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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
19780387985824A Guidebook For Integrated Ecological AssessmentsPatrick S. Bourgeron2001€ 125
2824789423A History Of The Life Science 2edLois N. Magner1993£ 35
3817626271A Laboratory Guide To In Vitro Studies Of Protein Dna InteractionsH.P.Saluz1991€ 140
49780684835310A Perfect The Intertwining Lives Of Animals And Humans Throughout HistoryRoger A. Caras1996$12
59780387948119A Pictorial Approach To Molecular Bonding And Vibrations 2edJohn G. Verkade2002€ 80
63540973028A Taxonomy For Texture Description And IdentificationA. Ravishankar Rao1990€ 59
79788181478832Academia To BiotechnologyJeffrey M. Gimble2005IRs. 325
89780643066588Acarology Proceedings Of The 10th International CongressM.J.Colloff2001$125
98171412645Achievement In BiologyD.Pushpa Latha2003IRs. 125
103540978224Adp-Ribosylation ReactionsPierre Morean1992€ 45
119780719553745Advanced biology principles & applicationsMackean1994$59
129780534559861Advanced Nutrition And Human Metabolism 4edJames L. Groff2005$115
13387164006Advanced Techniques In Biological Electron Microscopy IiiJames K.Koehler1986€ 65
149780120066872Advances In Cancer Research Vol 87George Klein2003$95
15387554890Advances In Comparative & Environmetal PhysiologyAcept1993€ 45
16851996914Advances In Stored Product ProtectionCogan And E. Highley2003$195
17387177167Algal Development Molecular And Celluar AspectsD.G.Robinson R.C.Starr1987€ 39
189780521670357Algorithms On Strings Trees And SequencesDan Gusfield1997£ 19
199780896039797Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation Clinical Research And PracriceHillard M. Lazarus2002$75
20824788486Alpha 1 Antitrypsin DeficiencyRonald G. Crystal1995£ 45
219783764351816Alpha Keto Acid Dehydrogenase ComplexesR.A.Harris1996€ 89
229780817638795Alzheimer Disease From Molecular Biology To TherapyEzio Giacobini1996€ 145
239783527310722Amyloid Proteins The Beta Sheet Conformation And Disease Vol 2Jean D. Sipe2005$175
249780195517231An Australian Biology Perspective 2edMargaret Walter2002£ 35
259780195517231An Australian Biology Perspective 2edMargaret Walter2002£ 35
269780716722854An introduction genetics analysisAnthony Griffiths1993$49.95
279780120885213An Introduction To The Physiology Of Hearing 3edJames O. Pickles2008$45
289780521353274Analysis Of Growth And Development Of XanthiumRoman Maksymowych1990£ 15
29978812039577Analytical techniques in agricultural biotechnology and environmental engineeringNag2006IRs. 175
309781859961889Analyzing ChromosomesCzepulkowski2004IRs. 595
319780470861141AnaphylaxisNovartis Foundation2004$145
323540979298Ancient DnaSusanne Hummel1993€ 35
339781588290298Androgens In Health And DiseaseWilliam J. Bremner2003$165
349780878930173Animal Behavior 5edJohn Alcock1993$40
359780072349030Animal Diversity 3edRobert Larson2002$35
36387508538Anion Carriers Of Mitochondrial MembranesL.Wojtczak1989€ 60
379780854047079Anti-Infectives Recent Advances In Chemistry And Structure Activity RelationshipsP.J.O`Hanlon1997$116
389780125435901Antioxidant Food Supplements In Human HealthToshikazu Yoshikawa1999$145
399780444514424Applied Mycology And Biotechnology Vol IiiG. Khachatourians2003$165
409780896035416Aqueous Two Phase Systems Methods And ProtocolsHatti Kaul2000$125
419780198506379Atherosclerosis Gene Expression Cell Interactions And OxidationDavid T. Kelly2000£ 85
429780643068650Australian Fish Farmer A Practical Guide To Aquaculture 2edRic Fallu2004$59
433540941673Autobiographical Memory And The Validity Of Retrospective ReportsSeymour Sudman1994€ 49
449780340939376Bailey & Love`S Short Practice Of Surgery 2vol Set 25edNormans.Williams2008$185
459780534420291Basic Concepts In Biology 6edCecie Starr2005$125
469780534420291Basic Concepts In Biology 6edCecie Starr2005$125
479780415367783BiochemistryNigel Hooper2005IRs. 550
48817650679Biochemistry Of Vitamin B6and PqqF.Bossa1994€ 90
49849345103Bioenvironmental Systems Vol IiiDonald L. Wise1989£ 15
509780851864464Bioformation Of FlavoursA.A Williams1989$85
519788132119722Bio-Innovation And Poverty Allevation Case Studies From AsiaSudip K. Rakshit2014IRs. 1100
52309039908Biologic Markers In Pulmon ToxNational Research Council1989$15
53898625858Biological Clocks & Environmental TimeEberhard Gwinner1989$35
541863200762Biological Control Pacific Prospects Supplement 2D.F.Waterhouse1993$59
55851995276Biological Control Programmes In CanadaJ.T.Huber2001$165
569780412311703Biological InvasionsM.Williamson1996$95
579788120338890Biological modeling and simulationRussell Schwartz2009IRs. 395
589780817638597Biological Neural Networks The Hierachical Concepts Of Brian FunctionKonstantin V. Baev1998€ 90
599780521365147Biological Perspectives On Human PigmentationAshley H. Robins1991£ 35
609780534588168Biological Psychology 8edJames W. Kalat2004$105
619780521540797Biological Sequence AnalysisG. Mitchison2005£ 12
629780074711651Biology 2ed Part 1Evans Saint2002$25
639780074711842Biology 2ed Part 2Evans Saint2002$25
649780074710012Biology 2ed Part 4Evans Saint2002$39
659780074710029Biology 2ed Part 5Evans Saint2002$39
669780074711637Biology 2ed Part 6Evans Saint2002$45
679780697242518Biology 3edRaven & Johnson1994$65
689780030222993Biology 5edBerg Martin1998$105
699780072982541Biology 6edRaven & Johnson2002$145
709780072921649Biology 7edLosos Singer2004$135
719780534392475Biology 7edSolomon Berg2004$77
729780071111836Biology 7edReaven Johnson2005$93
739780072438857Biology 7thSyliva mader2000 $
749780534504441Biology A Human Emphasis 3edCecle Starr1996$45
759780471600008Biology exploring life2edGil brum1989$69
769788175961784Biology Gce O Level Examinations Past Papers With Answer GuidesFoundation Books2003IRs. 295
779780195515909Biology In Context The Spectrum Of LifePeter Hickman2002£ 15
789780195510836Biology in context the spectrum of lifeKennedy2000$45
799780697225726Biology Laboratory Manual 4edRandy Moore1996$49
809780133681505Biology Life On Earth 4edGerald Audesirk1995$60
818183560210Biology of coelenterateYadav2005IRs. 265
828171419496Biology of cyclostomesYadav2005IRs. 260
838171417396Biology Of InsectsManju Yadav2003IRs. 195
84824776429Biology Of Lung CancerPaul G. Abrams1988£ 20
85879010541Biology Of Plants 2edHelena Curtis1976$49
86387519009Biology Of The Vespine WaspsSeiki Yamane1990€ 65
879780495015994Biology Th Unity And Diversity Of Life 11thStarr Taggart2005$165
889780495010340Biology the dynamic scienceHertz starr2008$69
899780495010319Biology The Dynamic Science Vol 1Hertz & Starr2007$65
90123710200Biomedical Applications Of Microprobe AnalysisAnn Lefurgey1999$95
919780896038783Biomedical Ethics Reviews Privacy And Health CareRobert F. Almeder2001$85
921560817720Biomembranes: Structural And Functional AspectsMeir Shinitzky1994$195
938171417299BiomoleculesMishra2003IRs. 750
949780471498421Biosciecne On The Internet A Students GuideGeorges Dussart2002$65
959780471498421Biosciences on the internetDussart2002$49
969788181289339Biosensing International Research And DevelopmentCharles A. Hales S L. Wilkins2008IRs. 550
979788181287601Biosensors and their applicationsThat ngo2000IRs. 450
98946707022Biotechnology & Genetics Engineering Reviews Vol 2G.E.Russell1985$125
99946707049Biotechnology & Genetics Engineering Reviews Vol IiiG.E.Russell1985$115
100946707529Biotechnology & Genetics Engineering Reviews Vol10Michael P. Tombs1992$125
1019780534492960Biotechnology an introduction 2edSusan barnum2005$66.95
1029780415283434Biotechnology In Comparative PerspectiveGerhard Fuchs2003IRs. 350
103824796543Biothiols In Health And DiseaseEnrique Cadenas1995£ 103
104030643752XBlood Cell Biochemistry 4 Basophil And Mast Cell Degranulation And RecoveryAnn M. Dvorak1991$145
1059780817638047Blood SubstitutesMarcos Intaglietta1995$69
1069781588290311Buprenorphine Therapy Of Opiate AddictionPierre Marquet2002$105
1079780521725675Cambridge Essentials Science Core 7Cambridge2008£ 13
1089780849391187Cancer And The Search For Selective Biochemical InhibitorsE.J.Hoffman1999£ 25
1099781588291837Cancer Immunotherapy At The CrossroadsRonald M Bukowski2003$170
1109781588290977Cardiac Drug Development GuideMichael K. Pugsley2003$170
1119781588290250Cardiogenic Shock (Contemporary Cardiology)David R. Holmes2002$165
112824719271Cardiovascular Drug Development Protocol Design And MethodologyJohn C Somberg1998£ 75
1139780896038745Cardiovascular Health Care EconomicsWeintraub2003$165
114030644108XCell - Cell Interactions In The Release Of Inflammatory MediatorsCharles N. Serhan1992$125
1159783718655168Massimo Pignatelii
116Cell Adhesion Molecules in Cancer and Inflammation (Cell Adhesion and Communication, Vol 1)1995
1179781926686899Cell biologySusan Tompkins2010$59
1189780495125785Cell Biology and GeneticsStarr taggart2006$89
1199780683034264Cell biology and histology 2edJudy strum1993$19.95
1209781859962756Cell Surface Peptidases In Health And DiseaseC.M.Boustead1997$165
1219780306446856Cellular Ahbesion Molecular Definition To Theraqpeutic PotentialGeorge Poste1994$135
1229780195155402Cellular Computing (Series in Systems Biology)Amos2005£ 19
123824779835Cellular Oncogene ActivationGeorge Klein1988£ 35
1243718605791Central Cancer Registries: Design, Management And UseCharles Smart1994$29
1253764335645Charge And Field Effects In Biosystems -3Donald D. Shillady1992€ 109
1269780080443829Chemistry And Biology Of HyalubronanCharles A. Hales2004$150
1279780521346290Chemistry And Biology Of N-Nitroso CompoundsWilliam Lijinsky1992£ 45
1289781588290991Guy B. Faguet
129Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Molecular Genetics, Biology, Diagnosis, and Management (Contemporary Hematology)2003
130824700856Clinical Trials Of Genetic Therapy With Antisense Dna And Dna VectorsEric Wickstrom1998£ 110
1311898486247Cold Shock Response And AdaptationKunitoshi Yamanaka2000$89
1329780854047710Coliforms And E. Coli Problem Or SolutionC. Fricker1997$85
1339780896039612Colonic DiseasesTimothy R. Koch2003$185
134851992196Comparative Avian NutritionKirk C. Klasing1998$125
135817627855Comparative Molecular NeurobiologyY. Pichon1992€ 65
136012646863XComprehensive Biological Catalysis A Mechanistic Reference Vol IiiMichael Sinnott1997$140
137044451516XComprehensive Molecular Insect Science 7 Vol SetSarjeet S. Gill2005$45,000
1389780072552904Concepts In Biology Laboratory Manual 11edFrederick C. Ross2004$35
1393540969748Concepts In Viral Pathogenesis IiiMichael B.A. Oldstone1992€ 45
1409780838515358Concise Dictionary Of Modern MedicineJoseph C. Segen2005$29.95
1413764334509Connectionistic Problem Solving Computational Aspects Of Biological LearningSteven E. Hampson1990€ 89
1429780195550450Conservation biology in Australia an introduction 2edt.r.new2006$29
1439780534376055Cooperative Learning Making Connections In General BiologyMimi Bres1999$25
1449781920843182Coral Reefs Nature`S WondersJean Deas2005$35
1459780767425582Core Concepts In Health 9edWalton T. Roth2002$49
1469781588290106Cox-2 Blockade In Cancer Prevention And Therapy (Cancer Drug Discovery And Development)Randall E. Harris2002$195
147849345081Crc Global Bioconversions Vol 1Donald L. Wise1987£ 15
148084934509XCrc Global Bioconversions Vol IiDonald L. Wise1987£ 15
149849345111Crc Global Bioconversions Vol IvDonald L. Wise1987£ 15
150084933571XCrc Hanbook Of Spectrophotometric Data Of DrugIrving Sunshine1981£ 39
151849331862Crc Handbook O Human Growth And Developmental Biology Vol Iii Part APaola S. Timiras1990£ 45
152849329795Crc Handbook Of Animal Models Of Pulmonary Disease Vol IiJerome O. Cantor1989£ 45
153849331870Crc Handbook Of Human Growth And Developmental Biology Vol Iii Part BPaola S. Timiras1990£ 45
154849336546Crc Handbook Of Natural Pesticides Vol Iii Insect Growth Regulators Part AN.Bhushan Mandava1988£ 65
155849336627Crc Handbook Of Natural Pesticides Vol Vi Insect Attractants And RepellentsN. Bhushan Mandava1990£ 85
156849362865Crc Legume - Based Fermented FoodsD.K.Salunkhe1986£ 45
157849353238Crc Preservation Of Food Ionizing Radiation Vol 1Martin S.Peterson1982£ 45
158849368987Crc The Immunogenetics Of Autoimmune Diseases Vol IiNadir R. Farid1990£ 65
1599788120326743Crop diseases and their managementChaube2005IRs. 395
160817623582Cytogenetics Of Amphibians And ReptilesEttore Olmo1991€ 75
1613764336080Cytotoxic Cells Recognition Effector Function Generation And MethodsP.A.Henkart1993€ 85
162387547304Development The Molecular Genetic ApproachS. Ottolenghi1992€ 85
163824786467Diagnosis Of Colorectal And Ovarian CarcinomaVan Nostrand1992£ 25
1649780393940558Discover biology 2edLue yoon2002$85
165470202491Discovery And Isolation Of Microbial ProductsM.A.Verrall1987$45
1669780521334365Division And Segregation Of OrganellesD. Lloyd1988£ 35
1673540592083Dna Repair Mechanisms Impact On Human Diseases And CancerJean Michel H. Vos1996€ 70
1689789813083455Dna Sequencing From Experimental Methods To BioinformaticsLuhe Alphey1997€ 39
1699788120340404Downstream process technologyKrishna Prasad2012IRs. 350
170306438909Drugs Of Abuse Immunity And ImmunodeficiencyThomas W. Klein1991$135
1713764335041Dynamics Of Complex Interconnected Biological SystemsJennings1990€ 49
1729780521621151Ecological dynamics of tropical inland waterLemoalle2000$110
1739780643090224Ecological Engineering For Pest Management Advances in Habitat Manipulation For ArthropodsMiguel A Altieri2004$185
1743540977864Ecology And Decline Of Red Spruce In The Eastern United StatesBeth Adams1982€ 115
1751863200983Economics Of Commercial Giant Clam MariculturePing Sun Leung1999$45
1769781559633918Ecosystems And Human Well- Being Vol 2 ScenariosAssessment2005$65
177851993303Egg Nutrition And BiotechnologyW. Guenter1999$175
1788120415671Embryology Of Flowering Plants Terminology And Concepts Vol 1 :Generative Organs Of FlowerT.B.Batygina2002IRs. 695
1793718652056Embryonal Stem Cells Introducing Planned Changes Into The Animal GermlineMartin L. Hooper1992$44
1809789350840863Encyclopedia Analytical Techniques In Biochemistry And Molecular Biology 3vol SetVeena Kumari2013IRs. 9000
1819788183561686Encyclopedia Of Biotechnology 5vol SetD.Bhaskara Rao2006IRs. 4500
182123411033Encyclopedia Of Hormones 3vol SetAnthony W. Norman2003$1,465
183123411033Encyclopedia Of Hormones 3vol SetAnthony W. Norman2003$1,465
1848171417566Environmental BiologyMishra2004IRs. 625
1859781926686776Environmental microbiologyBiljana belic2010$69
1869781872748191Environmental MutagensisS. Venitt1995€ 42
1879780070294264Environmental Science A Global Concern 7thCunningham Saigo2001$108
1889780072951721Environmental Science A Global Concern 8edBarbara Saigo2004$140
1899780716716143Enzyme Structure And Mechanism 2edAlan Fersht'1984$45
1909788184870893Enzymes For Green Organic SythesisV.K.Ahluwalia2010IRs. 350
191824791215Eosinophils In Allergy And InflammationA.Barry Kay1993£ 39
1929780073228051Essentials Of Anatomy & Physiology 6edStephens Tate2007$96.52
1939780071108010Essentials of biologySylvia mader2007$69
1949780817639471Estrogens Progestins And Their Antagonists Vol 2 Functions And Mechanisms Of ActionEdwards J. Pavlik1997€ 55
195132923181Evaluating Practice Guideline For The Accountable ProfessionalJoel Fischer1997$45
1969780495125792Evolution Of Life Biology The Unity And Diversity Of Life 11edStarr Taggart2005$29
1979789057025396Evolution Of Sameness And Difference Perspectives On The Human Genome ProjectStanley Shostak1999$85
1989780174482949Exchange and Transport, Energy and Ecosystems (Nelson Advanced Science: Biology)Ruth miller2000$29
1998183560202Experimental biotechnologyTayagi2005IRs. 700
2009780387945637Exploratory Vision The Active EyeMisha Pavel1995€ 110
2019781588291226Expression Profiling Of Human TumorsWilliam L. Gerald2003$185
2039780896039421Fatty Acids: Physiological and Behavioral Functions (Nutrition and Health)David mostofsky2001$149
2049780841238459Fermentation BiotechnologyBadal C.Saha2003IRs. 950
2059780851998213Fetal Nutrition And Adult Disease Programming Of Chronic Disease Through Fetal Exposure To UndernutritionLangley Evans2004$110
2069788183562713Fish EndocrinologyManju Yadav2008IRs. 825
2079780521415453Flow Cytometry Data Analysis Basic Concepts And StstisticsJames V. Watson1992$69
208387195483Foams Physics Chemistry And StructureA.J. Wilson1989€ 65
2099788181283955Food Analysis 3edS.Suzanne Nielsen2009IRs. 1595
2109780851864556Food And Cancer Prevention Chemical And Biological AspectsG.R.Fenwick1993$85
2119780313346262Food culture in the meditertaneanHelstosky2009$42
2129780313341731Foodways and Folklore: A HandbookThursby2008$59
213817627448Free Radicals And AgingBritton Chance1992€ 65
214817623558Frontiers In Crustacean NeurobiologyB.Mulloney1990€ 85
2159780199638024Frontiers In Molecular Biology Cell PolarityDavid G. Drubin2000£ 35
2169781872748467Functional analysis of the human genomeCooper1995$145
2173764352841Gaba Receptors Transporters And MetabolismN.G.Bowery1995€ 65
2189780192632845Gastrointestinal Symptoms In Advanced Cancer PatientsEduardo Bruera2002£ 110
2199781847208361Gene Cartels: Biotech Patents In The Age Of Free TradeLuigi Palombi2009£ 84.5
2203540969993Gene Regulation By Steroid Hormones IvJ.H.Clark1989€ 45
221824794818Gene Therapy In CancerRobert C. Moen1996£ 45
2229780444528063Gene Therapy: Prospective Technology assessment in its societal contextTannert2006$95
2239780521541008Genes and Common Diseases: Genetics in Modern MedicineNicholas hastie2007$95
2249780072965971Genetics Analysis And PrincipleRobert Brooker2005$135
2259780521403177Genetics And Evolution Of The Domestic FowlLewis Stevens1991£ 45
2269780124662575Genotype To Phenotype 2edJ. Goodship2001$85
2279781848440630Global Privacy Protection: The First GenerationGraham Greenleaf2008£ 79.8
228824707222Glycolic Acid PeelsLenore Kakita2002£ 20
2299780683302646Grant's Atlas of Anatomy, 10th EditionAnne1999$38.95
2309780643066250Growing Crops With Reclaimed WastewaterDaryl Stevens2006$95
2319780198599487Guidebook To Molecular Chaperones And Protein Folding CatalystsGething1998£ 35
2329780849326653Handbook of Medicinal Mints (Aromathematics): Phytochemicals and Biological ActivitiesJames duke1996$115
2339780819442383Handbook Of Optical Biomedical DiagnosticsValery V. Tuchin2002$105
2349781588291585Handbook Of Stroke Prevention In Clinical PracticePeter J. Kelly2004$125
2359780805832709Handbook Of Virtual Environment Design Implementation And ApplicationsKay M. Stanney2002$185
2369780806132310Harmony And Conflict In The Living WorldSkutch2000$14
237817627774Hepatocyte Growth Factor Scatter Factor (Hgf-Sf) And The C-Met ReceptorE.M.Rosen1993€ 125
238851992757Heterobasidion Annosum Biology Ecology Impact And ControlA. Huttermann1998$175
239824795091Histamine And H1 Receptor Antagonists In Allergic DiseaseEstelle Simons1996£ 35
2409780073109381Hole's Essentials Of Human Anatomy And PhysiologyRicki Lewis2006$69
2419780072919325Holes human anatomy & physiologyDavid shier2004$115
2429780120176465Homology EffectsJay C. Dunlap2002$135
2439780123124111Hormones And Signaling Vol 1Bert W. O`Malley1993$65
2449780073109411Human anatomyMichael mckinley2006$59
2459780071218061Human BiologySylvia S. Mader2003$49
2469780007135998Human Biology 2edKathryn Senior2002$82
2479780071116152Human Biology 9edSylvia S. Mader2005$79
2489780174900603Human Biology And Health Studies 2edMichael Reiss2002$41
2499780072951745Human Genetics Concepts And Applications 6edRicki Lewis2004$65
2509780495113089Human Heredity Principles And Issues 7edMichael R. Cummings2006$145
2519788131201435Human parasitologyOeltmann2005IRs. 495
252387197494Immobilised Macromolecules Application PotentialsM.Sara1992€ 45
2539780397447657Immunology 3eDavid Male1993$27
2549780750692823Immunopathology Of Lung DiseaseBruce W.S.Robinson1996$125
2559780873719957In Situ Treatment TechnologySuthan S. Suthersan1996£ 49
256805800727Income And Choice In Biological Control Systems A Framework For Understanding The Function And Dyfunction The BrainGershom-Zvi Rosenstein1991$45
2571560322721Induced Effects Of Genotoxic Agents In Eukaryotic CellsToby Rossman1992$110
258824787447Industrial Application Of Immobilized BiocatalystsTakeshi Kobayashi1993£ 65
2599781845420970Industrial Ecology And Spaces Of InnovationSally Randles2006£ 78
2609780632053193Infectious Disease 2edStephen H. Gillespie2000$60
2619781588290465Innate ImmunityHoffmann2002$165
2629780697136794Inquiry In To Life 7edSylvia S. Mader1994$75
2639780073041506Inquiry Into Life 11edSylvia S. Mader2004$115
2649780643069039Insects Of Stored ProductsDavid Rees2006$35
2653718605031Insulin And The Cell MetabraneC. Ronald Kahn1993$35
2669788173712555Intellectual Property Rights In Agricultural BiotechnologyK.M.Maredia2000IRs. 375
2679780174900023Intermediate ScienceKen Gadd1995$15
2689780123646439International Review Of Cytology A Survey Of Cell BiologyKwang W. Jeon2004$175
2699780123646422International Review Of Cytology A Survey Of Cell Biology Vol 238Kwang W. Jeon2004$175
2709780123645753International Review Of Cytology A Survey Of Cell Biology Vol 171Kwang W. Jeon1997$125
2719780123646187International Review Of Cytology A Survey Of Cell Biology Vol 214Kwang W. Jeon2002$125
2729780123646248International Review Of Cytology A Survey Of Cell Biology Vol 220Kwang W. Jeon2002$145
2739780123646323International Review Of Cytology A Survey Of Cell Biology Vol 228Kwang W. Jeon2003$145
2749780123646330International Review Of Cytology A Survey Of Cell Biology Vol 229Kwang W. Jeon2003$170
2759780123646347International Review Of Cytology A Survey Of Cell Biology Vol 230Kwang W. Jeon2003$170
2769780123646408International Review Of Cytology A Survey Of Cell Biology Vol 236Kwang W. Jeon2004$170
2779780123646408International Review Of Cytology A Survey Of Cell Biology Vol 236Kwang W. Jeon2004$170
2789788120328761Introduction To Bioststistics And Research MethodsJ. Richard2009IRs. 225
2799788181283535Introduction to food process engineeringSmith2004IRs. 1550
2809780534420727Introduction to marine biology 2edSmall2006$185
2819780632015979Introduction To Modern VirologyS B Primrose1987$45
282387533443Introduction To Theoretical Population GeneticsThomas Nagylaki1991€ 45
2839780884159278Introduction To Water Pollution BiologyRichard J. Schmitz1995$60
2849780879017347Invitation to biology 5thCurtis barnes1994$59
2859780195072068Juvenile Primates Life History Development And BehaviorLynn A. Fairbanks1993£ 45
2869788181284815Lab On Chips For CellomicsVan Den Berg2007IRs. 625
2879780781790697Langmans Medical Embryology 11edT.W.Sadler2009$45
2889780748401772Lectins Biomedical PerspectivesSusan Bardocz1995£ 45
2893540968318Legal Aspects Of MedicineEdwin Kassoff1992€ 39
2909780896039667Leukmia And LymphomaDennis A. Johnston2002$125
2919780471399728Liaisons Of LifeTom Wakeford2001$32
2929780072437188Life 5edHoefnagels Parker2003$65
2939781892746887Life Drive & Death Drive Libido & LetheHellerau2001$50
2949780643095014Life In The Cape York RainforestMichael Cermak2008$29
2959780563522089Life In The UndergrowthDavid Attenborough2005$35
2969780716733256Life The Science Of Biology 5edHeller Sadava1998$85
2979780716732747Life The Science Of Biology Vol 1 The Cell And Heredity 5edHeller Sadava1998$35
298387553207Lindenmayer Systems Impacts Theoretical Computer Science Computer Graphics And Developmental BiologyA. Salomaa1992€ 110
2999780854047987Lipids In Health And NutritionJ.H.P. Tyman1999$85
3009780521352246Living Resources For BiotechnologyB.E.Kirsop1991£ 25
3019780805813791Local Applicatioons Of The Ecological Approach To Human Machine Systems Vol 2Kim Vicente1995$140
302824797728Lung Growth And DevelopmentJohn A. Mcdonald1997£ 85
3039780121000714Magnetobiology Underlying Physiacl ProblemsVladimir N. Binhi2002$115
3049781588291318Male Hypogonadism Basic Clinical And Therapeutic PrinciplesStephen J. Winters2003$145
3053540978534Mammal Phylogeny PlacentalsMalcolm C. Mckenna1993€ 65
3069781588290533Management Of Pituitary Tumores The Clinicin`S Practical Guide 2edEdward R. Laws2003$125
3079780643068681Managing Arsenic In The EnvironmentPeter Nadebaum2006$115
3089780849389993Manual asymmetries in motor performanceDigby Elliott1996£ 35
3099780896035935Marihuana And MedicineStig Agurell1999$145
3109780070121973Marine Biology 3rd EdCastro Huber2000$121.46
3119780072933567Marine Biology 5edMichael E. Huber2004$125
3129788181478160Mass Spectrometry For BiotechnologyGary Siuzdak2005IRs. 395
313818147816Mass spectrometry for biotechnologySiuzdak2005 IRs
314824794842Mast Cell Proteases In Immunology And BiologyGeorge H. Caughey1995£ 89
315824794842Mast Cell Proteases In Immunology And BiologyGeorge H. Caughey1995£ 89
316038757204XMathematical BiologyJ.D.Murray1993€ 45
3179780397512546Medical cell biologyGoodman1997$29
3189780896038769Melanoma Biologically Targeted TherapeuticsErnest C.Borden2002$75
3199789813083400Membran AnalysisJ.A Higgins1997€ 15
3209780824703615Membrane Structure In Disease And Drug TherapyGuido Zimmer2000£ 145
321306430894Metabolism And Enzymology Of Nucleic Acids Including Gene ManipulationsJozef Balan1989$115
322824791010Methods and techniques in virologyMichel trudel1993$165
3239780849307294Methods In Cell Wall CytochemistryK.V.Krishnamurthy2000£ 29
3249780120441426Methods in Cell-Matrix Adhesion, Volume 69 (Methods in Cell Biology)Adams2002$95
325817650792Methods In Comparative PsychoacousticsW.C.Stebbins1995€ 75
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