ 99
1333527264787Molecular Structures And Energetics Vol 4Arthur Greenberg1987EUR 45
1343527263446Molecular Structures And Energetics Vol2Joel F. Liebman1986EUR 80
1359781566705530Mtbe Effects On Soil And Groundwater ResourceChristy Herron2000£ 25
1369781562532390Nail Structure & Product ChemistryDouglas D. Schoon1996$ 25
1379780854047215Natural Antioxidants And Food Quality In Atherosclerosis And Cancer PreventionJukka T. Salonen1996$ 125
1389781566703024Natural Attenuation Cercla Rbca`S And The Future Of Environmental RemediationDavid J. Borns1997£ 82
1399780170094665Nelson Chemistry Vce Units 1 & 2Jenny Sharwood2000$ 49
1409781566702621Non -Hydrocarbon Methods Of Geophysical Formation EvaluationJames K. Hallenburg1997£ 49
1419781574770575Nonaqueous Phase LiquidsRobert E. Hinchee1998$ 50
1429780534389994Organic Chemistry 6edJohn Mcmurry2004$ 145
1439788177585414Organic Chemistry Vol 2 Stereochemistry And The Chemistry Of Natural Products 5edI.L.Finar2011IRs. 650
1448180301257Organic GeochemistryJohn K. Joseph2006IRs. 325
145824774213Organic PhotochemistryAlbert Padwa1985£ 45
1469780851866352Organic Substances In Soil And WaterU. Mingelgrin1998$ 78
147471395676Organic Syntheses Vol 77David J. Hart2000$ 85
148470201886Organosilicon And Bioorganosilicon ChemistryH.Sakurai1985$ 75
149899252028Organosilicon ChemistryStephen Pawlenko1986$ 45
1503764336099Oxygen Free Radicals In Tissue DamageFred Samson1993EUR 45
1519788122416473Pharmacy Practice For Technicians 2edDon A Ballington2005IRs. 195
1529781418000752Pharmaeceutical Calculations For Pharmacy TechniciansJahangir Moini2006$ 39
1539780521429368Phase Transitions In Ferroelastic And Co-Elastic CrystalsSalje1993£ 20
1549788122415032Polymer CompositeA.P.Gupta2007IRs. 195
1551560322632Precipitation Scavenging And Atmosphere Surface Exchance Vol 1W.G.N.Slinn1992$ 169
1569780074708361Preliminary Course Conquering Chemistry 3edRoland Smith2001$ 65
1579780852969984Process Technology For Silicon Carbide DevicesCarl-Mikael2002$ 85
158038782278XProgress In The Chemistry Of Organic Natural Product 59Ch Tamm1992EUR 39
159639785329060Prometheans In The LabBertsch Mcgrayne2001$ 19.95
1609780750672092Protectong Personal At Hazardous Waste Sites 3edMichael Gochferd1999$ 85
1619780854047550Protozoan Parasites And WaterJ. Watkins1995$ 75
1629788174733191Public Health Response To Biological Chemical Weapons Who GuidanceDavid Heymann2006IRs. 225
1639780030206931Pushing Electrons A Gudie For Students Of Organic Chemistry 3edWeeks1998$ 25
1649780471596608Quantity Food Sanitation 5edKarla Longree1996$ 45
1659788121920957Quantum ChemistryMahendra Awode2005IRs. 195
1661555810071Quinolone Antimicrobial AgentDavid C. Hooper1989$ 85
1679780471999072Reactivity Of Molecular SolidsVladimir Boldyrev2000$ 195
1689780851862354Recent Advances In Chemical Information IiH. Collier1997$ 125
169387573844Recent Advances Of Chemistry And Molecular Biology In Cancer ResearchZheng Qingying1994EUR 78
1709788120319028Renwable Energy Sources And Their Environmental ImpactNaseema Abbasi2004IRs. 150
171387569707Responsive GelsSuzuki Hirasa1993EUR 39
1729781566704663Reuse Of Surfactants And Cosolvents For Napl RemediationC.Herb Ward1999£ 19
173354097444XReviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Vol 119George W. Ware1991EUR 39
1759783540762515Robust Estimation And Failure DetectionRami S. Mangoubi1998EUR 70
1769780471986874S-Centered RadicalsZ.B.Alfassi2000$ 195
1779780748766949Science For You ChemistryLawrie Ryan2002$ 35
1789788121921626Screening Chemistry For Iit-JeeS.C.Sharma2003IRs. 175
179824782747Sensors In Bioprocess ControlAlexander M. Yacynych1990£ 16
1809789332524842Separation Process Engineering Includes Mass Transfer Analysis 3edPhillip C.Wankat2014IRs. 875
1819780471987666Shock -Capturing Methods For Free -Surface Shallow FlowsEleuterio F. Toro2001$ 145
1823540968784Solitons In Liquid CrystalsJacques Prost1992EUR 45
1839789067644235Spatial Energy Principles Of Compex Structures FormationG.A.Korablev2005$ 160
1849780854047420Starch Structure And FunctionalityP. Richmond1997$ 110
1859781853174681Statins The Hmg Coa Reductase Inhibitors In PerspectiveJames Shepherd2000$ 65
1869788120352896Stoichiometry And Process CalculationsK. V. Narayanan, 2017IRs. 525
1879780123898456Streams And Ground WatersMulholland2000$ 95
188387565795Structure In Polymer With Special PropertiesPieper1993EUR 35
1899780534395742Study Guide & Solutions Manual For Fundamentals Of Organic Chemistry 5edSusan Mcmurry2002$ 45
1909780534998516Study Guide Chemistry & Chemical Reacitvity 6edJohn R. Townsend2005$ 115
191780304071Surface Mount TechnologyJan Vardaman1993$ 49
1929780851863955Surfactants In Lipid ChemistryJ.H.P. Tyman1992$ 70
1939783540642831Tesosterone Action Deficiency Substitution 2edH.M.Behre1998EUR 45
1948123912099Textbook Of Industrial PharmacogosyA.N.Kalia2007IRs. 260
1959788120337718The Basics Of SpectroscopyDavid W. Ball2009IRs. 150
196387561935The Chemistry Of Rotational IsomersMichinori Oki1993EUR 45
197471277703The Chemistry Of The Sulphonium Part 2M. Stirling1981$ 45
1989789382423249The Dbs Handbook Of Organc ChemistryTilak Ram2014IRs. 5995
1999789382423928The Dbs Handbook Of Soil ScienceShailendra Singh2015IRs. 5995
200824772989The Lactoperoxidase System Chemistry And Biological SignificanceJorma O. Tenovuo1985£ 80
2013764337508The Polymerase Chain ReactionRichard A. Gibbs1994EUR 39
202387575057The Practice Of Peptide Synthesis 2edA.Bodanszky1994EUR 35
2033764336064The Search For Antiviral DrugVincent Merluzzi1993EUR 39
2049780521307895Theory Of Reflectance And Emittance SpectroscopyBruce Hapke1993£ 45
2058183561403ThermochemistryPraveen Tyagi2006IRs. 200
2061883400058Thermodynamics Of Organic Compunds In The Gas State 2 Vol SetR.C.Wilhoit1994$ 325
2079780873716215Toxicological Chemistry 2edStanley E. Manahan1992£ 59
2089067641278Unsteady State Processes In CatalysisSh.Matros1990$ 125
209824791495Virus Separation And Purification MethodsAlfred Polson1993£ 65
2109780851865850Waste Minimisation A Chemists ApproachT.W.Bastock1994$ 70

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