ASTM Standards

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Sr. No.ISBNTitleAuthorYearPrice
11/15AdhesivesASTM2009$ 171
22/2Aluminum And Magnesium AlloysASTM2009$ 163
31/3Analytical Chemistry For Metals Ores And Related MaterialsASTM2009$ 162
41/11Atmospheric AnalysisASTM2009$ 152
51/11Biological Effects And Environmentals Fate: BiotechnologyASTM2009$ 184
64/11Building Construction IASTM2009$ 183
74/12Building Construction Ii: Property Management Systems: Technology And Underground UtilitiesASTM2009$ 171
84/7Building Seals And Sealants; Fire Standards; Dimension StoneASTM2009$ 140
94/1Cement; Lime; GypsumASTM2009$ 140
104/5Chemical-Resistant Nonmetallic Materials; Vitrified Clay Pipe; Concrete Pipe; Fiber-Reinforced Cement Products; Mortars And Grouts; Masonry; Precast ConcreteASTM2009$ 166
111/1Coated Steel ProductsASTM2009$ 185
121/5Combustion Characteristics; Manufactures Carbon And Graphite Prducts; CatalysisASTM2009$ 167
134/2Concrete And AggregatesASTM2009$ 163
141/15Consumer Products; Light Sport Aircraft; Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems; Normal And Utility Category Airplane Electrical Wiring Systems; Unmanned Maritime Vehicle SystemsASTM2009$ 188
152/1Copper And Copper AlloysASTM2009$ 179
161/3Corrosion Of Metals; Wear And ErosionASTM2009$ 139
171/2Electrical ConductorsASTM2009$ 134
181/10Electrical Insulation IASTM2009$ 170
191/10Electrical Insulation IiASTM2009$ 188
201/10Electrical Insulation Liquids And Gases; Electrical Protective EquipmentASTM2009$ 156
211/10Electronics: Declarable Substances In MaterialsASTM2009$ 187
221/13Emergency Medical Services Search And ResourceASTM2009$ 164
231/15Engine Coolants; Halogenated Organic Solvents And Fire Extinguishing Agents; Industrial And Specialty ChemicalASTM2009$ 186
241/1Fasteners; Rolling Element BearingsASTM2009$ 156
251/1Ferrous Casting: FerroalloysASTM2009$ 149
261/5Gaseous Fuels; Coal And CokeASTM2009$ 145
271/14General Test Methods: Forensic Psychophysiology; Florence's; Terminology; Conformity Assessment; Statistical Methods; NanotechnologyASTM2009$ 122
284/13GeysyntheticsASTM2009$ 156
291/15Glass; Ceramic WhitewaresASTM2009$ 154
301/14Healthcare InformaticsASTM2009$ 139
311/14Laboratory Apparatus; Degradation Of Materials; Si; Oxygen Fire SafetyASTM2009$ 149
321/15Livestock Meat And Poultry Evaluation Systems; Food Service EquipmentASTM2009$ 161
331/3Magnetc PropertiesASTM2009$ 105
341/13Medical And Surgical Materials And Devices Anesthetic And Respiratory Equipment Manufacture Of Pharmaceutical ProductsASTM2009$ 179
351/2Metallic And Inorganic Coating; Metal Powders And Metal Powder ProductsASTM2009$ 160
363/1Metals-Mechanical Testing;Elevated And Low-Temperature Tests; MetallographyASTM2009$ 160
371/3Molecular Spectroscopy; Surface AnalysisASTM2009$ 168
381/3Nondestructive TestingASTM2009$ 183
391/2Nonferrous Metals-Nickel Cobalt Lead Tin Zinc Cadmium Precious Reactive Refractory Metals And Alloys; Materials For Thermostats Electrical Heating And Resistance Contacts And ConnectorsASTM2009$ 165
401/12Nuclear Energy IASTM2009$ 149
411/12Nuclear II Solar And Geothermal EnergyASTM2009$ 145
421/11Occupational Health And Safety; Protective ClothingASTM2009$ 150
431/15Packaging; Flexible Barrier PackagingASTM2009$ 146
441/6Paint - Pioments Drying Oils Polymers Resins Naval Stores Cellulosic EstersASTM2009$ 153
451/6Paint - Products And Applications; Protective Coating; Pipeline CoatingASTM2009$ 145
461/6Paint - Solvents; Armatic HydrocarbonsASTM2009$ 186
471/6Paint - Test For Chemical Physical And Optical Properties; AppearanceASTM2009$ 178
481/15Paper; Business Imaging ProductsASTM2009$ 73
491/11Pesticides: Environmental Assessment; Hazardous Substances And Oil Spill ResponseASTM2009$ 159
501/5Petroleum Products And Lubricant IASTM2009$ 144
511/5Petroleum Products And Lubricant IiASTM2009$ 140
521/5Petroleum Products And Lubricant IiiASTM2009$ 131
531/5Petroleum Products And Lubricant IvASTM2009$ 139
541/8Plastic Pipe And Building ProductsASTM2009$ 142
551/8Plastics IASTM2009$ 119
561/8Plastics IIASTM2009$ 151
571/8Plastics IIIASTM2009$ 158
581/15Refractories; Activated Carbon; Advanced CeramicsASTM2009$ 147
594/3Road And Paving Materials; Vehicle-Pavement SystemsASTM2009$ 172
604/4Roffing And WaterproofingASTM2009$ 160
611/9Rubber Natural And Synthetic General Test Methods; Carbon BlackASTM2009$ 160
621/9Rubber Products Industrial Specifications And Related Test Methods; GasketsASTM2009$ 163
631/15Sensory Evaluation; Vacuum Cleaners; Security Systems And Equipment; Detention And Correctional Facilities; Homeland Security ApplicationsASTM2009$ 141
641/1Ships And Marine TechnologyASTM2009$ 149
651/15Soaps And Other Detergents; Polishers Leather; Resilient Floor CoveringsASTM2009$ 145
664/8Soil And Rock IASTM2009$ 149
674/9Soil And Rock IiASTM2009$ 176
681/15Space Simulation; Aerospace And Aircraft; Composite MaterialsASTM2009$ 157
691/15Sports Equipment And Facilities; Pedestrian/Walkway Safety And Footwear Amusement Rides And Devices; Snow SkilingASTM2009$ 168
701/1Steel- Piping, Tubing, FittingsASTM2009$ 158
711/1Steel, Bars, Forgings, Bearing, Chain, ToolASTM2009$ 145
721/1Steel-Plate, Sheet, Strip, Wire; Stainless Steel BarASTM2009$ 141
731/1Steel-Structural, Reinforcing, Pressure Vessel, RailwayASTM2009$ 145
741/14Temperature MeasurementASTM2009$ 168
751/7Textile IASTM2009$ 167
761/7Textile IIASTM2009$ 157
774/6Thermal Insulation; Buildin And Environmental AcousticsASTM2009$ 145
781/11Waste ManagementASTM2009$ 161
791/11Water IASTM2009$ 175
801/11Water IiASTM2009$ 166
814/10WoodASTM2009$ 149

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