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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
13764336663Advances In Hypersonics Modeling Hypersonic Flows Vol 2J. Ballmann1991£ 35
2387508538Anion Carriers Of Mitochondrial MembranesL.Wojtczak1989£ 60
39780851869261Biochemical Approaches Cellula, (Methodological Surveys In Biochemistry And Analysis)J.P.Luzio1990$ 99
49788189582128BiochemistryDr Harish Chander2006IRs. 650
5817650679Biochemistry Of Vitamin B6and PqqF.Bossa1994£ 90
61560817720Biomembranes: Structural And Functional AspectsMeir Shinitzky1994$ 195
7030643752XBlood Cell Biochemistry 4 Basophil And Mast Cell Degranulation And RecoveryAnn M. Dvorak1991$ 145
83764335645Charge And Field Effects In Biosystems -3Donald D. Shillady1992£ 109
91898486247Cold Shock Response And AdaptationKunitoshi Yamanaka2000$ 89
10019854622XCooperative Equilibria In Physical BiochemistryD. Poland1978£ 15
11849331625Crc Handbook Of Experimental Aspects Of Oral BiochemistryEugene P. Lazzari1983£ 11
123764336080Cytotoxic Cells Recognition Effector Function Generation And MethodsP.A.Henkart1993£ 85
13471936200Encyclopedia Of Inorganic Chemistry Vol 7R. Bruce King1994$ 170
149788184870893Enzymes For Green Organic SythesisV.K.Ahluwalia2010IRs. 350
159780817639471Estrogens Progestins And Their Antagonists Vol 2 Functions And Mechanisms Of ActionEdwards J. Pavlik1997£ 55
169694021308Hashmi`S Complete Textbook Of Medical Biochemistry 4edI H Hashmi2010PKR 630
179789698486051Hashmi`S Complete Textbook Of Medical Biochemistry 5edS I A Shah2011PKR 630
18824787447Industrial Application Of Immobilized BiocatalystsTakeshi Kobayashi1993£ 65
199780824703615Membrane Structure In Disease And Drug TherapyGuido Zimmer2000£ 145
20824797353Microfiltration And Ultrafiltration Principles And ApplicationsAndrew L. Zydney1996£ 145
2127052Natural Products Chemistry, Biochemistry And PharmacologyBrahmachari2009IRs. 1150
229780896037588Primary And Secondary Preventive NutritionRichard J. Deckelbaum2001$ 165
239780030973710Principles Of Biochemistry With A Human FocusGarrett & Grisham2001$ 45
249780080443966Progress In Biological ChiralityL.Caglioti2004$ 130
25824719611Redox Regulation Of Cell Signaling And Its Clinical ApplicationsJunji Yodoi1999£ 125
269780896039384Targets For Cancer Chemotherapy Transcription Factors And Other Nuclear ProteinsLasanth R. Bandrara2002$ 175
27047127965XThe Biochemistry Od SilageMcdonald1981$ 45
289789382423973The Dbs Handbook Of BiochemistryWahied Khawar Balwan, Neelam Saba Balwan2015IRs. 5995
299780127520254The Dictionary Of Immunology 4edDavid I Stott1995$ 65
303540978461The Machinery Of LifeDavid S. Goodsell1992£ 45
319780170998758The Molecular Basis Of LifePaul H. Yancey2007$ 45
329780851869360Trichoderma Reesei Cellulases Biochemistry Genetics Physiology And ApplicationKubicek Pranz1990$ 40
33824791495Virus Separation And Purification MethodsAlfred Polson1993£ 65
349780443056185Weather's Functional Histology 4edJ.W.Heath2000$ 26

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